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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

This summer's 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis IS OFFICIALLY RESCHEDULED FOR March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info here!
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Fireboard en route!

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  • Buck Flicks
    Club Member
    • Jul 2017
    • 340
    • Dee Eff Dub, TX

    Fireboard en route!

    I just ordered my Fireboard. I'm anxious to try it out. Does anyone use Alexa with it? I got my wife a fire tablet a couple weeks ago for real cheap on Prime Day (which I had gotten 2) and it has Alexa software on it. I have already installed the fireboard apps on my android phone and tablet, so I'm good there. But the idea of saying "hey Alexa, what is the temperature on my Fireboard?" and remaining chilled out in my recliner while watching baseball seems pretty cool.

    I noticed on the website they have a protective case for it available for pre-order. Has anyone pre-ordered it yet?
  • Henrik
    Founding Member - Moderator Emeritus
    • Jul 2014
    • 4546
    • Stockholm, Sweden

    You're gonna like the Fireboard, I think it's a really nice product. Pre-ordered the case just minutes ago.


    • Histrix
      Club Member
      • May 2016
      • 480
      • 757

      I've connected mine to the Echo/Alexa but rarely use that ability.

      I took a pass on the case - I'll stick with my fifty cent disposable plastic container since it has room for an external battery.


      • Danjohnston949
        Danjohnston949 commented
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        Histrix, This Old Scotchman had to grit his teeth but He did PreOrder the Case a couple of Weeks ago! I wanted to see the Probe Minders and I resolved the "$" by Reminding Myself what a Value FIREBOARD has been! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
        From a Backyard Cremator in Fargo ND, Dan
    • kmhfive
      Club Member
      • Mar 2017
      • 2986
      • Northern Illinois
      • Weber Kettle -- 22.5" (In-Service Date June 2015)
        Slow-n-Sear/Drip-n-Griddle/Grill Grates (In-Service Date March 2016)
        Pit Boss 820 (Retired)
        GMG Jim Bowie WiFi (In-Service Date April 2017)
        Maverick ET-733

      I'm all-in on Fireboard! I've had the original echo since it was new and I love being able to just ask what the temperatures are. It's cool that she'll use the probe labels when she reports because I'll have all 6-probes in use on some cooks.

      I find that that I like the graphs as I approach the stall on long cooks and I wish that Alexa would announce alarms on the Fireboard, but those aren't necessary for me, just wishlist items.



      • BigCountryQ
        Club Member
        • Jan 2017
        • 355
        • Grand Rapids, Michigan

        I love my fireboard! I pre-ordered the case when they first announced it a few weeks ago. The great part is, you aren't limited to just the Alexa integration. Google Assistant also works. I don't have an Echo at home, but have several Android devices. Just say "OK Google, talk to Fireboard" and she will respond with your current temperatures. The functionality at this point is limited to just temperatures and cook time.

        I know Spinaker could tell you how he uses the Alexa integration as he bought an echo when he purchased his Fireboard.

        You'll be glad you bought it. I'm just sitting patiently and waiting for my case.....and bonus probe organizers!


        • Spinaker
          Spinaker commented
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          Let me know what you think of the case.

        • BigCountryQ
          BigCountryQ commented
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          Will do! I mainly got it for the magnets and the stand. I know it's a bit expensive, but they have already replaced the extra battery I got for me at no charge and customer service is awesome! I like to support those kinds of companies
      • Spinaker
        • Nov 2014
        • 11081
        • Land of Tonka
        • John "J R"
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        Nice!!!! You are going to love it. It is a great thermometer system. I did use it with Alexa for a while. But I don't use it that much. I can just look at it on my computer or phone, just as easily. But it is a "cool novelty". I have not ordered the Fireboard case but I imagine I will at some point. Right now I use a one-gallon ziplock bag to keep it dry, that seems to work just fine, but I would like the case to attach it to surfaces.


