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Suggestions please!

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    Suggestions please!

    Alrighty, I did ribs and chicken on the PBC last weekend. Looking for a suggestion for this weekend. One caveat is that I don't want pork or chicken although I do want to do a pork shoulder in the near future of course. I am looking to do some sort of beef roast but not tri-tip, or prime rib and probably not a brisket unless I can find one here. What other options are there. Chuck Roast, sirloin roast......Please throw out some suggestions on what you think would be the best choice especially if you have experience cooking it. Thanks!!!

    Bacon-covered meatloaf.



      I have done both eye of round roast and chuck tender (similar to but different than chuck roast) taken to medium rare (130-135*) dry brined and then reverse seared over oak, as you would the Santa Maria tri-tip recipe. They eye of round roast is a tough roast, best suited to low & slow and not taken above medium rare, and it is fantastic if done right & sliced thin.

      The chuck tender was more tender, but has a band of gristle running through the whole center of it.

      A regular ol' chuck roast will be similar to a pork butt, (same general muscle on the animals) in that it contains lots of internal fat bands, but also lots of marbling....I've read of folks doing these medium rare, but they may be best suited to pulled beef, which you'd do the exact same as a pork butt by taking it to 200 or so, then holding in a faux cambro, then shredding.

      I have done a cut in my store that's called a "petite roast" but is actually more properly called a flat iron roast (same cut you get flat iron steaks from) and it is highly marbled and fantastic as pulled beef but I suspect it would do well taken to medium rare too. Here is Meathead's beef roasts page, which about halfway down discusses these few cuts in greater detail to help steer you in the right direction.


        I did an eye of round 2 weeks ago, exactly like Huskee suggested... it turned out really good.


          In Western Kentucky the BBQ is mutton, and the sauce is vinegary, spiked with Worcestershire sauce. Here's a recipe for black BBQ sauce inspired by Moonlite Bar-B-Q Sauce & Dip. This thin tart sauce cuts the rich fat, making it perfect for use as a deeply penetrating baste as the meat cooks or as a finishing sauce.

          Do a lamb shoulder the same way you would a pork shoulder and make this thin BBQ sauce. Out of this world, one of the top 3 things I have made from this site, not enough delicious adjectives to justify this one.........


            Do rack o' lamb

            or leg o' lamb


            • smarkley
              smarkley commented
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              hmmm.. racks or legs... racks or legs... racks or legs... I am coveting your leg (of lamb!) the most!
              Last edited by smarkley; October 16, 2014, 06:04 PM.

            • Henrik
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              Wow, that leg of lamb is a thing of beauty, for sure!

            Or do a rack of beef short ribs. That's what I'm planning on PBCing this weekend.


              So many great ideas! I'm intrigued by the Chuck Roast. Which way would be better do you think? Cooked to 130 and reverse seared or to 200 and pulled? If I go to 200 do I hang to 130 and then put in on the grate until 200? I may end up doing a couple of different things if I can. :-)


                I'm doing two cooks on the PBC this weekend, the first will be a chuck roast. Making pulled beef with it, taking it to 205 with a recipe I saw from Smoky Ribs on youtube. I'll be covering in a pan at 160 with coca cola and maple syrup of all things. I would have never dreamed of that combination but glad I tried it. It's a big hit here. The 2nd day doing another bacon covered meatloaf. The first one I did was so good.


                  Are you putting that wrapped roast back on The PBC grate?


                  • Deuce
                    Deuce commented
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                    Yes I am, until it hits 205

                  Visited the grocery store to see what they had. Picked up a small brisket and a small chuck roast to try. Now flood me with your cooking suggestions!

                  Also, if I decide to do just one which would you recommend and ...How well do they freeze or will I "ruin" it by freezing it?
                  Last edited by SRA; October 17, 2014, 01:06 PM.


                    Alright, I may just do both of them tomorrow. Bring them up to 150, crutch and put back on the grate until 203, let rest and see what we've got.


                      If you have a food saver vacuum machine you won't lose any BBQ quality after freezing. It's a beautiful thang!


                        Originally posted by Ernest View Post
                        If you have a food saver vacuum machine you won't lose any BBQ quality after freezing. It's a beautiful thang!

                        Ernest! You're a genius! I do have one! By the way......Just out of curiosity, is there any harm/foul from doing pork and beef at the same time? Does it mess up the flavor in any way?


                          No harm at all. I've done done pig and cow together many many times.



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