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The Good One Marshall questions

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    The Good One Marshall questions

    It looks like this forum is pretty slow, but I had a few questions. I’m looking at a few different smokers, and the Marshall is on my list.

    Is it possible to use this solely as a woodburning smoker? I know it’s easier to control charcoal, but I like the smoke profile better from stick burners.

    If I can’t use all wood, does this end up basically smoking like a really big Kamado?

    Would something like a BBQ Guru or Fireboard work well with it? It looks like I’d have to cut or drill to attach it, but I could live with that.

    Does anyone here have one and not like it?

    I believe Mr. Bones has the Open Range, let's see if he has any advice. I suspect you just don't need a controller for a rig like this, just use the vents, but that doesn't mean I'm right. And I do believe The Good Ones are designed to use all wood, it's just trickier.


      Well, I guess I’ll find out how they are soon. The Marshall and the KBC C-60 were the only ones on my short list that didn’t have a 2 month+ wait. And I wasn’t crazy about the cooking capacity of the KBC. So I just (hopefully not foolishly) ordered a Good One Marshall. My wife will be thrilled! Going to try it with and without charcoal.


        Way to just dive right in! I love it! Keep us posted on your cooks with plenty of photos.


          I once emailed them and asked them if you can burn logs and they said yes, FWIW. I was asking about the Open Range, but it should be the same for the Marshall. I think the Marshall is a kick-a$$ cooker. Good luck with it!


            I’m assuming based on the huge ass firebox that it will take a lot of babysitting and adding logs if I use just wood. But the KBQ I almost bought requires adding wood every 30 minutes, so I’m sure it can’t be any worse than that. But the option to use charcoal to run for long burn times seems nice.


            • Huskee
              Huskee commented
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              Most backyard sized stick burners will require a 30-45 min reload in my experience. But to some of us crazy folks that's actually a very easy task and we love it!

            • Dewesq55
              Dewesq55 commented
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              What Huskee said. Stick burners require a lot of attention. You either enjoy that, or you don't.

            • Killa J
              Killa J commented
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              My first smoker was a stick burner. I didn’t mind it for stuff like ribs that didn’t take overnight, but 14+ hour brisket was not my favorite. At least with this, I can run it as a stick burner for 5 hours or so, then add charcoal and let it do it’s thing overnight.

            Great job getting a fantastic cooker!!

            Let us know how it goes!



              I have a GOOR, an a reasonable degree of experience runnin it, from -0°F temps, up to over 100° plus...

              I burn a charcoal bed in mine, occasional full length ~16" splits in mine...

              I don't t hink 1 in 25,000 could taste th difference between this method, or my two other offsets, run offa straight up hickory, apple, Mesquite, or mix an match... Honestly, I cain't, an I'm experienced, picky bout what flavour(s) I want /don't want .

              Honestly don't think 1, mebbe stretchin, 2/100 KCBS experienced judges could neither...

              Now, there is Zero Problemo runnin ya some briqs, an some wood splits on a GOOR...

              Marshall's a size bigger, but th cooker concept is identical....

              Would a fan Guru etc. work? sure, it would...

              But, bein as mine holds temp fer hours on end, any WX, even gusty-arse winds, usin th factory vents, why would ya wanna spend th $, instead of on smoker meats... Or blow holes in a new cooker that costs a couple grand? Not my intentions, at all...

              Any other Good One questions I can assist, hit me up, Brother...


              Thanks fer pickin offa a painful scab that I dang near had healed: zackly what yer talkin bout, Sha:

              Been tryin to ignore this one, fer ~ two months, limited success

              Th port done blown in it has kept me from divin, even if it includes th fan

              Not really how I ever / or even wannna roll, but to each, they's Own
              Last edited by Mr. Bones; August 20, 2020, 12:44 AM.


              • Mr. Bones
                Mr. Bones commented
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                AH, it's sold, Finally, but now another is vexin me

                BTW, I regularly run two large stickburners, an that's th flavour profile I cherish, each an every day...

              I’ll hold off on getting a fan controller for it.

              I built a HeaterMeter for the Akorn I used to have. I really didn’t need it, but used it because I had a runaway fire that torched a brisket once overnight. But the kamado places the meat over the fire, so I think fat drippings must have spilled over and ramped up the fire that time.

              Looking forward to trying this thing out, but I need to get rid of my charcoal kettle now. One in, one out to keep the wife happy.

              I wonder if there’s a way to use a rotisserie with it. Not going to drill any holes for now, but maybe down the line.


                Quick pic before I had to go to work. Just burning it in for the first time.

                Click image for larger version

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                • Mr. Bones
                  Mr. Bones commented
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                  Very nice, yer gonna LOVE this cooker, Brother!!!

                  Might wanna spin them top vents open bout 3 turns, crack th damper some, if'n it ain't already, an season th smoker, as well

                  Ya know where to find me, an hit me up, If I may ever be of assistance...

                • Killa J
                  Killa J commented
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                  I did open the top vents a few turns and seasoned it. Sprayed way too much oil on the inside of the lid, dripped all over the patio. I guess one of those grill mats is the next purchase.

                Congratulations on your new cooker.



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