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Annoying pop ups

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    Here it is on an iPad Pro
    Click image for larger version

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    • lonnie mac
      lonnie mac commented
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      My problem is when you click on a topic, go to topic and read it, then swipe back, the preview pops up and stays. Then click on another topic, read, swipe, then another. Over and over. They won't go away.

    • Donw
      Donw commented
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      Exactly like lonnie mac said. Only difference is I use the back button instead of swiping.

    • Jerod Broussard
      Jerod Broussard commented
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      Aha, gotcha. raywjohnson the @ doesn't seem to be jiving, OK well now it is now that I mention it...

    This bug only seems to effect Apple devices, safari browser. I am trying to figure out the problem.


    • Texas Larry
      Texas Larry commented
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      Thx Ray. Not a huge deal, just a little issue when screen mostly covered with preview boxes. Appears to be intermittent to me.

    • mnavarre
      mnavarre commented
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      This happens with Safari (Both iOS and macOS) with other vBulletin sites also, so it's not just an AR thing.

    They disappear when I move the cursor on my mac. Don't get them on my iPhone at all.


      This issue only occurs on iOS devices when you navigate back, versus pressing the "Recent posts" button or other navigation built into the site. I usually click "Recent posts" myself, and never see it, to get back to the list.


      • Mr. Bones
        Mr. Bones commented
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        Nice workaround...
        I don't have any apple devices, but it's always good to be armed with knowledge, just in case...

      That’s odd...I’m using one of my iPad Pros now and can’t get it to do the same thing. O_o weird
      But I can see how that would be very annoying. I use one of my iPads 90+% of the time.


        Alrighty then!

        As I do not have an Apple/Mac to test things on (and figure out the problem), I created a very crude/temp method to check for the little popups ,if they say 'error:', and hide them.

        You might see them for about 1 second, then they should disappear.

        Be sure to CMD+R to refresh the javascripts....


        • fcy
          fcy commented
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          I have never used myself but this service seems to allow you to test on a bunch of devices: https://www.browserstack.com/browser-emulator

        • raywjohnson
          raywjohnson commented
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          Thanks. I have used them in the past. Used to be free, now a paid service.

        Thank you, Ray. Appreciate your efforts.



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