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2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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Howdy from AZ

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  • JH-KC-to-PHX
    Club Member
    • Feb 2016
    • 4
    • Goodyear, AZ
    • Weber Summit 670 - Natural Gas
      Humphrey's Battle Box
      CyberQ w/ Pit Viper
      Thermo Pen
      Thermo Works Dual Temp

    Howdy from AZ

    I will start with Thank You! This site truly IS amazing!!! I can't tell you how much I have learned over the years, and shame on me for not joining earlier. Thanks for the work you have done, and for what you continue to do.

    I have fallen in love this hobby/passion in the last 4-5 years. It is a great way to waste a Saturday and share a great day with friends and family.

    I recently bought a Humphrey's Battle Box. It is my first fantastic smoker. I learned on a "don't buy" smoker, and then went on to an electric as the "don't buy" one wore me out trying to keep the temps stable. When the electric died, I seized the opportunity to go back to charcoal, but now on a great cooker. I am now re-learning everything I thought I knew. Friends and family thought what I was putting out before was really good, but now it is even better (I think). I have not gone "public" yet.

    I have now banged out a few cooks, and will be doing my first 12hr brisket cook soon. My old way, thanks to Meathead's faux cambro "cheat" and my adaptation of it, was able to solve even the worst of a bad smoker's problems.

    Again, thanks to all.

  • DWCowles
    Founding Member
    • Jul 2014
    • 9696
    • Smiths Grove, Ky
    • Hi, my name is Darrell. I'm an OTR truck driver for over 25 years. During my off time I love doing backyard cooks. I have a 48" Lang Deluxe smoker, Rec-Tec pellet smoker,1 Weber Genesis 330, 1 Weber Performer (blue), 2 Weber kettles (1 black and 1 Copper), 1 26" Weber kettle, a WSM, 8 Maverick Redi Chek thermometers, a PartyQ, 2 SnS, Grill Grates, Cast Iron grates, 1 ThermoPop (orange) and 2 ThermoPens (pink and orange) and planning on adding more cooking accessories. Now I have an Anova sous vide, the Dragon blower and 2 Chef alarms from Thermoworks.

    Welcome JH-KC-to-PHX


    • Breadhead
      Banned Former Member
      • Jul 2014
      • 0

      Welcome to the Pit JH-KC-to-PHX ...

      Entertaining friends and family with BBQ is a great pleasure.

      Now... Let's discuss that 12 hour brisket cook.

      If you're cooking a full packer, 12/15 pounds, with the flat and the point, 12 hours at 225° isn't going to cut it.

      If... You agree with the majority of the members in the Pit that a brisket needs about 2 hours of cambro time to redistribute the juices in the meat then 12 hours is not enough. If you're going to cook hotter than 225° you might be alright. If you wrap during the stall, you might be alright. If you power through the stall with a higher temp you might be alright.

      I plan all of my briskets cooks as an 18 hour project. Most of them take 14 to 16 hours at 225°. I put them in the cambro and serve them perfectly cooked and ON TIME EVERY TIME.


      • JH-KC-to-PHX
        JH-KC-to-PHX commented
        Editing a comment
        Thanks for the tip. I hope (and believe) you will be right. I will get that thing started this evening a lot earlier than I had intended.

        I don't even know what I don't know yet.
    • Danjohnston949
      In Memoriam
      • Dec 2014
      • 4398
      • 1410 9th. St. N, Fargo ND

      JH-KC-to-PHX, Welcome to The Pit! It would appear you figured your New Smoker Out! 👍👍👍👍👍
      Eat Well and Prosper! From Fargo ND, Dan


      • LA Pork Butt
        Charter Member
        • Dec 2014
        • 5689
        • Grew up in New Orleans, lived in Texas for 20 years, lived in Mandeville, LA for 22 years. I now liv

        Welcome to the Pit! Enjoy the fellowship and the fun here. Boston butt has been my low and slow of choice, but now that I have moved to Texas I'll be entering brisket land. So, I am on a new learning adventure.


