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Greetings from new guy in northern VA

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    Greetings from new guy in northern VA

    Hi everyone, trying out the club from the hardcover Meathead book coupon. Have learned a tremendous amount thus far but am still a beginner at smoking. Coming to you from the burbs of Washington, D.C., in Fairfax County, Virginia, where autumn is in splendid form this weekend.

    Hardware is a Pit Boss Copperhead 5 vertical pellet smoker and a Weber Spirit 300 propane grill to which I have just recently added a set of Grill Grates (used only a few times so far). I've used a gas grill (not very correctly, I now know) for years, but only recently got the smoker, this past July. So I have plenty to learn, and hopefully can contribute in due course.

    I use a Meater Plus bluetooth T probe (nifty app goes along with) as well as an SnS unit with four wired probes and a RF remote receiver, all of which allows me to monitor the cook easily. Also have a ThermoPro handheld instant-read. So I am reasonably well-equipped with gear for which I have enough space on the patio (avatar image). EDIT: Forgot to include a Joule sous vide wand, which I've had a couple of years now -- always use it for steaks a la sous vide que. My wife is poaching some eggs with it as I type in fact.

    My background is in Earth & Planetary Science, specifically doing high-temperature and -pressure experiments to help understand how magmas are formed inside planetary interiors. So I am very much at home with the idea of temperature control & measurement, box furnaces, controlled atmosphere composition, and so forth, and am grounded in thermodynamics & physical chemistry. So the Meathead book absolutely resonated with me and taught me more about cooking than I'd learned in my previous sixty years on this planet.

    EDIT una vez mas: Also brewed beer at home for about 25 years, starting from kits and moving up to all-grain. Nowt to do with grilling but it qualifies me to select the finest beers for when I have meat cooking.

    Thus far in the smoker I've done a couple of pork butts, couple of chuck roasts, a whole turkey, a pair of spatchcocked chickens, and several sets of pork ribs. Not all at once! Also have smoked packages of bacon routinely, makes the best damn BLTs I've ever had! Looking forward to soaking it all up.

    Wishing everyone peace and health, Dave in Alexandria
    Last edited by DaveD; November 7, 2021, 08:29 AM.

    In reading other intros, I see that photos are encouraged Here are a few from the patio.

    1: The Food Corner of the patio (I'm also a lifelong musician)
    2: Copperhead 5 on its maiden voyage with baby back ribs.
    3: First chuck roast
    4: First pork butt
    5: Yesterday's pork ribs

    Cheers, Dave in Alexandria
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      Hello from NW Oregon.


        Howdy from Houston and Welcome to The Pit Dave! Gotta say, that’s one of the better intros I’ve seen around here. Pics look great. 👍


          Welcome from the Land of Enchantment! And nice, 12 string and what’s looks like a 335!


            Welcome from SE Texas. With your love of science you need to check out J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's cookbook "The Food Lab."

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              Interestingly, I have lived in each of the places y'all three are welcoming me from (and thanks for that). I went to gradual school at the Univ Oregon in Eugene and spent a lot of time mapping lava flows out in the eastern high desert out there. I lived in Houston for about 15 years in two stints, and in fact moved here from there in mid-2019. And in between those two Houston stints, we lived in Albuquerque for about 8 years, had a position at the University of NM there. How bout them apples?

              barelfly, good eye -- it's a Heritage 535, Heritage is the company formed by all the former Gibson luthiers in Kalamazoo who didn't want to make the move when the company left. Same craftspeople, same machines, in the same shops as before, and they number their 335 as 535. Otherwise it's probably even more Gibson-y than an actual Gibson made in the new digs... it's a splendid axe.


                Welcome to the Pit from Dallas, Texas!


                  Welcome to the Pit from Rocket City USA (Huntsville, Alabama), from a fellow home-brewer. I find that cooking and brewing are somewhat interrelated hobbies, and enjoy tweaking and testing recipes on both fronts. I've got a porter recipe I've probably brewed several dozen times over the years, finally locking down the recipe to no more changes about 7-8 years ago.


                    Welcome to the Pit from Loudoun county VA!


                      Welcome from the gulf coast of Florida.


                        Welcome from the California Delta.


                          Welcome from Maryland


                            Originally posted by jfmorris View Post
                            Welcome to the Pit from Rocket City USA (Huntsville, Alabama), from a fellow home-brewer. I find that cooking and brewing are somewhat interrelated hobbies, and enjoy tweaking and testing recipes on both fronts. I've got a porter recipe I've probably brewed several dozen times over the years, finally locking down the recipe to no more changes about 7-8 years ago.
                            The last trip I took before the pandemic was to Huntsville. All these location coincidences!


                            • Panhead John
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                              I’m beginning to think you’re stalking us. 😱

                            Welcome to The Pit.



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