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having to repeatedly log in

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    having to repeatedly log in

    is anyone else, specifically mobile site users, having to log in repeatedly from your phone? I don't know if I have cookie settings changed or something but every third time I sign on I have to log in? prior to the site upgrade I was logged in 99% of the time.

    let me know if anyone else is having this problem

    I do not. Very rarely do I need to re-log in.


      You should only have to if you click Log Out or have your phone browser set to not allow cookies from us. Even so, it should still prefill your login details so you just have to click Log In instead of type it out each time.


        Not havin those issues, here...

        Samsung Galaxy S5, Android
        Dell Win 10 PC, Mozilla browser


          What mobile browser are you using? Is there a setting to automatically stop active logins when you close it?


            im sure its user error if its not widespread. thanks for checking in


            As others have said, this is almost certainly a cookies issue. If you're using a privacy browser (like Brave), or if you're using a standard browser and you don't want to adjust your security/cookie settings, then you'll need to whitelist *.amazingribs.com to allow cookies from there (I'm guessing on the domain, so if someone knows that's wrong, please comment with the correct URL) If you're not sure how to do this, you should be able to get easy directions by googling how to whitelist cookies for your specific browser. One quick and dirty way is to reset all your security settings to default.

            The other possibility is that your browser is in private mode. This shouldn't be so much of an issue on a windows computer, but for MacOS and mobile devices the browser generally doesn't close unless you force close it or quit the browser- rather, stays in the background until you open it again. So, if you went into private mode in the past, you may still be without realizing it. For iOS, you can click on the tabs icon on the bottom right (two offset squares) and if you're in Private mode, it will be highlighted on the lower left - just click Private and it will take you out of Private mode.

            Oh, there is one other possibility - If you've recently installed some security software (or AntiVirus software, it usually piggybacks) it may be intercepting cookies outside of your browser settings. If this is the case, you'll want to look into how to whitelist AR.

            In the last few days I've used AR from a MacBook M1, a Mac Mini M1, and two different Linux machines and all have worked flawlessly.



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