        • BigBear
          Former Member
          • Sep 2015
          • 657
          • Dallas-Ft. Worth

          Welcome to The Pit JH-KC-to-PHX . Looks like you've already figured out the Humphreys Battle Box. Great looking results. You're going to make your friends and family very happy!


          • FireMan
            Charter Member
            • Jul 2015
            • 8308
            • Bottom of Winnebago

            Welcome! This truly is amazing. Enjoy.


            • MBMorgan
              Club Member
              • Sep 2015
              • 6551
              • Colorado
              • > Weber Genesis EP-330
                > Grilla Grills Original Grilla (OG) pellet smoker
                > Pit Barrel Cooker (gone to a new home)
                > WeberQ 2000 (on "loan" to a relative)
                > Old Smokey Electric (for chickens mostly - when it's too nasty out
                to fiddle with a more capable cooker)
                > Luhr Jensen Little Chief Electric - Top Loader circa 1990 (smoked fish & jerky)
                > Thermoworks Smoke
                > 3 Thermoworks Chef Alarms
                > Thermoworks Thermapen
                > Thermoworks IR-GUN-S
                > Anova sous vide circulator
                > Searzall torch
                > BBQ Guru Rib Ring

              Howdy right back atchyou!


              • jharner
                Club Member
                • Jan 2016
                • 1290
                • Louisiana - North West but a coon ass at heart
                • Cookers

                  Camp Chef DLX Pellet Grill
                  Weber 22.5 Kettle
                  Brickman Box Smoker


                  Slow N Sear
                  Tube Smoker
                  Turkey Cannon
                  Rib racks
                  Weber chimney starter


                  Maverick ET 735
                  Tru Temp 3619n
                  Thermapen mk4

                  Favorite Drink

                  Free beer
                  Coors Light
                  Windsor ( Canadian blended whiskey )

                Welcome to this AMAZING sight


                • Huskee
                  • May 2014
                  • 15423
                  • central MI, USA
                  • Follow me on Instagram, huskeesbarbecue

                    Smokers / Grills
                    • Yoder loaded Wichita offset smoker
                    • PBC
                    • Grilla Silverbac pellet grill
                    • Slow 'N Sear Deluxe Kamado (SnSK)
                    • Masterbuilt Gravity 560
                    • Weber 22" Original Kettle Premium (copper)
                    • Weber 26" Original Kettle Premium (black)
                    • Weber 26" Original Kettle Premium (light blue)
                    • Weber Jumbo Joe Gold (18.5")
                    • Weber Smokey Joe Silver (14.5")
                    • Brinkmann cabinet charcoal smoker (repurposed)

                    • (3) Maverick XR-50: 4-probe Wireless Thermometers
                    • (7) Maverick ET-732s
                    • (1) Maverick ET-735 Bluetooth (in box)
                    • (1) Smoke X4 by ThermoWorks
                    • Thermapen MkII, orange
                    • ThermoPop, yellow
                    • ThermoWorks ChefAlarm
                    • Morpilot 6-probe wireless
                    • ThermoWorks Infrared IRK2
                    • ThermoWorks fridge & freezer therms as well

                    • Instant Pot 6qt
                    • Anova Bluetooth SV
                    • Kitchen Aide mixer & meat grinder attachment
                    • Kindling Cracker King (XL)
                    • BBQ Dragon
                    • Weber full & half chimneys, Char-Broil Half Time chimney
                    • Weber grill topper
                    • Slow 'N Sear Original, XL, and SnS Charcoal Basket (for Jumbo Joe)
                    • Drip 'N Griddle Pan, 22' Easy Spin Grate, and Elevated Cooking grate, by ABCbarbecue
                    • Pittsburgh Digital Moisture Meter

