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Recent M Grills Orders

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    Recent M Grills Orders

    I placed an order for an M1 Grill over Labor Day weekend (about 2 weeks ago). While I received an order confirmation immediately upon submission, I've not heard anything else since.

    I realize it can take up to 3 weeks to manufacture the grill after ordering so I'm not exactly worried. I suppose I'm just excited and as such a bit impatient.

    Has anyone had any experience purchasing a grill since Kinney took over manufacturing? Could you share your experience?

    Very much looking forward to receiving my grill,


    If you think that's bad try ordering a new vehicle. I've been waiting since May. Heck, Lonestar Grillz is faster than that!!


    • Murdy
      Murdy commented
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      I ordered a Polaris General last year in June, they shipped the wrong one in October, and finally got the right one in January.

    • Panhead John
      Panhead John commented
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      CaptainMike What are they telling you as an expected delivery date?

    • CaptainMike
      CaptainMike commented
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      They say it's supposed to ship from Mexico 9/24, we'll see. It's going to be tight for next month's Texas MeatUp, I'll keep you posted.

    Bross maybe you should reach out to them by phone or email just to confirm they are working on your order, or have it in their queue, versus just having a possibly automated order confirmation...


      Bross I've called M Grills/Blaz'n several times in the past month or so for parts. The phone has been answered each time by someone who knows what's going on. I've just been ordering parts, not a whole cooker, but I have noticed that there is a delay between my order and when it gets shipped. I'm going to guess that since it's a fairly small operation (although now larger since they have merged) all the shipping gets done one day a week. I second jfmorris give them a call and the phone will be answered by a very friendly guy who will take the time to tell you what's going on.


        Bogy, jfmorris - Thanks for the insights. I did send them a friendly email and it went unanswered. I will try the phone. Again - I appreciate your insights.


        • BBQPhil
          BBQPhil commented
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          Even though the telephone is a lot older invention and not as high tech as email, sometimes it works far better.

        I had hesitated to call since I was still within their manufacturing timeframe.

        But curiosity got the best of me. I called. My call was answered quickly and Brent on the other side of the line was very helpful and was able to answer all my questions. The order has been received, it's in the queue and the queue is long.


        • Bogy
          Bogy commented
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          Glad to hear that. I was having a brain glitch a little earlier and couldn't remember Brent's name. Glad to hear you had the same experience I did. Good thing they have a lot of orders, except for the waiting part!

        • Sid P
          Sid P commented
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          How long?

        • Bross
          Bross commented
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          When I ordered I thought the estimate for manufacturing and delivery was listed on the site as 3 weeks. But I had been toying with the order for a while and it's quite possible I didn't notice that the estimate was updated. Currently, manufacturing and delivery is listed as 4-6 weeks. I was told the cooker should be delivered closer to the 4-week estimate. He also mentioned there are no material supply issues, just a backlog of orders.

        Congratulations on your upcoming grill. The M1 is a great cooker. I'm curious if the quality of construction is the same since a different company is now making it.


          70monte Thanks. I'm excited. I'll be sure to post some pictures and my thoughts upon receiving it.


            Will look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.


              I’ve had my M36 for over a year. I plan on writing a detailed review, what I’ve learned, opinions on how best to use it. musings, etc. At some point. Overall, it’s been a great piece of equipment to work with.



                A not really an update update for those following along. I don't have my cooker (ordered 9/4) yet. I did send an email inquiring on the status of my order earlier this week. I received a prompt reply: "We are very close to fulfilling your order. You should get confirmation of shipment in the next 10 days."


                • Huskee
                  Huskee commented
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                  The suspense!

                Follow up on the original poster, I ordered mine at the end of August and had not received any message. I sent them an email and finally got a reply back that it would be shipping. However, a week after that email I have not received any further confirmation. I’m still excited to get it, but the customer service has been awful.


                • Bross
                  Bross commented
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                  It is troubling. But I'm with you - I'm still excited.

                Well it has arrived. It’s an absolute monster. Still in crate. Need help to move it off the pallet and up ny back stairs.


                • Rob whatever
                  Rob whatever commented
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                  M1 or M36?

                • ChicagoQ
                  ChicagoQ commented
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                ChicagoQ I’m glad it finally arrived. I hope there aren’t too many stairs! Last Friday I was told my M1 was shipping this week…


                  OK - an actual update. Perhaps this will be helpful for someone considering placing an order.

                  My M1 shipped and is making its way across the country quickly via FedEx Freight. It was initially scheduled to be delivered on Monday, 11/7. But I coordinated a delivery on Thursday, 11/10 when it will be easier for me to take delivery. So - overall timeline:
                  Ordered 9/4,
                  Shipped 10/31,
                  Delivery possible by 11/7,
                  Delivery scheduled for 11/10.

                  Total time: ~ 9 weeks.

                  I'm excited.

                  During the entire process Kinney have pleasant and been helpful (when prodded) if not terribly accurate in their estimates. I should note that I placed my order when they were offering a decent promotion ($500 off) so they likely had a spike in the number of orders they needed to fulfill.



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