        • Danjohnston949
          Danjohnston949 commented
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          I had My FireBoard paired with my Echo Dot! It Worked Great at First! I could Monitor FB with My iPhone 5S, my iPad Mini, and Alexa but She Went on a Toot and hasn't found her way homeโ“ I think that Damned Verizon May Have Kidnaped Herโ“๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž
          From a Backyard Cremator in Fargo ND, Dan
      • jgreen
        Charter Member
        • Oct 2014
        • 2751
        • Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
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          Thermo works DOT (or two)
          Fireboard (probably my favourite)
          Thermworks Smoke (or two)

          SnS (original, plus and XL)
          DnG pans, 6 or 7 of these
          and, maybe some other toys as well

        Love the fibreboard! The case still seems a bit expensive, especially when shipping gets added.


        • Sephon
          Club Member
          • Jan 2017
          • 202
          • NW, PA
          • Setup
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            • Charbroil 990 w/ Custom Firebox
            • Fireboard w/ Fireboard Drive
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            • FOGO Premium Lump Charcoal
            Beer: Sam Adams Octoberfest
            Whiskey: Bulleit ; Weller 12
            Cook: Wings or Spare Ribs
            Hobby: Saltwater Fly fishing; Warhammer 40k

          You are going to love it. I just used it to test the temp of my beer coming out of the kegerator, spoiler alert, I got drunk and checked the graphs to verify it was cold.....it was.

          I ordered the case, because they are throwing in those cord organizers.

          I use my Echo with it all the time. I have the Amazon dots all through my house, so where ever I am, I can ask the temperature of my pit. It's especially useful when I'm carrying the kid, or making beans, or when my phone is inches away from my grasp.
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          • Jetski
            Club Member
            • Apr 2017
            • 138
            • St. Louis

            I love the fireboard. The echo integration is a handy feature. I don't use it all the time, but it sure comes in handy when I'm prepping food and can't grab my phone to see where the temp on the grill is.


            • ecowper
              Founding Member
              • Jul 2014
              • 3847
              • Maple Valley, WA
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                Smoke = Weber Smokey Mountain 22.5"

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                Best Cookbooks - Meathead's "The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling", Chris Lilly's "Big Bob Gibson's BBQ Book", Aaron Franklin's "Franklin BBQ"

                Eric Cowperthwaite aka ecowper

              The Fireboard is damn awesome! But, no, I don't use the Alexa ability. I do like that the Fireboard has iOS alerts and notifications integration, now.


              • Buck Flicks
                Club Member
                • Jul 2017
                • 340
                • Dee Eff Dub, TX

                Long time coming, but finally my Fireboard report.

                Long story short - I haven't had time to do a long cook in a couple months and my outdoor cooking has been limited to quick items like pork chops and steaks where an instant read pen is just easier... so the Fireboard sat in the box. UNTIL LAST NIGHT.

                My wife has issued an edict wherein I am not allowed to smoke salmon when she is home. She doesn't want the joint to smell like fish smoke. Whatever... easier not to argue and just smoke the salmons when she's away. So... she got called out of town on business for the week and my freezer-bound salmons were destined for the kettle. I got the fireboard out of the box and connected to my phone in very short order. Quite easy. I'm not even sure if I had to do anything other than turn my Bluetooth on and tap on the screen when the unit was recognized.

                It also connected to wi-fi right away. But when I took it outside and set it up on the Kettle, it remained connected for several minutes then lost wi-fi connection, and I wasn't ever able to reconnect it. It remained in contact with my phone via Bluetooth for the entirety of the cook though... and my stats were uploaded to the net the whole time. That was my main concern... that going out to the porch broke wi-fi connectivity, so I'd have to leave a phone or tablet in Bluetooth range for long cooks.

                Other than that Wi-Fi issue, it was fantastic. SO much better than the crap thermometer that I bought at Lowe's for $27. As I mentioned, it maintained contact the entire cook, it updated the temperature every few seconds, by 1/10 degree increments. Setting min and max temp alarms were a piece of cake and I was able to easily tell when to get up and nudge the intake vents in one direction or the other.

