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Getting started on new Braten!

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    Getting started on new Braten!

    New 1000 just arrived today and I am beyond excited.

    Got a tri-tip to cook tomorrow since I figure what better way to break in this style of grill..

    Anyone have tips for getting started? I've done a ton of cooking with gas and pellets, but this will be my first serious experience with logs and charcoal. Engelbrecht's video suggests laying out two logs and putting a chimney of charcoal between them so figure I'll try that but would love to what has worked for others here..

    Also any tips how to season this thing? I sent that q to Engelbrecht as well and given their responsiveness so far I'd bet they'll reply pretty soon.. But honestly I'm so excited right now I'm not sure I can wait!
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    Great lookin' Cooker!

    Good luck with her!


      Awesome. Congrats. You're gonna love that bad boy


        Practice, Practice, and more Practice.
        Keeping a cooking journal helps me.

        Happy Grilling to you.


          Awesome cooker! you will enjoy.


            Nice ride!! The EB was very high on my list when I was researching stick burners. I'm surprised they didn't send seasoning tips, but LSG recommends spraying or wiping down the interior with a suitable oil (PAM works well) and low fire no higher than 250 for 4-6 hours to season and cure the paint. I personally did this 3 times before I started using it in earnest, however, after the initial seasoning I tossed in a pastrami and a brisket point on #2 and frozen tri tip on #3.


              Nice looking grill you got there.


                Bring it over here and we'll figure it out together!




                    I just got one (a new to me one) about a month ago, they are really fun to cook on! The two log method that Englebrecht shows has worked well for me. Using the offset side though, I would stick to one split at a time with the vents wide open versus two splits with the vents adjusted. I find that gives me a cleaner smoke with more airflow, two splits with the vents wide open gets too hot for the firebox IMO.


                      Congratulations on a beautiful looking cooker.


                        I never could get much info from Englebrecht on their grills. Great idea but few videos out there so I eventually went with the LSG offset.
                        Last edited by Redwng; May 14, 2021, 07:53 PM.


                          Congratulations. Very nice!


                            You guys are awesome thanks everyone for the enthusiasm and support! USMCCrashCrew89 thanks for the tip on offset use that is very helpful, esp as I tried running offset with 2 splits for a bit just now and main chamber was 400+. Thanks CaptainMike as well, I had lit a fire just when you posted that and ended up just burning it in (high heat, no oil), dunno if that was best but am gonna try cooking on it tomorrow.


                              Congratulations on your new cooker. Have fun! Keep us all posted on your cooks.



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