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    Grilla Status

    Questions about Grilla. About three weeks ago, I stopped by the Grilla store here in Dallas. I wanted to talk about my RTD questions in the above post with Jeremy, the nice guy that moved here from Michigan when they opened. I pulled into the parking lot, the signage was off the front, there were three pickups parked in front. I got out, looked in the locked door, and it was bare, workmen getting it ready for the next tenant. I called Grilla customer service, and they.said the store was closed on September 16. I went by the store maybe once a month, and merchandise was always less than the time before, not restocking at all. They blamed distribution and supply chain issues, but I have had a bad feeling. Max Good or Meathead do we know what the status is under the new ownership? Has Mark Graham cashed out and gone? He was the face of the company from the beginning, and I haven’t seen him on any of the videos for a while. Is there a plan for going forward? I’m a bit concerned.

    I hate to hear this. I actually corresponded with Jeremy Crow at Grilla via email with some questions I had when I was thinking of buying one back in 2018 (never did), and he was great to answer my questions.


      I don't see anything on the site that makes me think anything has changed with the company. On the other hand, I haven't had a reason to contact them either. My chimp runs like a champ.


        I haven’t either and I still get emails from them all the time. They just announced a new product last week too: new 400w inverter.

        Not something I need but one never knows.


          In the announcement AOB was still talking about TWO brick and mortar stores - Michigan and Dallas - and nothing about closings.

          However, in their "safe harbor" section of the release statement the following is at the end. Of course, the following is probably normal, but as I read the full statement, my first thought was "covering their collective butts for what they know is coming". (as all big business does these days).

          " Except as required by applicable law or regulation, we disclaim any obligation and do not intend to publicly update or review any of our forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise.​"a


            Grilla assures me all is well. While true that the Texas location closed, some blogger spread erroneous stories that Grilla's' main location in Holland, MI is closing too. That is false. However, they are opening a new distribution center soon in Missouri and all orders will be shipping from there.
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              Do you know if the founders are still "in charge" of the day-to-day work after the acquisition? Max Good


                Porkies I am told the core management group, including Mark Graham, are still at the helm.


                • Huskee
                  Huskee commented
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                  Glad to hear it, I like Mark.

                I called them yesterday regarding my controller. Something went wrong and I could no longer turn on the cooker. They walked me through a couple steps and quickly told me they were sending out a new controller. The service and support were as stellar as usual. I got no indication there were any issues.


                • jfmorris
                  jfmorris commented
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                  Glad to hear!

                Mark Graham posted this on September 26 on the Grilla facebook page:

                1. Yes, Dallas has closed. The biggest catalyst for this change was due to a 5-year road construction project that is going to be taking place very soon that will make it very difficult to access the store’s location. If you live in the Dallas area, and were planning on making a purchase, please send a DM to our Grilla page and we would love to make sure you are taken care of!

                2. Holland Store—Bulk warehousing is transitioning to AOB HQ in Columbia over the coming months (they have a massive distribution center in Missouri, which allows for easier and more efficient shipping nation-wide). The Holland store and customer service team will remain the same, so nothing changed here. We all recognize the value and are proud of the history of our Holland store and local customers and will continue to operate this store (and maintain inventory in Holland) indefinitely.

                3. Videos and my engagement - Two parts here:
                • With Drew's exit we are transitioning to a variety of different chefs and pro BBQ competitors (some are very big YouTubers and influencers that I know you will be excited about, so stayed tuned!) and everyone knows I'm not a good one! We are building a heck of a lineup of recipe videos, instructional videos, product demos etc, so we can assure you there is a ton of content in the works.
                • NOT whining just going to be real here...Personally I put a lot of time into the business and FB and honestly it's time to give some back to my family. Those close to me know how often my phone was in my hand on weekends and evening whether I was at a restaurant or an event, I did my best to make myself available and the amount of times I was Tagged or PM'd was overwhelming. Don't get me wrong I really appreciate all of the conversations and I loved helping if that is what was needed but the look I was getting from my wife at dinner when doing this has started to sink in and made me realize things.

                4. We are now working with a much larger Product Development engine, marketing group, and are continuing to build out our customer service team to scale with the business.

                5. I obviously can't say too much but I will say I'm excited for the future of Grilla Grills and the large number of new products in the pipeline (don't ask me because I won't say! LOL). Stayed tuned for some really exciting new product launches over the next 12 months!


                • IFindZeroBadCooks
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                  Great update!👍❤️

                • Soonerpop
                  Soonerpop commented
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                  Thanks. I’m not on Facebook.

                • DrJimmy2112
                  DrJimmy2112 commented
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                  Thank you for the update. I avoid Facebook so am out of the loop. Seems like a few weeks ago the Grilla team was all excited announcing the Texas store. The road problem makes sense. Reassuring to read, and I understand Mark's situation, being tethered to a work phone 24/7 myself.


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