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Kevin from Trophy Club TX

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    Kevin from Trophy Club TX

    OK, so I’m a little lax in doing my homework. Joined in June, log into the site 3-4 times a week (or more), and just now sending my introduction.
    I started out with an el cheapo off-set smoker that did not inspire me to do much grilling. I finally decided to give this to my son in law with no plans of replacing it. I don’t know what happened – but a week later I was the owner of a large Big Green Egg. This, and my wife, convinced me I should build my dream outdoor kitchen. Added a DCS gasser for those times I just need a quick grill.
    For temperature I started with the Thermoworks ThermaQ 2 channel. One probe replaced the bimetal thermometer in the BGE. The other I use in the meat, or the grill temperature, or if I’m firing up both grills I can monitor temp in both. Added a Thermoworks Chef Alarm and RT600B pocket thermometer. And I pre-ordered the new Smoke.
    This all worked well, but I didn’t get really “fired up” until I found amazingribs.com. Best site ever! The chores can wait – I’ve got to go grill something.

    You won't regret it. I have tried several of the recipes here and they are awesome!


      Welcome to The Pit Kevin Fuess! Nice to have you here. It sounds like you suffer from the same condition as many of us here, some call it GAS (gear acquisition syndrome), some call it MCS (more cooker syndrome). I think you'll fit in nicely. Thanks for your support here and for popping in to say hello!

      Since this is your first post, please check out our homework assignment post for new members, it contains a few how-tos and please-dos. This will help you learn your way around so you can get the best experience from our forum.

      Also, it's very important that you:
      1. Give us an email address you actually use. You can set or change your email on file with us by clicking your name in the upper-right, then User Settings, then the Notifications tab.
      2. Add the domain AmazingRibs.com to your email safe list. We NEVER spam! This is important to receive notices about your account, such as if you’re up for renewal or are ever drawn as our monthly Gold Medal Giveaway winner (we’d hate to have to pick another person because you don’t answer us)!

      Hope to hear & see more from you!


        Welcome to the club ! !

        I still roll with my cheap offset from time to time . I converted it to gas for smoking sausage.


          This is the cooking area of my outdoor kitchen. Not me pictured - that's Chef John Hartel, he agreed to cook at my outdoor kitchen open house. This is before I added the Thermoworks to the BGE, grill grates to the DCS and all the other things I have bought since joining this site. My wife might have a word or two for you guys!
          Click image for larger version

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            Welcome to the Pit, Kevin! Nice looking kitchen you've got there ...


              Welcome Kevin Fuess


                Welcome to The Pit Kevin Fuess! That's a beautiful outdoor kitchen. Hope to see you around often.


                  Welcome aboard Kevin. Yeah, you don't know what happened, a BGE just showed up! Looks like a serious case of MCS if you're doing things while blacked out. Glad to have you with us & enjoy the ride!


                    Welcome Kevin, great lookin' outdoor kitchen setup ya' got there!!!

                    With all this MCS / GAS goin' on, do I predict an outdoor kitchen expansion project loomin' on the horizon??


                      Welcome to the Pit Kevin Fuess 👍

                      There are lots of Kamado cookers in the Pit. We fairly recently had a member ( CeramicChef ) start a series of how to's on using a Kamado cooker.

                      You might want to review some of those threads. The intent of those threads was to shorten the learning curve for new Kamado owners. You can feel free to add content to those threads if there was something we missed too. https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo.../kamado-cookes


                        Welcome to the Pit!


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                          "Welcome to the Pit. I guess you all know why we're here. My name is Meathead ..."

                          Sorry, this pops into my head every time I see that greeting! ;-)

                        Welcome! and oh yeah, that's not me in any of my pictures either.


                        • FireMan
                          FireMan commented
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                          Boy ya sure had me there!


                        Welcome to The Pit Kevin Fuess . I'm not too far from you in Colleyville. Nice looking outdoor kitchen!


                          Welcome to the pit Kevin, enjoy the Wikipedia of BBQ.



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