                Really, as long as it maintains Bluetooth connection, I'm fine with the wi-fi dropping out on the porch... but it seems like it should still maintain connection. It's not that far from the router. Not more than 20 feet, with one wall and one window (with screen) ... my phone and tablet maintain decent connection well past that point out into the yard.

                One question - are the probes dishwasher safe? Or should I just hand wash them in the sink?


                • aucivil
                  aucivil commented
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                  Losing wifi 20 feet away, unless your walls a lead lined, doesn't sound right. Does your phone pick up the wifi at the same location? If not it's probably the router, if it does, call or email Fireboard. Their customer service is prompt and top notch.

                • Buck Flicks
                  Buck Flicks commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Last night while cooking some Korean pork belly, I checked - my phone maintained Wi-Fi 20-30 feet past the spot where I was keeping the Fireboard.

                  I'll play with it this weekend. More than likely, it's something I was doing wrong.
              • lonnie mac
                Club Member
                • Jul 2016
                • 1362
                • Bacliff, TX
                • Motovlogging for the freedom of old Hippies...


                  Home of Brutus Ten!



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                  Texas Original Pits Offset Smoker

                  RecTec 590

                  WSM 18" W/ Upside-down door mod

                  Camp Chief Flattop, The big one...

                  Weber Genesis II S-335

                  Texas Fire Pit


                  Maveric's Most all of em...
                  FireBoard W/ Fan Control, GURU Fan
                  ThermoWorks, most all of em...

                Give FireBoard a call. I am sure it is a setting somewhere. My wifi is 4 rooms over and I have left the house on several occasions and checked my cooks. They are some good folks. I have washed my probes in the DW maybe once or twice, don't know if they are really DW "safe" but no issue so far. They claim to be waterproof. And we already know they are heat proof! LOL. I'll continue to do it none the less.


                • DWCowles
                  Founding Member
                  • Jul 2014
                  • 9703
                  • Smiths Grove, Ky
                  • Hi, my name is Darrell. I'm an OTR truck driver for over 25 years. During my off time I love doing backyard cooks. I have a 48" Lang Deluxe smoker, Rec-Tec pellet smoker,1 Weber Genesis 330, 1 Weber Performer (blue), 2 Weber kettles (1 black and 1 Copper), 1 26" Weber kettle, a WSM, 8 Maverick Redi Chek thermometers, a PartyQ, 2 SnS, Grill Grates, Cast Iron grates, 1 ThermoPop (orange) and 2 ThermoPens (pink and orange) and planning on adding more cooking accessories. Now I have an Anova sous vide, the Dragon blower and 2 Chef alarms from Thermoworks.

                  Like the others have said you will love the Fireboard. I know I do mine.


                  • Danjohnston949
                    In Memoriam
                    • Dec 2014
                    • 4398
                    • 1410 9th. St. N, Fargo ND

                    Buck Flicks, I Jumped in with Both Feet I bought a 6 Probe FireBoard as a Kickstarter just Before Thanksgivings Last Yearโ“ I was Dumbfounded with the FireBoard Customer Service ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โ—๏ธ There was a Glitch in My iPad Mini Appโ“ Fortunately My iPhone 5s was working and the Good Folks with FireBoard Kept Checking with Me and My Turkey until we were Out of Troubleโ€ผ๏ธ Thanksgiving Dinner as if Nothing Happenedโ“ Furthermore before the Week was Over they had an App Update for the iPad Miniโ€ผ๏ธ I Have Since Purchased a WP Case, a Fan Cable(Not Used Yet) and a RecharableAuxBattery from FireBoardโ€ผ๏ธ Price Be Damned Good Service is Good Service, Especially When You Need It, IMHOPโ€ผ๏ธ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
                    Eat Well and Prosperโ—๏ธ From a Backyard Cremator in Fargo ND, Dan
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                    2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                    This summer's 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis IS OFFICIALLY RESCHEDULED FOR March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info here!
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