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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

This summer's 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis IS OFFICIALLY RESCHEDULED FOR March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info here!
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Wireless thermometer that alarms for high and low temp?

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  • Xandera_7
    Former Member
    • May 2018
    • 127
    • Halifax Canada

    Wireless thermometer that alarms for high and low temp?

    Hi folks,
    I am looking for a wireless thermometer that has alarms for both reaching desired temp and also if temp drops too low on the grill/smoker.

    Any suggestions?
  • Jon Liebers
    Club Member
    • May 2018
    • 197

    Thermoworks Smoke and the new Mavrick xr-50 , either one will do what you ask. The Maverick has 4 probes.


    • Troutman
      Troutman commented
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      Yup, what he said
  • Elton's BBQ
    Club Member
    • Apr 2016
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    • Saltnes Norway
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      Weber One Touch 57cm
      Weber Smokey Mountain 47cm

    I have the Thermoworks smoke and it does the job..


    • Rod
      Club Member
      • Dec 2015
      • 720
      • Phoenix, AZ
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        Thermoworks Smoke
        Thermoworks MK4
        Maverick ET-732

        Accessories ranging from a Vortex to bear claws.

      I love my Thermoworks Smoke and love the Fireboard even more.


      • jfmorris
        Club Member
        • Nov 2017
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        • Huntsville, Alabama
        • Jim Morris

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          • Custom Built Offset Smoker (304SS, 22"x34" grate, circa 1985)
          • King Kooker 94/90TKD 105K/60K dual burner patio stove
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        So that's three suggestions so far: Maverick XR-50, Thermoworks Smoke, and Fireboard. That is in ascending order of price too BTW.

        The Maverick XR-50, available through abcbarbecue.com, seems best on the surface if you don't want Wifi capability, but I am also reading some reports of issues with the AAA batteries wearing out quickly, like in 1 to 2 cooks. I've yet to replace the batteries in my Smoke, and I've been using it since summer 2017, and done a LOT of long cooks with it. Heck, I'm not even sure what kind of batteries are in it, since I've not touched them since the day I got it.


        • Bogy
          Bogy commented
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          Haven't changed the batteries in my Smoke either. The wifi gateway has a rechargeable battery.
      • Spinaker
        • Nov 2014
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        • Land of Tonka
        • John "J R"
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        • Spinaker
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          LOL Troutman

        • Sfdrew28
          Sfdrew28 commented
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          Joining the chorus

        • Sephon
          Sephon commented
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          Yep. I always set my highs and lows.
      • customtrim
        Former Member
        • Dec 2016
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        • stow ohio



        • Huskee
          • May 2014
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          • central MI, USA
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          Just poke your steak with your finger and if it feels like your hand it's medium rare. Just see if the chicken juices are clear and it's done. Real pitmasters don't need a thermometer.

          Wait, no, this isn't bbq bretheren... what they said above ^


          • Huskee
            Huskee commented
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            Xandera_7 Just keep my unprofessional sense of humor between us, I don't want other members knowing about it ... 👍

          • Xandera_7
            Xandera_7 commented
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            Sure thing
            I like it. Unprofessional humor is the best kind!

          • Spinaker
            Spinaker commented
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            Shots over the bow, sir!! LOL
        • nsbbqguy
          Charter Member
          • Feb 2015
          • 88
          • Halifax. Canada

          I’ve been using an igrill the one with the 4 probs and is works good for me and I can get the alarms on my phone (as long as I’m in Bluetooth range) haven’t had any issues yet and I’ve had it since they came out


          • N227GB
            Club Member
            • Feb 2018
            • 350
            • Fort Myers, FL
            • ...

            Thermoworks Smoke here. I have a PBC Jr and find that two probes are fine for me. Chjeck the deals forum since Thermoworks seems to have sales on a regular basis.

            I'd recommend silicone encased probe wires that can be submerged while cleaning.


            • jfmorris
              jfmorris commented
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              Have you found a waterproof probe that works with the Smoke?

            • N227GB
              N227GB commented
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              Sorry for the late reply! I think there are silicone encased probe cables that are at least water resistant. Those sure would be easier to keep clean.
          • Meathead
            • May 2014
            • 1538
            • Chicago area
            • Remember, no rules in the bedroom or kitchen

            Bill McGrath, our electrical engineer, has bench tested and field tested, rated and reviewed 41 of them here https://amazingribs.com/thermometer-...ort_order=DESC


            • GuyG
              Charter Member
              • Nov 2014
              • 41
              • Spokane, WA
              • Smoke 'em if you got 'em...


              Just deployed my fireboard received as a wonderful gift, replaced a Maverick system. Fireboard sets up easy, generates dandy fine data-geek worthy output, and has plenty of input channels. I've used it monitoring the pit and ambient temps on ribs, monitoring the meat, pit, and ambient on a pork butt cook, and used it to monitor and adjust acid, protein, and sacchrification rests on a home brewing episode. I'm sold. I gotta get the fan and pimp my weber! Love it.




              2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

              This summer's 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis IS OFFICIALLY RESCHEDULED FOR March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info here!
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