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    Ok, I have a hankering for a good ribeye steak this evening. I usually cook them on my grill with pretty darn good results. However, I am willing to try doing them on the pit if I can get some good recommendations from folks who have done them with good results.

    Is the best method to use the pit as a grill and just cook as if I was cooking on a weber grill? Or, should I close the pit and cook on the grate until they reach a particular internal temp and then take the lid off for the final sear on the grate?


    For the record when I grill them, I usually marinate mine with Worcestershire sauce and then add Montreal Steak Seasoning before putting them on the grill.


      Cook on the pit low and slow until 10-15ºF below your target temp (115ºF for Med. Rare finished temp of 130ºF). Then sear the heck out of them on the grill as high as you can get it, turning every 30 secs or so until the color is how you want it.



        Dew, Thanks for the input. I happened to see the Ballistic BBQ video on how he did his and he did it straight on the grate about 8 minutes a side. His ribeye was 2.5 inches think and dry aged with the bone in. Mine will probably be not quite as think and more than likely have no bone.

        Looks like you think that's not the best idea. I know that when I take the lid off to crisp up the skin of the chicken thighs the pit gets super hot. Hot enough to burn all the hair off of my hands and forearms...... Is that not enough for the final sear that you are talking about? I also have a sear burner on my grill that I've NEVER used.....not sure if that would be a good option....I know that the sear burner doesn't have a lot of room so I can probably only do 1 steak maybe 2 at a time on it.

        Also, when you say low and slow.....I presume you mean with the lid on in the normal pit barrel cooking style.
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        I don't think the pit would be sufficient for the sear. You need high direct heat to get a good sear.


          Know what you mean SRA about the pit getting real hot when ran with the lid off. I too will pull the lid to crisp chicken skin over the last 15-20 degrees of cooking and I know you have to watch carefully cause it gets darn hot. I would think if you had a real thick steak as on Ballistic BbQ, you could get a real nice sear near the end by pulling the lid. I'd consider setting the steak aside for about 5 min while the pit goes into overdrive, then drop it back on for the final sear.
          Now having said all that, I tried a flank steak on the pit the other night thinking it would be a waste of time, especially running the lid through the entire cook. But I'll be darned if it weren't delicious. Maybe the combination of distance from the fire and right temp with the lid on will allow browning on the outside and medium rare inside?
          Good luck


            I would use the grill and indirect them to internal temp then sear them on the direct side. No point in using to devices. JMHO.


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              I agree with this, Guy

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              +1 on Guy's Comment

            I had FULLY anticipated cooking ribeyes this evening but I found the Prime Sirloin Cap steaks at the Costco and decided to give those a try. They were fantastic! Wow, out of this world good. I am still itching to try some ribeyes on the pit though. I know I can do them on my grill....but I want to try to do them on the pit with a reverse sear on the grill or just take them off the pit for a few minutes and let the pit get super hot and try searing them on the grill grate.


              I've made a really nice steak on the PBC using the Ballistic BBQ technique. Word of warning... It gets really really hot underneath the PBC when you have the lid off for this long. It'll be fine on concrete but I would not use this technique on a wood deck.

              If you try this PLEASE post pics!


                There's no wrong way to eat a ribeye. Just like a Reese's. I've skilletized them before and they're still awesome but I prefer a grill and a very light touch of smoke. I think a PBC steak would be wonderful.


                  Our fantastic ribeye on Sunday spent about 50 minutes in the Rec-Tec (110 internal temp) and then seared on Grill Grates (flat side up) on the Weber for about two minutes per side. Perfect rare-medium rare, 127. Put a small dollop of minced garlic and butter on the plate, drizzle olive oil on the butter and put hotter side of steak down, give a couple of minutes and enjoy the liquid to dip steak. Do the same thing with seared tuna.


                    I've put them in the smoker, with no wood chips, to get them to 20 degrees less that my target temp and then put them in a hot cast iron skillet in the kitchen. That works really good. You get a really good crust.


                      Did this on the PBC few months ago. Left a comapct chimney with lit coals in the barrel, finished in a cast iron pan though


                        Ernest, that rite there is one fine looking bite of steak!


                          Sear in the rear is the only way to go with steaks over 1" thick.



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