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3rd of July Fireworks and my KBQ

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    3rd of July Fireworks and my KBQ

    So they moved our fireworks to the Third of July...cause reasons (but not to avoid paying city workers time and a half today wink wink)....

    So sitting on my patio smoking on my KBQ. Have to say, I love the log smoker. I used to never sit outside during the day like this but its fun. Been cooking since 5:30AM...

    And just on the KBQ in general... I just adore it. I feel like I'm neglecting my Pit Barrel Cooker now. Guess that will be my Winter and Overflow smoker... althoguh with the Slow n Sear and my Kettle, who knows.

    On the menu
    Packer Brisket - I trimmed and seperated the brisket (wanted to cook faster and didn't want to be up at 3:00. Am experimenting on this one... Didn't do a wrap... cooked at 275. Seems pretty good on the pull, will see if the flat is moist and tender or dry and tough after the rest. Fingers crossed. Rub is outstanding... 1/2 coarse Black Pepper, 1/2 Course White Pepper, and then some Hungarian Paprika and smoked cumin.

    Shoulder - My wife got boneless, so it startedfalling apart when I pulled it from the KQB. I wrapped for the rest... and tried some of the pieces that broke off... damn damn good. Used Meathead's Memphis Dust with one minor change... mixed 1/2 hungarian paprika and 1/2 smoked paprika. Very tasty.

    Ribs - Are on the grill now. 4 slabs. Experimenting to see if I like an oil or mustard slather better. All coated with the memphis dust.

    Polish Sausage - Throwing those on soon.

    What are the rest of you all cooking and are you doing it today or tomorrow.

    Today is MH's Chinatown Char Siu Ribs they are in the marinade now, going on the grill in about an hour. Tomorrow my brother in law is cooking while I hang with the kids, but i'm still doing potato salad and green beans.

    I want to see some pics of what that KBQ turns out.


    • Drbearsec
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      I was bad on taking the pre-pics but I'll take some after I pull from the faux cambro

    Today I'm making marinade's. One for Char Sui ribs and one for Spiedies. The Spiedies are both lamb and tenderloin steak. Tomorrow we feast!

    The Spiedies are for a friend that grew up in Binghamton that now lives in So Cal. She has fond memories of Spiedies from her childhood.

    Today I'm baking rolls for her to eat her Spiedies with.


      More pictures of the KBQ in action please Drbearsec



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