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    Hello there! How's everybody doing? My name is Ulises Folh and I like the art of BBQ very much. I have learned a lot of stuff from this site and in gratitude I felt like becoming a member. I've gone from gas grills to an off-set and now I own a WSM. My favorite, of course, is the WSM. It wasn't until I got the WSM that I started making some serious BBQ and I have a bunch of family members to testify for it. To follow your suggestion I'm including some pics of my equipment and stuff that I've made. Some personal information: I live in Miami, Florida with my wife and two daughters. I just recently retired from the FAA, Air Traffic Control, with a total of 32 years federal service. Four of those in the U.S. Navy. I'm looking forward to continue to learn from the pros and to keep the fire burning. Thank you!
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    Welcome Mr Folh! Glad to have you here. I am a huge fan of the TV shows like Mayday Air Disasters and Air Crash Investigation and such, and in watching those I've learned to have a huge admiration for the work controllers do. Even though I do not fly, lol. Bravo on a such a rewarding career and future fun in retirement. Oh, and thank you for joining and supporting us! Great pictures by the way!

    Here's some 'new member' homework for you:
    When you get a minute check out Pit Boss' Welcome & Announcements channel, if you haven't already, as well as the tips posts in that channel. These will help you learn your way around The Pit, as well as set up your signature (tip #1) with your equipment. There's also a post that explains the best way to post nice big pics here...

    We look forward to hearing more from you! Enjoy


      Welcome Ulises! I think you're going to find you came to the right place.

      Love the video. Tell us, based on the last few seconds I take it you slice the sides off the sirloin then put it back on the grill to cook until you have cooked sides again. Do you salt every time, or just at the beginning?

      Your pics aren't showing up as embedded files. Take a look at Huskee's suggestion above on how to post nice big pics and I think you'll be much happier with how your photos are presented in the thread.

      Again, welcome!


      • UFO210
        UFO210 commented
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        Yes, you slice it off and put it back. Salt as needed. Is not for a sit down dinner. It is for gathering around the pit and having drinks and other items to eat.

      • David Parrish
        David Parrish commented
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        Sounds awesome!

      Well another Florida Man has joined. Welcome, I think you will enjoy it.


        Welcome Ulises!

        Hope you can join us on the bullet smoker channel to talk WSM.


          Hello Jon. Thank you very much for the welcome. Yes, I'll be coming often to the bullet smoker channel to talk WSM. This cooker is my first in which you can make so real serious BBQ. I love it.


            Glad to hear that UFO, we are the last stand against the PBC take over ya know. We need all the help we can get. : )
            Last edited by Jon Solberg; November 11, 2014, 06:43 PM.


              Hello Guy. Thank you very much. I see that you live in Niceville, FL. I lived near by in Milton for a couple of years. When I was in the service. Loooong time ago.


                Jon, what is the PBS?


                  Didn't know about a take over either.


                    Its a bit of a joke my friend. Its PBC, or Pit Barrel cooker. The latest and greatest fad in backyard pits. We as WSM owner need to stick together, again thats in jest. ;-)

                    We have created the versatile Pit Barrel Cooker as the original vertical drum smoker and charcoal grill. Get your barrel smoker and charcoal grill today.


                      Got it. Thank you. We will stick together, that's right.


                        There's no end of fans for both the WSM and the PBC here in The Pit. I've got a PBC but have much respect for the WSM.


                          The PBC is a pretty respectable. I've actually seen them I just didn't know'em by that name. A friend has one, calls it a drum smoker.


                            First record of BBQ in Homeric Hymn to Hermes circa 750 B.C. I think you'll like.

                            "For it was Hermes who first invented fire-sticks and fire. Next he took many dried sticks and piled them thick and plenty in a sunken trench: a flame began to glow, spreading afar the blast of fierce-burning fire. And while the strength of glorious Hephaestus was beginning to kindle the fire, he dragged out two lowing, horned cows close to the fire; for great strength was with him. He threw them both panting upon their backs on the ground, and rolled them on their sides, bending their necks over, and pierced their vital chord. Then he went from task to task: first he cut up the rich fatted meat, and pierced it with wooden spits, and roasted flesh and the honorable chine and the paunch full of dark blood all together. He laid them there upon the ground, and spread out the hides on a rugged rock: and so they are still there many ages afterwards, a long, long time after all this, and are continually."



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