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    Site Issue

    I have no idea why this should be public, but I can't find any other way. When I'm logged in, I'm frequently diverted to skimlinks hell. When I'm not logged in, I get the nagware. This is getting tiresome. Is there a fix

    Can you provide more details? Screenshots of the problem?


      No experience with this problem, thankfully. (Knockin' on wood!)

      That being said, what device are you using? Win v.x? Ios v.x? Android v.x?

      Might help to narrow down your problem.

      Do you have / have you run a recent anti-viral software on your device?


        (Thanks for all the responses -- this is clearly a live group!)

        (Can't seem to do screen shots)

        From the search results for "corned beef," all links (which are valid if manually entered) go to:


        From which there is no recovery. FWIW newish Dell desktop, Win 10, Firefox, Kaspersky PURE, all up to date.

        Thanks again for looking.


          Also on a newish ~>1 yr old Dell desktop, same OS, browser, AV, etc.

          You should be able to do a screen shot by pressing the 'Print Screen' button, located above the numeric keypad, at the upper RH of your keyboard.
          Then, open "Paint", for lack of a better graphics editing program. Paste the image into Paint, then save as filename/type of your choice.

          On mine, it seems to save a HUGE ~4608~ x 4608 file, when doing so in .jpg format. Might wanna crop/edit yer screenshot, before saving.
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          • SlushDeezey
            SlushDeezey commented
            Editing a comment
            CTRL+Print Screen then open a word doc and and paste it. Edit is a normal photo.

          Sometimes the attacks aren't exactly viruses, instead something that changes things in your computer and then disappears. Sounds like your DNS cache might have been poisoned with phony entries.

          First try:
          Open a command prompt (On windows 10 just search for CMD) Right click and select "run as administrator" from the popup menu.

          Then type this command: ipconfig /flushdns (yes there's a space before the /)

          Restart Firefox (or IE or Chrome or Firefox if that's what you're using)

          See where it goes.

          If that doesn't work you'll have to do a reset on Firefox.

          Or, try opening the Edge browser and see what that does.

          Best regards,


            Gotta go to work. To the screen shot advice, probably should have done some of that but was annoyed when just print screen and paste didn't work. If it is possible to steal the snipping tool of my company machine, I'll post that. Will try jgg's emetics later this week and see what happens.

            Thanks again!



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