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Old Country BBQ Pits All-American Angus Smoker

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    Old Country BBQ Pits All-American Angus Smoker

    The Old Country BBQ Pits All-American Angus Smoker features a large cooking surface that accommodates large cuts of meat and is constructed from welded heavy-duty s...

    So I have had my Okie Joe for about 10 years...still going strong BUT I need more space!

    Pitts by JJ, UR models are double the price (Sweet Rigs!) and I can not find anything else...

    Are Old Country worth it?
    Should I just bite the bullet and get a real pit?
    Are the vertical boxes practical?

    It depends on a few things. It depends how much more space you need, and where you are located. The cooker you linked to is made from 3/16" steel. It will not retain heat like 1/4" inch or thicker. If you are willing to "bite the bullet" and buy a more substantially constructed pit, it will last you a long time if cared for properly.


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      I hear you Brother

      BUT I have been cooking on an Okie Joe Longhorn and producing very respectable BBQ.
      I have never cooked on a HIGH END Rig before...just wondering if the $$ are worth it
      AND is the vertical Box useful? or does it just look cool?

    The reviews on the Angus are a mixed bag....
    My have to drive down to Greenville NC (Closest Academy) to look at them first hand.


      Nuthin wrong with an older OKJoe...

      Been runnin me a OKJ Highland I bought, second hand, fer quite a few years...tuning plate/baffle, some remainin gasketry... have shown here, time an time again, a ~5° deviation, from side to side, when I build th fire proper, like...

      Ain't never had me reason one to cuss her...

      Have fed thousands of meals from her, without complaint.

      She Ain't Broke, So...


        We just got an OKJ Bandera Vertical Offset to test.


          Most guys I see with verticals use it for hanging sausages or doing jerky. I’m not sure there’s any advantage otherwise unless, like you say, you need the real estate.

          I’ve seen plenty Old Country rigs at Academy. They generally are so-so in quality, would not be my first choice for the long haul. But on a budget it may serve your needs. Just a big hunk of iron !!


            The Old Country line is intended to fill the gap between COS and EOS, and does a pretty good job of that. I personally wouldn't spend $1,700 on that one. That's getting close enough to the price range of higher quality offset smokers that I would pay a little more and go that route. Or you could get an Over and Under AND a Smokehouse for less money and possibly a little more capacity.

            I previously had the Over and Under, and Smokehouse models and they were solid. I still regret selling the Smokehouse, and might eventually get another one.
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              Unless you’re dead set on a traditional design you should check out the KBQ.

              Product review from free side: https://amazingribs.com/smoker/karub...60-pit-review/

              KBQ channel in members forums: https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo.../karubecue-kbq

              Also costs $1,699, holds 60 pounds of meat, and is light enough to easily roll in and out of your garage. Made of stainless steel.


                Appreciate the comments.

                Still undicided....thinking that I should just go for a bigger Pit and skip the vertical



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