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Poor guy

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    Poor guy

    From a verified buy on Amazon

    Philip Marks
    1.0 out of 5 stars Read before you buy
    Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2020
    Style: Pellet GrillVerified Purchase
    To be clear - this is my 1st pellet grill so I do not know how others work but this is how my first 5-6 times using this pellet smoker has gone and my experience.

    1 - set up was easy. but my only thoughts was I wished the end caps were a little more stout. They look like they will leak smoke and not last for years at all. Time will tell.
    2 - downloaded the app. the updates did not load correctly.
    3 - My first start up - set the grill to heat up to 600 like the instructions. within 10 minutes it was not heating up and had been put in auto shut off mode . I left it alone for 1 hour and then restarted it.
    4 - on restart - I set for 600 deg again. while heating up the bbq was set ablaze. when I did the 1st start up the pellets kept falling into the hopper and overloaded it and they spilled all in the grill when it said it was in shut down mode. I did not notice this and on the 2nd restart they all lit on fire and started to go into the pellet storage. I caught it in time so the fire did not go all the way up to the pellet storage hopper. I was frustrated so left it till the next day.
    5 - the grill was set to 600 deg. and it worked and stayed at 600 deg for 1 hour. the pellets however did not move down to the hole that feeds to the grate. It kept saying - low on pellets. I had plenty but they did not move down properly. need more of an angle. so now I have to stay by the grill to make sure pellets get down the hopper.
    6 - next day - went to cook burgers - turned on grill at 350 - within 10 minutes the screen read that the glow plug is not heating up. no heat source and again - it dumped about 5lbs into the grill with no fire/heat. I caught it this time so removed the pellets before turning on again.
    7 - turned on grill 30 minutes later and cooked burgers. burgers were great but the grill for sure had cold and hot spots. I had to move the burgers around to cook evenly but tasted great.
    8 - Sat. night. Cooked a pork butt. put cooker on at 10pm at 200 deg. it smoked great until 5am. at 5 am the low pellets came on so I had to push pellets in the hopper again. then around 8am the screen again said - no heat source - machine shutting down. the glow plug again had no heat and 5lbs of pellets came down the shoot. Also - the app on the phone showed me the temp. but I could not see the temp. of the probe that came with the machine or could not set any cooking temps also on the app. it kept shutting off. so I had to move the pork butt to the oven for the next 5 hours of cooking. The pork did taste awesome and had plenty of smoke.

    Conclusion - I bought this pellet grill so I don't have to do the amount of work I do with my regular smoker. With that said - I have to do twice the amount of work with this fire hazard. Food was great but I have never cooked without having it shut down or almost burning my porch down.
    Could not be more disappointed but will try again this week and if it improves I will come back to this post.
    But how do you return a $1200.00, 180lbs Turd?
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    Now BBQ's are joining most things in life where there's just too much damn technology.
    We're talking about fire and meat here, it should be simple and easy to use.


      I have been hearing a lot of horror stories about the smokefire. The local fire dept here bought one and somehow the pellet hopper caught fire. I guess it was good that they are firefighters. It looks like Weber pushed a product that was not field tested properly and are using parts that should belong in cheaper models of grill. Disappointing Weber, disappointing.

      Thank you for sharing your experience, although I am sorry for your difficulties.


      • pkadare
        pkadare commented
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        The review was from some random guy on Amazon, not BBQPhil's direct experience. :-)

      • BBQPhil
        BBQPhil commented
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        Not mine, but a buyer from Amazon

      • MartinNC
        MartinNC commented
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        oh, gotcha. The jury is still out for me. I'm going to stick to charcoal but would love to have a pellet to play with.


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