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First cook - pork butt

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    First cook - pork butt

    So for my first cook on the bronco I am doing pulled pork. Figure it's better to do a forgiving cut for the first cook. Ribs are definitely going to be the second cook. I have a few questions and would appreciate any tips people want to throw my way.

    So I got a 21lb boneless pork shoulder butt from Cash and Carry. Going to do care packages for family so went large! Most the recipes I am seeing are 4-6lbs butts. So should I cut it into 3 or 4 hunks?

    Planning to aggressively trim the fat, dry brine until morning and then try Meathead's Memphis dust for the rub. I was thinking of hanging them but kind of worried about them falling. Meathead's recipe has you tie the butt. So would tying the butts keep them together enough to hang? Almost thinking I need butchers netting like they use on hams. Thinking I should hang them for most of it, pull them off, put them in a foil pan, wrap and finish on the grate or oven...

    Also curious if I should leave the heat diffuser in or take it out so the drippings fall on the coals? Tempted to tie up all the fat trimmings and hang those for extra drippings.. Might be too much?

    Last question is on charcoal and burn time. As this should be a longer cook do I need to worry about lighting the charcoal from the side rather then the middle? Tempted to try putting a brick in it to make a C. Has anyone noticed any difference?

    Thanks in advance,

    Can’t help on the bronco, but what you have is a two pack of butts. Wouldn’t hurt to cut each one in half but it’s not a big deal. Cutting in half will get you a little more bark but won’t significantly impact cooking time. Don’t hang without tying. I’d probably just use the grate.


      Definitely cut it up. Will take less time to cook and you get more bark. Trim aggressively but not don't go silly.

      I can't advise on the bronco specific stuff.


        I will only address the question of whether to cut the butt into smaller chunks or not. I would cut it up. Not only will this shorten cook time but will provide additional bark in the final pull. I will leave the other questions to those more familiar with your cooker. Enjoy the cook.


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          That's exactly what I do.
          I like to cut them into about 3lb chunks

        Not experienced with th Bronco, though a long time OKJ user/advocate. (Highland)

        Agree wit others above; hack that porcine bastige down into manageable hunks, an reap th added bennies of more bark, smoke, flavour, an summat shorter cookin time.


          Alright! Votes are in and I'm cutting it up! Thanks everyone. I guess I don't have to hang it but the Bronco is my new toy and the meat hooks are just cool.. also it barely fits on the grate length wise. Figured hanging would give more room and more air circulation.


            You can tie them with butchers twine. You won't need a mesh net.
            If they fit on the grate, I would just do them on the grate.

            No need to put pork butts in a pan and wrap.
            You can wrap to push through the stall more quickly.

            Since this is your first cook on this this what I would do is
            1} chunk those butts into 3-4 lb sections
            2} light the bronco following normal instructions.
            3}smoke them on a grate. Til they're either done or you run out of fuel. If the charcoal gives way before the meat is done, move to oven.

            ​Keep it simple this first cook.


              I forgot to update but I did keep things simple the first cook. Used the grate. The stall took forever but I think I over crowded the grate a bit. Next time I will try hanging or just do 10lbs instead of 20lbs. The pulled pork turned out great though! Memphis dust and Shawsh FTW!

              I will have to experiment with the bronco and figure it out as it seems to be the red headed step child next to the PBC... 😋 Up next is jerky! After I test out a few mods..



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