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Ready to move to the next level

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    Ready to move to the next level

    Kind of an oldster, burned a lot of chickens in my day. I have a nice grill in the backyard and weather to grill all year round. I also loved to grill while camping. But I have fallen into the rut of only grilling rib-eyes. Not a bad rut, mind you, but I want to add a bit more to my repertoire. I bought a set of GrillGrates, and while researching them, found this site. I then lost many, many, many hours of work looking through it. (Don't tell my boss!) I figured I should support such a great learning tool and decided to join the Pit Master forum. Had a little trouble, but the Pit Boss got me going, on a holiday weekend yet, so kudos to David Parrish. And to Meathead for putting this together. I'm off on a mission of discovery!

    Welcome to the Pit Yno


      Thanks kindly!


        Welcome Yno! We're glad you're here, and you're in similar company. Many of us have more years behind than ahead of us... and I confess I was a ribey every Friday kinda guy for many years.


          I still cook steak every Friday night, mind you, but I cook a whole lot more than that now. Much more rounded of a pitmaster nowadays.


            Welcome. When I first got out of the Marines a local butcher came around selling packages of everything, Delmonico, strips, ribeyes etc. I had a bit of hazard pay in my pocket so I bought something like 100 pounds of steak. I think I had steak 4 days a week for nearly a year. I am ashamed, but I think 15 years later I am in a place I can admit it and move on, but every one of those steaks was purposely grilled well done.

            Poor animals died for NOTHING!!!


            • David Parrish
              David Parrish commented
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              John at least you learned the error of your ways. Many have not. SMH.

            Welcome Aboard YNO!


              Welcome Yno. I'm with you on the burnt chicken. Been eating chicken jerky all my life until i discovered beer can chicken - that was shortly before i found AR. I now realize that it was the cooking method and measuring internal temp and not the beer can that made the chicken juicy. Since AR i've made perfect chicken all the time as well as many of the other Meathead's recipes - the detail and explaining the how and why is amazing. You can't go wrong... I still use a beer can but only for sipping - what a waste of beer that was. And who doesn't love a rib-eye? I'll take that rut of your hands any-time ... To the next level and beyond ...


                This site has done wonders for the quality of my cooking. Welcome aboard, you made a great decision


                  Welcome aboard compadre! I have a brother near by you in Morgan Hill.


                    Morgan Hill is a great little town with some really good restaurants. We usually stop there on the way back from our trips to the Gilroy wineries!


                      Welcome to The Pit Yno! I love your username. David Parrish and I are Ynos too.... But keep that just between us, we don't like to admit it publicly I frequent the wineries in our area, northern MI. It's a fun way to experience what the local nature can offer. And so is BBQ, lol.

                      Good job on your signature!

                      Since this is your first post, please check out our homework assignment post for new members, it contains a few how-tos and please-dos.

                      Hope to hear & see more from you!



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