                    • Favorite summer beer: Leinenkugels Summer & Grapefruit Shandy, Hamm's, Michelob Ultra Pure Gold
                    • Fav other beer: DAB, Sam Adams regular, Third Shift amber or Coors Batch 19, Stella Artois
                    • Fav cheap beers: Pabst, High Life, Hamm's & Stroh's
                    • Most favorite beer: The one in your fridge
                    • Wine: Red- big, bold, tannic & peppery- Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauv, Sangiovese, Syrah, etc
                    • Whiskey: Buffalo Trace, Eagle Rare, E.H. Taylor, Blanton's, Old Forester 1870, Elijah Craig, Basil Hayden's. Neat please.
                    • Scotch: Current favorite- The Arran (anything by them), Glenmorangie 12yr Lasanta, sherry cask finished. The Balvenie Double Wood, also like Oban 18yr, and The Glenlivet Nadurra (Oloroso sherry cask finished) among others. Neat please.

                    About me
                    Real name: Aaron
                    Location: Farwell, Michigan- near Clare. (dead center of lower peninsula)

                    • Healthcare- Licensed & Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) for MidMichigan Health, a University of Michigan Health System.

                  Welcome to The Pit JH-KC-to-PHX! Great having you here, thanks for you support.

                  Since this is your first post, please check out our homework assignment post for new members, it contains a few how-tos and please-dos. This will help you learn your way around so you can get the best experience from our forum.

                  Also, it's very important that you add the domain AmazingRibs.com to your email safe list in case you are ever drawn as our monthly Gold Medal Giveaway winner!

                  Hope to hear & see more from you!


                  • CeramicChef
                    Former Member
                    • Jul 2014
                    • 1184
                    • OKC, OK

                    Welcome to The Pit and welcome to The Addiction. There's a lotta great info here. Any questions? Ask away - someone knows the answer!


                    • Jerod Broussard
                      • Jun 2014
                      • 9925
                      • East Texas
                      • Pit Barrel Cooker "Texas Brisket Edition"
                        Weber One Touch Premium Copper 22" Kettle (gift)
                        Slow 'n Sear for 22" Kettle
                        Weber One Touch Premium Black 26" Kettle (gift)
                        Slow 'n Sear XL for 26" Kettle (gift)
                        Weber Smokey Joe Gold
                        Weber Rapid Fire Chimney
                        Maverick ET-732 White
                        Maverick ET-732 Copper
                        2- Auber SYL-1615 fan systems(Awesome!!!!!!!!)
                        Thermoworks Thermapen w/ Back light (gift)
                        Thermoworks Timestick
                        Cambro Model 300MPC110 w/ Winco SS Pans
                        B & B and Kingsford Charcoal
                        B & B Pellets

                      Welcome and congrats on that smoker!!


                      • Jon Solberg
                        Former Member
                        • Jul 2014
                        • 4729



                        • fuzzydaddy
                          Charter Member
                          • Nov 2014
                          • 4972
                          • Winchester TN
                          • Hardware
                            Blackstone 36” Griddle.
                            Slow 'N Sear Deluxe Kamado & Kettle Grill.
                            Slow 'N Sear (1.0, Deluxe, 2.0).
                            DnG Pans/Racks, Easy Spin Grates, Elevated Cooking Grates.
                            Weber Chimney Starters (regular and compact).
                            Joule, Instant Accu Slim.
                            Maverick XR-50 [my favorite].
                            ThermoWorks Smoke & Gateway, Thermapen, Thermapop, ChefAlarms, DOT, probes

                            Consumables / Favorites
                            KBB (short cooks), Weber (long cooks), B&B Hardwood Briquettes when I'm out of Weber.
                            Ribs (beef & pork), Pork Butts, Chuck Roasts, Pork Tenderloins, Shrimp, Fajitas.
                            SnS Grills salt free rubs: Not Just for Beef & Rocky’s Rub.
                            MeatChurch Holy Cow. MMD, BBBR, S&G, Herbs de Provence, SPG.

                          Welcome JH-KC-to-PHX!




                          2021 Meat-Up In Memphis Canceled - Rescheduled for March 2022

                          We've unfortunately had to cancel the 2021 Meat-Up in Memphis. We are rescheduling for March 18-20, 2022. More details and re-booking info coming soon! For now click here for more info.
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