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It would be nice if....

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    It would be nice if....

    The option to advance to the next page or go to "Page 2 of 3" were at the bottom of the current page as well as the top. As it currently stands I read all the posts to the bottom of the page and must go back to the top to get to the next page. It would be nice to be able to go to the next page from the bottom where I am at. Hope that makes sense.

    We have that. Maybe it's your browser. OK admittedly you can't input a page number, but there are several options.

    Click image for larger version

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    • mgaretz
      mgaretz commented
      Editing a comment
      I don't get it either - using Chrome and Safari.

    • David Parrish
      David Parrish commented
      Editing a comment
      I just logged in using an account with member level (non admin or moderator) access using a windows laptop and google chrome. I see the buttons. Were you guys looking at a thread with multiple pages? Try this one: http://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/for...cookin-updated

    • bep35
      bep35 commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes! That worked. Not sure how I got there though. I always log on through the amazingribs.com pit login and don't get it there.

    What I'd like to see is when you click on a link from an email, that it take you to that comment so you can reply. As it is now when you click a link in an email it takes you to page 1 that's it. If you access your messages in The Pit, and click the link, it takes you that comment (not just page 1) so the ability is there.


      It takes you to the comment from messages link?
      Doesn't work for me. I spend minutes searching for comments
      Using Google chrome.


        What I'd like to see is I click a button and flying monkeys, like the Wizard of Oz ones, would come out of my speakers and cruze out and check my cooks. Then report back so I could keep on surfin the Pit.

        (sorry I have no idea where that came from, 1000 pardons)

        Last edited by Jon Solberg; October 8, 2014, 12:08 PM.


          I see the buttons at the bottom of each page once you're in the thread, but I'd like to see the same buttons at the bottom of a thread list like the "Today's Posts" list. that still requires scrolling back to the top to go to the next page.


            Bruce I could see that being nice, but I don't think it'd be used that often. I also think this would take code to do, which brings its own complications.


            • _Keith
              _Keith commented
              Editing a comment
              As I posted below, I would use the living heck out of that. Yes, it would take code. I wrote the code for that very thing on the Jos A Bank website; it involved copying and pasting the code from the top of the page to the bottom.

            I get the bottom page navigation links on some pages but not others. Before reading this thread, I was in fact just thinking that it would be nice if they were added to the "today's posts" pages.


              Aaaand now I read Bruce's reply.


                I'll submit this as a ticket.


                  Folks this is actually addressed in 5.1.3 of vBulletin, which we're working very hard on to implement. Here's the developer note:

                  In addition to the pagination in the floating filter bar, many pages throughout the system have had page navigation added at the bottom of the page. This navigation is in line with the page number based navigation that customers have been asking for.
                  The following locations have been affected:
                  • Forums Channel - Topics tab
                  • Forums Channel - Latest activity tab
                  • Forum Topic Page - Posts tab
                  • Forum Topic Page - Latest activity tab
                  • Blogs Main - Member blogs tab
                  • Blog Channel - Topics tab
                  • Groups Main - Groups tab
                  • Groups Category Page
                  • Group Channel - Topics tab
                  • Group Topic Page
                  • Articles Main - Articles tab
                  • Article Channel - Articles tab
                  • Search Result Page - Topics view
                  • Search Result Page - "Compact" view
                  • Message Center - Inbox (this includes custom folders)
                  • Message Center - Sent Items
                  • Message Center - Trash
                  • Message Center - Requests
                  • Message Center - Notifications
                  • Message Center - Subscriptions - Posts
                  • Message Center - Moderation
                  • Message Center - Flag Reports
                  • Message Center - Infractions
                  • Message Center - Deleted Items
                  • Profile - Subscriptions
                  • Profile - Subscribers
                  • Member list


                  • Jon Solberg
                    Jon Solberg commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Thats going to be very nice. Cant wait. Thanks to all behind the scenes crunching on this.

                    Alas, even if there are no monkeys...

                  • David Parrish
                    David Parrish commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Jon if it means that much to you I can raise a ticket. What was it you wanted? Monkeys flying out of your what?

                  • Jon Solberg
                    Jon Solberg commented
                    Editing a comment
                    ahhh speakers..... :0


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