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Need Some Advice on Timing a Big Cook

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    Need Some Advice on Timing a Big Cook

    Over the last 6 months I've had the LSG pellet pooper I've cooked through almost everything BBQ and its come out great.

    I've never had the space to do more than one thing at a time before and now I need to put it all together for a largest cook I've ever done.

    Everything is trimmed and ready to go.

    The post trim weights are:
    14 lb Brisket
    7 lb Pork Shoulder (Fat Cap Removed)
    4 Racks of St. Louis Cut Ribs at ~3.60 lbs each

    I want to serve at 7 PM tomorrow and have a massive insulated cooler to hold everything.

    I was thinking about Brisket at 9PM tonight (part me is feeling like moving this up to 8PM.)

    Edit: Shoulder is now getting served at 3PM so the plan is to go on at the same time as the brisket now.

    Ribs ~11 AM

    Thanks for the advice and helping me pull it all off.
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    You have all day tomorrow to cook? If so, I'd season the brisket and butt tonight, fire up your cooker around 9:00 and put the big meats on at 9:30 or 10. Season ribs at 12:30 and put them on at 1. Your big meats should be ready to wrap at the 4th hour. You may or may not choose to flip the brisket after hour 2. I think you get a better looking bark if you don't flip. I use a Chef Alarm leave in thermometer to keep track of the temps after wrapping. My cooking temp is 260 to 275.

    This is using my comp time line. Foil wrap, not paper. If you use paper, give yourself an extra hour.

    It's going to be great!


    • Steak Snake
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      Thanks. Wow, 260-275F sure does cut down the time compared to 225F.

    I highly recommend listening to CandySueQ - she's in the competition circuit, and is also past president for the KCBS, and still on their board. She knows "a thing or two" about BBQ!

    With that pork shoulder being consumed at 3pm, I would start the cook earlier. If you go with the temperatures that Candy recommends, to get that butt done before 3pm, you will need to push things back 4 hours - say 5:30 or 6. If you do the brisket along side it, there are no ill effects from finishing the brisket sooner and holding it in cambro. I've held brisket hot for 6 hours many times, and it was still steaming hot when I finally unwrapped and put it on the cutting board.

    If you run at lower temps, say 225F, unwrapped, the butt will take 10-12 hours. The brisket will take 14-16 on average. I don't usually wrap butts but do wrap briskets. You know your timing for ribs. If you go "low and slow", you will need to start the night before, but pretty late. I'm thinking midnight.


    • CandySueQ
      CandySueQ commented
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      What jfmorris says! I was basing it on a 7 pm ready time, for all 3 meats.


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