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Homemade Argentinian grill?

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    Homemade Argentinian grill?

    My brother-in-law wants to build a grill at their cabin. Based on how he likes to grill I want him to build an Argentinian-style grill. Maybe something like this.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	il_794xN.1537972473_nsru.jpg
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Size:	99.9 KB
ID:	1028013

    He's pretty frugal so I know he's not going to spend a lot on an insert so I'm looking for affordable options to recommend to him. I'm thinking something like this would work. He would have to build the firebox but I think that would be relatively simple to do with rebar.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Campfire_Original_1024x1024.jpg?v=1539873395.jpg
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Size:	39.0 KB
ID:	1028014


    Any leads on other inserts or ideas in general? Has anyone built their own already?

    They look like a fair-weather grill or it needs to be under a cover. Perhaps location and other things need to be considered too.
    Your chosen grill looks good.

    Happy Grilling to you, and PBR too.,


      That seems pretty affordable comparable to others I've seen but it's only 1/8" steel and the cooking grate doesn't look so sturdy.

      I've noticed that a lot of manufacturers aren't listing prices right now because of the intense fluctuation in cost of steel but there are deals to be had. i've an avid craigslist searcher and here in SoCal there are many peeps that make custom santa maria style grills for mild to wild price demands. here's one for $500. could just cut the legs off the drop fire box into where you want it - https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/...315738567.html

      this is a place out of Texas that offers various styles of drop-in grills but is pricier - https://www.heritagebackyard.com/santa-maria-grills/

      this place in California has very nice looking santa maria drop-in for under$800 - https://redbeardsmokers.com/prices

      you also might be able to use a local fabricator and just show them photos and/or video of what you're after.

      just my two bits to offer.


      • Attjack
        Attjack commented
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        I appreciate the advice. Fabrication may make the most sense for a balance between price and quality.

      Attjack I had a local fabricator build mine for about $800. I think that is a good way to go regarding quality and cost.


        Hulagn1971 That looks, killer! Also worth the price IMO. He's a cheap SOB though. I doubt he would drop $800 on it even though he should. Here's what he built and cooks on at the home in town.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	6CrGqF0cIUzAXhFSxWSKjggy272--faLzcGDQRPWwt44_Ek4YlUp3YnwcPARCCoZLZySDoQ7Y5CucSgvUU3gfYgYOlkaXJeVDAvyXODo6Yuj878juYALsLlJKCRaUnbmnqYqtEjWl7WugloRC39hImq7OOBPniTdb7verCbQwWqgRHW2P24U-HyHEJNUL10l70BIgLEe-ZOXlhgJTJJGnZZTPtO03pkuxdwrry3YOEvoat_G9OdM-bBacJhMHAo
Views:	137
Size:	150.7 KB
ID:	1028127

        Click image for larger version

Name:	ZI_J4o3COEa0TsgKxm4Nhm-E73-2gYsCUZoxRzuJAr0AoB3_sNPeOOPU2gYgVKiSsEI6vjEv9TCzQuaGKILsuyah01a1hthX_hiq88VVlEtI4EiAPmjNGiogd_VKKAUCc_naKhVJ5WlPk2xiBvckiKtM5VmaEc0P8zoE9gE0A1-_baPxtPfPx-Ql6EmswzICUPT0cO0-3lGHawQ_RP0la_4twiT7c-50qrD9CBH3EG7OY8HG7gMnHfLGkcMzIvm
Views:	130
Size:	86.9 KB
ID:	1028128

        Click image for larger version

Name:	NwUZrwI3f0dxJiXMLFQXoFJiEzDFHibtJxcLrTczn30IOkTgb3qOVBUJd5FO8e0jh22dnJp0tGPcl396jYV3sS6_ZQ13Ojp6OBzy_bYWUHIX4clHGC8I-bG5bL27vJvMx7p0w0CPBTbD5LJzyhXZovNNxLEBAx4Sgtc1gKWaC-AMxFRDMQMCBRdUXS-E1u7B0aY1S6TjELn0DW79C-d1sIr0Lqbhs34QIuiSrSowzroKtKUEit0I3_yVJlB7sWI
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Size:	153.3 KB
ID:	1028129

        And here's the "bread oven" he built. Those last 2 shots are an entire Thanksgiving dinner.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	fgQr2kbjmSVTHHfVPWzh9QUTgf-b1t6Iet0bKVUr54ZwlI-uA7NX-4RUVWKzH3h1Mfp4eL9H3xUw2HnrAo2LbVVoFPXqgVVS2aGGjkr40k7Ljxenu09CE95jGlkWraZNA9s3Vm7DOa1z_Qa9LxECSqU1KuXhMeDMd2CJSBgkAggZ680nSSFeB2wy8Y2-SiqBNyadUKJ2vvDVOakGn9fR7Vh1ZLTeVMTE0F1z-JCJHwZrXKtcaI6Dnm7PBV4wUTh
Views:	121
Size:	183.6 KB
ID:	1028130

        Click image for larger version

Name:	xie1WSB-uW4-0jxQWRjrXBoU8YJ74lzG1Wznx1efXN2e9xEfYSywDk6N624SKbHnQSXoJ3TzMNHhUahrEAFJOg1gfJOsHPujeIyUMhnvum-R38Bayhtiz0gli7BYOmYXiRf4B-jduRkJsEofcIakIGgRyql12TNyLlPsCtrcwKnEaMkSLYKmakWgI3q54lK3OjCkPYNC8qPfd5ApaoqH9g5pFV6dQm1CSZOrfFKMEnN23QnKPWmXTtYS87OBYT8
Views:	127
Size:	166.2 KB
ID:	1028131

