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Problem with Temps on My Traeger

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    Problem with Temps on My Traeger

    For my last two cooks, I've been monitoring the temps of my Traeger with the ThermoPro IT-48. I am having a major issue with temp numbers on the Traeger. I set the rig for 225. For the last 90 minutes, the ThermaPro reading says 176, well below the reading on the Traeger itself.

    I checked the probe several times prior to my first use i.e. boiling water, ice water, etc. The numbers were spot on. I then cooked some steak and used my Thermapen and checked it versus the probe - the numbers matched perfectly.

    On July 4, I was cooking a brisket. I set it to 225, it never reached 225 until I cranked up the rig to 250. The ThremaPro read the numbers correctly.

    BTW - I own a Traeger Pro Series 34

    For the cook, both the brisket and chicken breasts cooks, I placed the probe about 8" from the left side of the smoker, about midway from the front. During the brisket cook, the probe was approximately 4"-5" away from the meat. For the chicken, it was in the same position, but about 1"-2" from the meat.

    During the brisket cook, the reading never went above 210 until I cranked up the smoker up to 250. Then it went to 237. For the chicken, it never got about 175.

    What the hell is going on? It is 88 degrees here in NY, so outside temp is def not a factor. If anything, it should increase the temp. It really is ticking me off and I'm questioning my decision to buy a Traeger.

    Any insight, advice, etc. is appreciated.

    So it's the ambient temperature probe and not the food probe? I own a Traeger and a Grilla. Last year we had some problems with the Traeger shutting down mid grill, not reaching temp, and/or then just flaming out. It was a shared grill and I realized that the issue was. The other people using the grill never properly shut it down; they would either unplug it or turn off the switch on back. Also, no one ever bothered to clean the grill out, especially the firepot. Once I showed them how to do that the problems went away and there haven't been any issues since.

    My Grilla, oddly enough is having issues with its food probe. The ambient probe is fine. The food probe is off when I compare it to other thermometers I own they never matche. Stick it in some food: off. Stick it in the grill to check ambient temp: off. Leave it outside to check it against the same temp I am standing in: off. One thing I read though, is that using a food probe to measure ambient temp can be off anyway. I guess as long as your food probe probe(s) food and the food turns out you should be ok. Or do what I do and just use another thermometer and rely on that.


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      Pellet Grills are Great, love my Timberline 850. Right now it is very accurate and does not need calibrations.
      But with more electronics the more potential for problems.

    I would check the burn pot for cleanliness, make sure the ignitor is working and in good shape, and the auger and motor are working the way they should.


      Like others mentioned, make sure the burn pot is clean. Also, take a scotch brite pad or steel wool and clean the RTD (pit probe). After that, set your temp based upon ThermaPro instead of the controller. Does it really hurt anything if the dial is set to 250 for the cooking temp to be 225? As long as you know what the temp is and can get the temps you want it really shouldn’t matter. Also keep in mind if your ambient probe is too close to food, it can affect the reading.

      I’ve had too many pellet grills and have adjusted the controller on several to be above the desired temp to actually get it. It’s not that unusual. I’ve never gotten rid of a pit for that reason. It will still cook fine even if it’s 25 degrees off on readings. Plus most grills have their probe clear on one side so it’s not in the way of cooking, unfortunately, this means it might be 225 there, but something else in the center, especially when loaded up with food.

      AND Welcome to the Pit!
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        The probe on the TheremaPro is the one that is giving me the readings. I did not use do a side-by-side test of the Traeger probe. I plan on doing that today.

        As far as cleaning goes, I vacuum my rig almost after every cook; depends on what I am cooking and for how long. For example, if I am simply making corn, I wouldn't clean it 'cause it's a quick 30 minutes and doesn't generate a lot of dirt/dust.

        I went to check on the door seal and noticed that the right side doesn't sit totally flush. Don't get me wrong, there isn't a large gap by any means, it is that the left sits flush, metal to metal contact is 100%. The right side is a hair off, maybe around 95-98% contact.


          If I’m rembering my Pro 34 correctly (it’s been a few years now), seems like the lid hinges might be screwed on where you could adjust it a little. Might help the leaks if the lid isn’t bent. Also, what controller do you have? Traeger has had a ton of different controllers over the years, some of which had a lot of timing elements to the programming (P-settings). Does your controller have a small hole anywhere on the front that straightened paperclip could acess a button behind it?


            Call 1800 Traeger. very helpful.



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