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Here we go again!

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    Here we go again!

    Well, the dreaded MCS has struck again. I have been dealing withThit for sometime now but I just cannot resist any longer. My daughter bought my son-in-law a pellet cooker for his birthday. I had an RT-680 years ago but man those things have improved alot over the years. I just do not have the time that I need to spend with my kamado like I want and the convenience and quality of food has really improved.

    Been doing a ton of research and looked at how much I want to spend and of course looked at what others are doing on this group. And I have studied Huskee 's review in detail. I have rested on the Grilla Silverbac AT. https://store.grillagrills.com/products/silverbac-at

    I have not pulled the proverbial trigger yet, but plan on it very soon. One question to you Grilla owners out there. Do you use their pellets or do you have a preferred pellet?


    My understanding is that Grilla pellets are rebranded Lumberjack pellets, which are naturally great.tdimond and glitchy have reported outstanding results with Cookin Pellets so I lean towards Cookin but hard to go wrong with either.
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      I’ve used Lumberjack pellets no issues and even pitboss pellets. I actually got two bags of Jack Daniels pellets from Tractor Supply for $12.99/ bag. I really like the lumberjack competition blend and it seems to work for everything, I don’t get too caught up with this wood for this and that yada yada.


        Hey, pull yer proverbial finger out of yer proverbial pocket & git things moving here!


          I use Grilla’s Competition Blend for pretty much everything … and I keep a selection of BBQr’s Delight flavor pellets on hand just in case.


            Buy 1 bag of every flavor and every brand and test them all and report back

            To some degree pellets are pellets and my guess is only a few places make them all. Biggest differences are do they offer 100% species varieties and do they use bark or not. Very few pellets are 100% species wood, so there’s really very little difference between them. I doubt you’d notice any difference between a Bear Mountain, Green Mountain, Grilla, RecTeq, or Traeger Hickory pellet. LJ and CookinPellets offer some 100% species pellets. This is also why I think the special blends in many brands are popular and recommended a lot because they often have much less or even no filler wood (oak or alder), which boosts smoke flavor over the single species blends that are 70-80 percent oak /alder and rest that species on the bag label.

            Most manufacturers also use bark, which is what I like most about CookinPellets. They don’t and seem to leave less ash behind as a result. Doubt it makes much if any flavor difference over LumberJacks 100% pellets though, just less ash to clean up later.


              I prefer Lumber Jack for their high quality, plus they are also very affordable. Paid $6.99 per 20 lbs at Atwoods the other day. My favorite USED TO be BBQrs' Delight but nobody in Tulsa County carries them anymore.


                The Pellet grill is a step in the right direction, but for me, Traeger Timberline 850 is where the trail ends.
                You're correct today's pellet grills are amazing. Set it and forget, the Easy-Bake of BBQ.
                Happy pellet grilling to you and PBR too.


                  I’ve used their pellets, lumberjack, and bear mountain and all have worked great.


                  • bbqLuv
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                    Traeger pellets, IMHO, are the best by test.
                    The PBR test, Post BBQ Review.
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                    Are Bear Mountain a step down from the other pellets? I can get them for $9.99 for a 20 lb. bag at Tractor Supply. Do the bags contain more dust than the other brands?

                  I use B&B Championship blend.


                    We are all here for you DavidNorcross ...order the Grilla!


                      I have the Silverback and I have used Traeger, Grilla, and soon will use some Bear Mountain when it's time to fill up the old hopper. I picked up some bags at Costco when they were in the store demoing their smokers, and they were running a sale. I haven't tried any of the blends yet and have been doing single bags so see if I have a preference for one over the other. And honestly, I don't though I will say I enjoyed Cherry more than Apple. It's fun to try our different brands. I ,like the Grilla ones but they're priced @ $20 a bag which seems to be consistent with everyone else so I am still experimenting. Either way, get your smoke on.


                        I've used theirs the first few bags I went through, they're excellent pellets. I switched to other brands too and all work fine. I will say though if you use a pellet that's got a lot of dust (like Pit Boss) either filter the dust out our just don't leave pellets in in for long periods of time especially in wet weather, they swell and can seize up the auger. That is a PAIN to fix. Run it dry when you're going to store it for more than a couple days.


                          Good luck with the Silverback. Don’t have one yet, so no opinion on pellets. But the OG is next!


                            I love my Grilla (OG, not the Silverbac). I generally use Lumber Jack pellets, and luckily a "nearby" Rural King carries them for just under $9 a bag. Most pellets you can get locally for a good price will work, since shipping often kills the advantage of shopping online. Just be wary of absolute bargain bin stuff.



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