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Slow & Low Whiskey

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    Slow & Low Whiskey

    Click image for larger version  Name:	B7CE72EF-DA5B-4744-9F21-2C3912D81698.png Views:	0 Size:	358.2 KB ID:	877605Click image for larger version  Name:	F2AFDD76-FAD4-4FFB-AEA6-FC808AC0170B.png Views:	0 Size:	283.9 KB ID:	877606Click image for larger version  Name:	334D06F9-7EFE-41AF-AFD3-5B868718FFBF.png Views:	0 Size:	199.4 KB ID:	877607 Not sure if this has ever been brought up here but an add for Slow & Low Whiskey was on my Facebook feed this morning.

    Seems like some great marketing towards BBQ enthusiasts.

    Not sure if this interests all of you Whiskey drinkers here.
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    So the can is an “old fashioned” or that is the flavor profile of the actual whiskey?

    This is interesting, I’ll have to look this up just to read about it. I would try it if it was out somewhere, I always have a hard time buying some of the flavored bourbons/whiskeys though because.....if you don’t like it then you got a bottle of it. But, I guess that’s the bottle you put out for others to drink with ice and mix it with something

    thanks for sharing!


    • Steve R.
      Steve R. commented
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      Smoke a butt and invite people over. They bring sides and drink up the whiskey you don't like. Everybody wins.

    See a lot of this up at our LCBO now.
    I guess the new generation can’t mix a proper drink any more or it’s not available on Amazon
    I tried a couple of gin and vodka mixed tall boys yesterday, I was getting sick of beer, they were passable and easy.
    Didnt need to carry bottles of liquor and mixes, there is a simplicity to them


    • DeusDingo
      DeusDingo commented
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      you think it's a new generation thing? you don't think when you were 25 you wouldn't have drank this kind of thing?

    • smokin fool
      smokin fool commented
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      DeusDingo Its breweries and distilleries way of yanking more money out of your jeans.
      And I'm OK with that.
      It was the wrong thing to bring the new generation thing into the conversation, my attempt at humor.
      When I was 25, I feel like and idiot just saying that, beer and spirits were king.
      Now wine and coolers have shoved them aside and rule the roost so its generational/progress not new generation.
      Good point.

    I tend to keep a bottle of this around most of the time. My Grandpa introduced me to it as a kid. It's a bit nostalgic for me.


      I'd be willin to try me a shotta this here, but am firmly sided with barelfly re: I'm decidedly not buyin me a 750 ml to see if'n I likeys it, or not...

      At least these folks offer a wee lil sampler can; I can toss one, taste it, like it, or jus walk on...

      Admittedly, ah'ma tell yall what; whiskey outta can don't sound great to me, but I kin live through it, in th interest of Science...
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      • Stuey1515
        Stuey1515 commented
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        Absolutely, it's the sort of thing that you try at a mate's house before you invest yourself

      • Attjack
        Attjack commented
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        The can is a cocktail not just whiskey.

      • Mr. Bones
        Mr. Bones commented
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        Yup, I seen that Attjack

      Paired with beer, Nice another reason for PBR.
      Happy Grilling to you


        While I sit back and wait for Miss Mammy Blue (WSM 22) to do her thing, I take in a little bit of Wild Turkey.
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        • Beefchop
          Beefchop commented
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          The kickin' chicken is never a mistake!

        • RustyHaines
          RustyHaines commented
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          A legend. I've been drinking it since I wasn't supposed to be old enough.

        I tried this once and didn't like it. Gimmicky. I'm not a whiskey snob by any stretch, but you can do better making an old fashioned with your fave whiskey and fresh ingredients. YMMV.
        Last edited by Beefchop; March 12, 2021, 10:35 AM.


        • tRidiot
          tRidiot commented
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          Agreed. I haven't tried this one, but nothing beats a whiskey sour made with a good rye (Sazerac is one of my favs) and good HOMEMADE sour mix. Not some store-bought bottled sour. Make your own from lemons and limes. Labor intensive, but so is BBQ and I don't usually eat BBQ at restaurants, either. Dash of bitters, coupla cherries, Sazerac and homemade sour - CAN. NOT. BE. BEAT.


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