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Ads not being blocked (yes, I followed the instructions in the FAQ)

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    Ads not being blocked (yes, I followed the instructions in the FAQ)


    Quick rundown of the issue:
    -device: iPad Pro running latest iPadOS
    -browser: Safari
    -problem: 3rd party ads still appear
    -steps taken to fix:
    1. Checked that I’m logged in—yep
    2. Checked in settings>safari that "block all cookies" is OFF—yep
    3. Clicked on link in FAQ to delete all cookies from amazingribs.com—sho’ ‘nuff
    4. Deleted all cookies from amazingribs.com—indeed, I did, sir
    5. Signed back in to pitmaster club—I’m here, ain’t I?
    6. Clicked back to main site to search for a particular topic, saw that 3rd party ads (not "spotlight" product recommendations, nor server-hosted ads for meathead’s bbq sauce) continued to appear (including a very annoying and visually disruptive full-width banner ad on the lower 1/10th of my screen)—yes, unfortunately
    7. Per instructions given in the FAQ to immediately notify the website administrators, wrote this post—in progress now

    Background detail: this is a new issue, just encountered. I am a recent member, but have browsed the site numerous times (on this device, always) since becoming a paid member, and ads had always been successfully blocked. I have made no changes to device or browser settings whatsoever. That is why I bring this to your attention, since—as far as I can tell—the appearance of ads was not precipitated by any action on my part.
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    Last edited by Brosephous; September 4, 2022, 08:44 PM. Reason: Edited to add screenshot and additional details

    I’ll leave the solution to the powers that be, and instead offer a heartfelt welcome!


      Thank you for the kind welcome!


        I can't help either, but welcome to The Pit.


          Same story as above. But again welcome from not to far north of you.
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            Don’t worry, someone who knows something will be along shortly, I’m sure. In the meantime, please accept my welcome to the Pit from the Florida Suncoast.


              Hello from NW Oregon
              That looks like the start page before logging in.
              I know I am no help, but glad you joined.


                raywjohnson may have some insight for that OS.


                  Thanks for the warm welcomes, all!

                  From what I can tell, my problem sounds like what is described in this post: https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo...d-safari-users
                  I just am confused why, after working just fine for a week, suddenly I am experiencing the issues described in the linked post. I haven’t changed any settings on my device or browser, and there have been no updates to my operating system…
                  it’s not a big deal, I can still use the forum, and I’m able to access member-only recipes/content, so I’m not too upset by it (not really upset, at all, actually). Just wanted to bring it to the web admins attention.

                  thanks again for being so welcoming, hope everybody gets to enjoy Labor Day! To my fellow Bay Area dwellers (and CA residents in general): try and stay cool these next few days, as hot as it’s been, next three days are going to be even hotter!

                  be smart, all it takes is one small spark getting away and next thing you know the sky is orange over half the state (those eerie skies we had Late summer/early fall, 2020, anybody? That was truly apocalyptic). Have fun, but be safe, and be responsible!


                  • Jerod Broussard
                    Jerod Broussard commented
                    Editing a comment
                    I had issues with my laptop inserting a Yahoo search in place of Google. I'd switch it back and a week or so later, the Yahoo crap would show up. Turned out to be an extension of some sort by MaCafee, that was supposed to be deleted off the laptop.

                  Sorry for the late reply.

                  This a cookie issue. But not one that you can fix yourself.

                  The cookies check on the main site is failing to prevent some ads from showing.

                  We are working on a fix.


                    Following up.

                    A solution has been implemented. Testing has shown that issue is fixed (so far).

                    If you are still seeing ads, and you are logged in here, try clearing cookies, login again, then check.

                    Clear All AmazingRibs.com Cookies


                    Visit AmazingRibs.com

                    Also try a page cache refresh (CTRL+F5 or CMD+R).


                    • holehogg
                      holehogg commented
                      Editing a comment
                      Fixed my side. Was seeing ads couple days ago but they are no longer visible in South Africa 🧐

                    Hope our resident Code Ninja got your cookies outa the oven. Welcome to the Pit from Yadkin Valley, NC.



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