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Hello From Finland - Poppamies sends greetings

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    Hello From Finland - Poppamies sends greetings

    Cheers guys! My name is Marko from Finland and i go by nick name "Poppamies". It means a shamanic medicine man in case you wonder That's also the name of my company.

    I've been checking these pages for years and i thought i'll join. I'm a big barbeque / slow food fan and also developer of BBQ- and chili sauces, rubs etc for my company. I've participated to grilling contests since 2008 as competitor and sometimes as a judge or just for fun of it for charity to compete with famous Finnish chefs.

    I'm also organizing a chili & BBQ festival in Finland, this year nearly 30 000 people participated.

    Finnish people do mostly "grilling" instead of barbeque but it's getting more popular with slow food as e.g. pulled pork has been a big thing the past year.

    We are going to launch a Finnish slow food / barbeque / smoking site during spring time. Currently we are building recipes for Finnish methods and cookware. I'm actually currently sitting in my summer house ( yes it's winter and snow ) and waiting for my Bradley and Weber smokers to heat up around 95 celsius / 200F. I'm measuring the smoking of 2 identical pieces of pork shoulder today with my new rub. Other one uncovered and moisten every 2 hours and other one covered after 3 hours of smoke. Let's see the difference in weight and cooking time after cooking with Finnish cut of pork.

    I have a lot of machinery, 3 smokers ( Bradley, Weber, own built wood heated), 4 grills, charcoal, wood, gas...

    Anyway, i'm very pleased to meet you all!


    Welcome aboard Marko


      Right on - a big welcome from the Charleston, SC area!


        Hi Marko, welcome to the Pit


          Hey Marko... glad to have you. I look forward to your posts.


            Welcome Marko! Glad to be making more friends from Europe! You will enjoy The Pit, we have a great (& quickly growing) international community here offering many perspectives. More importantly, we all can come together to share, learn, and brag a little in the process!

            Since this is your first post, please check out our homework assignment post for new members, it contains a few how-tos and please-dos!

            Hope to hear & see more from you.


              Welcome, Marko!

              I have been enjoying, once again, the IIHF World Junior Championship, this year from Montreal/Toronto. Finland look excellent. We'll see how close you come to repeating as World Junior hockey champs!


              The tournament is in Finland next year! Wish I were there!


                Hey Poppamies, Welcome. Does your festival have a website? I would love to check that out.


                Is this your company's site?

                POPPAMIES - ASENNETTA RUOANLAITTOON Poppamies on suomalainen mausteyritys, joka luo vahvoja makuja ruoanlaittoon! Poppamies on tunnettu erityisesti chili- ja grillikastikkeistaan. TSEKKAA UUDET TEXMEX-TUOTTEET! TILAA POPPAPOSTI! Poppaposti on Poppamiehen oma uutiskirje, jossa me tullaan kirjoittelemaan

                Very cool stuff.
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                  Welcome, interested in hearing about some of your local recipes.


                    Welcome Marko. Sounds like you'll have a lot of interesting info to share. Looking forward to it.


                      Hey all! Thank you for the warm welcome! our site is www.chilifest.fi for the festival and www.poppamies.fi is my company. Here is a "after movie" of the festival:
                      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_mdUf_10sQ . It's in Finnish, sorry for that
                      It was firstly found on chillies alone but now 2014 we had some smokers and local sausage companies, street food, restaurants etc in the show. Next year a lot more BBQ.

                      I'm looking forward to comment on posts and to have feedback for my own topics. Cheers and happy new year to ya all!



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                      It's New Year's Eve in Finland too? Amazing! (just joking)


                        Welcome to the Pit Marko! The festival looks interesting!


                          Welcome Poppamies! Got any thoughts/pics of that cook you were talking about in your first post?


                            I didn't take any pics from this, it's only "R&D" to measure the behaviour of the meat compared from what i have read and heard. The result as i expected was that the one i covered air tight with foil after 2,5 hours of smoking didn't encounter any "stall" during the cooking and finished after 10,5 hours. Weight loss for this one was 26%.

                            The uncovered one that i moistened every ~1,5 hours took 16 hours. Weight loss was 31%.

                            The weight loss is not that big, especially when mixed with bbq sauce afterwards but there was a significant difference in the taste and some in the texture of the bark. Both got the same amount of smoke ( the other one maybe little bit more from the "after smoke") but probably the moistening made some difference on the taste. I used cola.

                            After shredding the meat and mixing with bbq sauce there wasn't really difference in the taste. covered one is juicier.

                            I did interesting test while smoking brisket in -20 celsius. I used Bradley electrical smoker because it has better insulation. Weber i could not use in that temperature because wind blows it cold, even with 70 brickets i could not heat the upper part of the smoker more than 70 celsius

                            Anyway, i always thought that even the bradley could not do it but it really has a good insulation. Check the graph, it shows that it's struggling to keep the temperature but manages somehow. However, maybe because of the varying heat the brisket lost 50% of it's weight. What's your experience on weight loss? It was uncovered.

                            Click image for larger version

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