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Hello from California

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    Hello from California

    Hello everyone , I'm a long time griller and rookie smoker. I'm almost embarrassed to say I'm the owner of a cheap smoker ( Oklahoma Joe Longhorn ). However I'm able to get and maintain target temperatures with the modifications I've added. I've been able to put out bbq that my family and I enjoy, I look forward to meeting new friends and learning . My goal is to hone my bbq skills and eventually purchase a high quality smoker if I even need it.

    From your handle I'm guessing you're in Sacramento? Welcome to the pit, from the Bay Area!


      Welcome Aboard


        Them Oklahoma Joe's are nice, a lot nicer than a lot of offsets out there.

        Thanks for the support!!!​


          Welcome! We're glad you're here.


            Thanks for the welcome everyone , yes my okie joe is nice . It feels solid it has thick gauge metal for the price point.


              Welcome to the Pit SAC 7127. Nothing to be embarrassed about. This club will help you become a pitmaster on whatever equipment you work with. Glad you're here!


                Welcome SAC 7127 to the Pit! I don't think you are alone using a Modified COS. See Below, 👍👍👍 Dan


                  welcome my friend was in sac. two weeks ago cooking in the smoke on the river contest enjoy the site if you want to get better your in the right place


                    Welcome to the pit. When it comes to barbecue it's more about cook than the cooker.


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                    Welcome to The Pit SAC 7127 ! NEVER be ashamed of what you own. The key to being a great pit master is someone who can turn out great results on whatever they own, through ingenuity, mods and a great sense of it all. Fancier equipment often simply means an easier time getting there. But getting there is the ultimate key, and it sounds like you're already there.

                    Since this is your first post, please check out our homework assignment post for new members, it contains a few how-tos and please-dos.

                    Also, it's very important that you add the domain AmazingRibs.com to your email safe list in case you are ever drawn as our monthly Gold Medal Giveaway winner!

                    Hope to hear & see more from you!


                      Thanks Huskee, look forward to meeting new friends and learning new techniques.


                        Welcome to the Pit SAC 7127 ...

                        BBQ is all about temp control... It doesn't matter what cooker you use. Some are easier than others.

                        A Weber Kettle and a SnS that costs about $200 will produce some kickass BBQ... If you learn how to control it.

                        All you need is good meat, a good rub and some Pit knowledge which is free here for the asking.😎

                        The $25 you spent to access the input of your fellow Pit members might be the best investment you've ever made in your BBQ journey.

                        We all look forward to your participation in our friendly club.👍


                          Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Smoker (Dirty Bird Mod)
                          By Dana Mattocks, 04/2021

                          I originally converted my Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn (Reverse) Smoker to a propane gas setup within the firebox using a “Tejas Smokers” 40,000 BTU Low Pressure Burner. I am also using a self-made stainless-steel Smoke Generator that my twin brother and I built and developed to burn wood pellets. It will run continuously for 14-16 hours with minimal effort.

                          I recently completed what I am calling the ‘Dirty Bird Mod’. I just thought it sounded interesting but this design allows the burner to successfully operate indefinitely (INSIDE) of the oven by utilizing a thick steel plate heat shield which is simply set in place and removable. I included a picture of the heat shield measurements. This allowed me to completely remove the firebox and discard it. I retained the entire huge interior cooking space without compromise. The ‘Longhorn Oven’ is advertised as 751 square inches
                          of cooking space, but now only the outside has become much smaller.

                          I first removed the side bolt-on firebox. It is quite heavy and with this weight gone there is no counter balance. This causes difficulty to pick up the other end. I ordered a set of ‘Short Legs’ from the Oklahoma Joe’s Website with matching steel wheels to replace the front ‘Long Legs’. The entire Smoker rolls with little effort and I am pleased with its more compact appearance. From the same website I ordered the Oklahoma Joe’s (Metal Access Door) found by referencing to “The Judge Charcoal Grill”.

                          Finally, I created a damper door installed just below the Metal Access Door. I used a 3/16” Thick (2” x 12”) Stainless Steel flat bar purchased from a Metal Supply. The Stainless selection over regular steel is not necessary, it’s just what I used. I drilled a slightly loose 3/8” hole on one end which allows for a bolt, washers, lock-nut and heavy spring assembly to tension the door closed. The other side is just a bolt to adjust pushing the door open. The damper door alignment is held in place as it rides lightly on the pipe feeding the gas burner.

                          There is a copper pipe extending over the Smoke Generator pipe and into a collection can. Any tiny bits of ash are now suppressed. The ‘Dirty Bird Mod’ Smoker maintains constant and consistent temperatures indefinitely from a low 180 degrees all the way up to 350 degrees with only a 5-8 degrees difference between lid mounted thermometers. You may notice the pilot light burning a little brighter near the burner. If the low flames were ever blown out from a brisk windy day, the pilot flame will quickly reignite the burner.

                          The included video and pictures should completely explain my designs and I am extremely happy with the performance.

                          Youtube Video
                          Attached Files


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                            You Done Good!

                          Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Smoker (Dirty Bird Mod)
                          By Dana Mattocks, 04/2021
                          Attached Files


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                            Wow! It’s a whole other cooker. Nice work


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