        Click image for larger version

Name:	l1Nom5CwOW5_RXLXlvS1GBpomXBbDAYJt_5Wx1HC_dso6Nt6eZTJgarvBIrWojfJjUng5M_PADsDtkoN5kAjZpkUVGsVq3Y4xA_5ySjcOi7Io_shhriD82B67UB-iwha_MhxOY8wvmRFYTOjVb88Fd97XCjNnSTZ-nbSBI2C2ljUg-MyPT8Gt_MkBwiAOGztZ0zBkdZ1YiDWh6vO3TCbUL0OuE5e7MdrDAnm6_WPk_zB3tLK_sgof2t1TgKJD73
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Size:	169.1 KB
ID:	1028132


        • 58limited
          58limited commented
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          I'm planning to build one of these eventually. I'm planning to build an Argentinian style grill off one side of it.

        @58limited Here's a combo they have at a winery I frequent. Bonus pic of their smoker. I didn't get a good shot of the grill but you can see it there on the right. They make coals in the middle and shovel them to the pizza oven or to the grill.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	AaKTbKEWnKg2o7Y4-nFUIx3we-NVp9O6vkgn1qLrFeTLFk-u-hOJaMLhk8wvxC2c117mKheYBHxLsjHoKnSV6E69M_urGAPgtXcujOV-tppjNkt3pzHnlj3tsff5YbuPfaPEnn5a-qoofwBJ1D0KEJZPGoMU9iHbqU9mm9iyQdLJvnalPieX-YcbGezug8-vswMfrNEsuqgrbx7cEHORanNjpwnAhx_TXVFavjXVsjdJFCZqEriUttjZzbY0lvD
Views:	134
Size:	130.7 KB
ID:	1028171

        Click image for larger version

Name:	mKfckglavYibLvEbQOwSHF4YTcb-wZPEXoycuOoaFS9Pa1QQXrzbIVupVZd_hKhKaOQZyMjfGHpv7pWWdsFk1Dee7dt2YLDi55IxC8GXCwZR4oRPZg_jJpFw9wqKrve2vFWaEvUa0uKaSHNgeXltq21x5-etbIqt3QtbLTCTicVBBs_KudaRmXlvdEr8h8KEmWq6vipi5UoJ6oV2xE1ZmI6FOZITdjcSFRT_nYFXvO4BD5DzOx1P4eHgc9ZFpCP
Views:	120
Size:	115.8 KB
ID:	1028172

        Click image for larger version

Name:	5PTIG6yr80PFcxbRxhmguHQ0hJY48i7oYJxi_0HfM6Ej8r1A7Xp6tic_4jIhDfB1jPBRVH1pVblLq39xXW7GZq0eBr-r9k15zrQgiXC1ki5e12x-I9-3JW2vzS3PxVbLeah_5_JQo6b2Xtt9zT8gff4Fso8u-dLnE2cLVGAyxIC6nfpayJoj4nOO62ml6Gqqfe0AT-ssB66duE1gyB5PfOj-IKnEJygTad1O_J8WL1KFRLVpypuF5GirsiXZw2H
Views:	121
Size:	134.0 KB
ID:	1028173

        Click image for larger version

Name:	V_IEW5b7Fh6XsECGPQ4Ggu-7Uecopssgr0Ecdp2vZwEfJyt_yyOypBM6zexoNrcq_TIy5_W5osMegtR1hbHKWlDouhcdd_EB22hsWNDF7ECEo_n7nazTEFxLEm0rGsgyWhIZNdWVMxrDu0yOoZBfkC68rYbmsSF2IEEDTyS1kR9kt5jmSe39d45HRzBK6yC-LxmlGcGJRI2C83ExUundGPsrczKl4GLNqgOq3j0UPLNog7XBb2SYI62CmYbmQyi
Views:	120
Size:	155.0 KB
ID:	1028174

        Click image for larger version

Name:	60Dw5emsDMqdvg9e4Q2cGkkwxSDO6YsAB98O3AE7k5DycKFHGWwhkFMitbNhYaDOgCrbTaLVF-JTZV00tHhyZd97v00CAwadafqn5cb3OAJssMAQcWIFn50bdSDimtTK0jYvVsFaux-jZcECs-JCp5S11CU1OSBj5Eh2mTcHCQxdRH-iVZrGOKQAib-9HWZXhZkZw5AmLRpYLNxhbphbZ1KOyl_Adxb2d1ARUODwB6L5V3iXUt-kTmO5-bqn8Bn
Views:	123
Size:	181.9 KB
ID:	1028175


        • 58limited
          58limited commented
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          Very similar to what I'm thinking of but I probably won't have the central coal oven, just a brasero like in your picture at the top of this thread. I'll fire the pizza oven in the traditional way: build the fire inside. I do plan to have either an open pit or maybe an oven for making embers though - maybe something similar to what Fire Door in Oz has - for fire cooking in a different area of the outdoor kitchen and burning mesquite down before putting in the smoker.

        • Mr. Bones
          Mr. Bones commented
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          #5 Great profile Shot, Amigo!

        Check out https://norcalovenworks.com/masonry-...nter-drop-ins/

        Sometimes I wish I went with them for my built in.


        • Attjack
          Attjack commented
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          Perfect! As long as they have a 90% off sale 😂

        • JakeT
          JakeT commented
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          90% off sales are helpful definitely


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