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Constant redirects

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    Constant redirects

    I frequently get redirected to the Target website which is trying to sell me school clothes when I am scrolling or trying to follow a link. This is getting annoying. Maybe I just have to wait longer for all of the ads to load on every page before I click on a link, the pages jump around a lot while the ads load, but it always says 'redirecting' to Target. Thanks for any help.

    Bill this is the first I have heard of this issue. Help us help you. We need more information. Is this in The Pit or while on the main AmazingRibs website? What exactly is happening? Are you getting pop up windows or are the pages just automatically going to Target? Are you on a PC, iPad, Kindle? What operating system and browser? Give us all the details you can think of.


      This happens to me occasionally when using my phone on this site. I think the ads misplace themselves and I click to log in or to go to my messages and it takes me to an ad thinking I clicked it. Not sure if this is Bill's issue, but I know this happens to me here and there.


        Run an anti-malware program such as malwarebytes if you are using a PC. (And if you get that one, do NOT take the trial version, just stay with the free one.) Even if it doesn't cure the problem you are having you will be surprised at what it finds.


          I agree with what others are saying here. On the forum (not on the "main" site) the pages jump around too much, before settling. Typical scenario:

          1. I hit "Today's posts". Find one I like, click on that link. Now the page is jumping up and down a few times before it "settles". Very annoying for two reasons: A) I can't start reading immediately, and B) I can't scroll up/down either, the page does it "for me". I think (must be verified) that the ads are loading, causing the page to re-layout a few times as they are loaded. I've seen it on my Mac with latest Chrome and Safari browsers, as well as on a Win 8.1 machine with Chrome and I.E.

          Actually, now that I think of it, there could be two reasons (probably working together) that causes the jumpiness: The ads loading (and changing size, triggering a layout pass), and the vBulletin "go-to-a-specific-post" mechanism. You can see it loading the page first, then (after a second or two) it scrolls down to the specific post. Can you improve the DOM loading, or use a specified size for the ad banners?

          Just my 2 cents. Let me know if you want more info, or if I can help in some way. I've conditioned myself to wait 2 seconds after clicking a link, before interacting/reading posts.


            Try this (works only in The Pit). Grab the right side edge of your browser and slowly make the browser window more narrow. At some point the ads will disappear. Leave your browser window this width. If you leave your browser window this width you won't see any more ads on the side and the pages will load more quickly.

            As an additional side effect large embedded pictures will show up even bigger now!

            Let me know if this addresses your issues.


              I am on an iPad Air running Safari, and have this problem on the amazingribs site. I am getting redirected, not a pop up. It happens sometimes even after the page seems to have fully loaded. It can happen when I try to scroll, and also when I click a link. It's almost as if the entire page is set up to redirect to Target for some duration or until it is fully loaded. Hope this helps.


                Try clearing your browser history and cache. To my knowledge there is nothing on the site that forces a redirect.

                Another thought - Maybe you have your finger over the edge of the ipad screen and the screen thinks you're touching the ad?


                  Cleared the cache but still have the problem. It seems to happen only on pages with a Target ad. It's odd: I can scroll while the page is loading but as soon as the Target ad loads I get redirected even if I'm not touching the screen at that moment.


                    Bill is this still going on? And just to confirm, this is happening at amazingribs.com and not at pitmaster.amazingribs.com, right?


                      Hi David, this was still happening as of yesterday. It is only on amazingribs, not the pit. It also happens only on pages with a Target ad. Patience doesn't pay off either: I get redirected even if I don't touch the iPad. No biggie as long as pages don't have Target ads every time I load them (so far they don't)! Thanks for asking. Bill


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                        Are you using AdBlock plus?

                      OK Bill I'm going to close this out. For issues with AmazingRibs.com it's best to use the "contact us" page: http://amazingribs.com/meathead/contact_us/

                      FWIW I tried surfing the site on my iPad for a while. I got a target ad, but not one that caused a redirect.



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