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How to Appraise value of 2012 YS640

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    How to Appraise value of 2012 YS640

    Is there a site, for appraise cooker values.

    Depreciate it to a reasonable price, and look at the cost of upgrading the 2012 to the current 2021 model, which comes with built in fireboard and has a few other previous accessories as standard now.


      It is upgraded to the fireboard, Competition cart, stainless shelves, KZL sliding shelf. No rust under a patio-cover


        Don’t forget when determining your initial cost to add any shipping costs you paid. Unless Summerville is a suburb of Yoder Kansas, you paid a chunk of change to have it delivered. The cost of a new equivalent smoker + shipping of the new one should be what the buyer is looking at to determine the value of yours, less wear and tear. A discount from the new price that recovers most, if not all, of your investment should be a good starting point with further discounts based on excessive wear and tear. Just my opinion, as you know your sales area much better than I would.


          Cost minus reasonable depreciation and figure out what others have sold it for. Should get you close enough for some bites and if not, lower it and see if you get any more bites.


            Comb Craig's list and Facebook market place to try to find somewhat similar grills (you probably will need to adjust a little for differences) and extrapolate from there. Then, if you are not in a big hurry to sell, list it at a slightly higher prices and see what kind of offers you get.


              "A discount from the new price that recovers most, if not all, of your investment .."
              Not on a 9 year old cooker. It's unreasonable to expect a significant fraction of the original purchase price back on a used item, especially if said item is older.*

              I think Murdy's idea is good, you'll need to do some searching and comparison shopping. I'd also think about what you want to get out of it and then this about what YOU would pay if you were buying it.

              A new YS640 is $2300. Add on the upgrades you did... let's say that brings you to $3000 (just as an example).

              On the one hand, do some speculation as if you were the buyer - would you buy a 9 year old version for, say, $2500? No? $1500? $1000? What's the *highest* price you'd pay for this?

              Then flip it around... at what point would you just keep it or give it to a buddy, i.e. what's the *lowest* price you'd accept as the seller?

              That kind of thought experiment can let you zero in on a starting range, especially combined with Murdy's idea.

              *The exception would be if the price is much higher now. IF the YS640 9 years ago was, say, $1300 vs the current $2300 then you might well get the original price back since a buyer is still saving a lot off the new one they could get now.
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              • Donw
                Donw commented
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                The base Yoder 640 in 2012-13 was 1299. Today it is 2229. Freight costs have also risen dramatically during this period with raises of 44% just since 2017. The OP’s cooker has in addition all the bells and whistles as add ons to make it a unique offering from other Yoders for sale, including the updated Fireboard controller.

              • rickgregory
                rickgregory commented
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                OK, so they might get their purchase price back then (that's why I added the footnote, I wasn't sure what it cost then).

              New has a warranty.
              Please post the price you decided on and how you arrived at it. Thanks beforehand.


                Sounds like your Yoder is very good condition. I own a newer model that came equipped with the Fireboard from the factory and I like the pit. It gets used fairly frequently because I don't always want to tend fire.

                Meanwhile I would never expect to recover shipping or taxes on a used pit that I was selling. I also understand that my used pit has no manufacturer's warranty on it if I choose to sell it. Therefore I believe my used pit is some fraction of the new price (sans shipping and taxes). Of course the fraction is ultimately set by the buyer with money in hand. I am thinking 80% if essentially new and progressively less for each year of additional age.


                • LA Pork Butt
                  LA Pork Butt commented
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                  I cook on a BGE which has a life time warranty on the major parts. If I bought a used
                  one the warranty doesn’t transfer. I’ve owned
                  mine for going on 11 years and have had two major parts replaced at no cost. IMOP the loss of the warranty would significantly lower the price. Also, should’t there be a reduction in price for the years the owner enjoyed it. We agree from the buying side but what about the selling side?
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