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Grill Box

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    Grill Box

    I'm having a custom smoker built and I noticed that the Chudpit has a charcoal grill box fabricated above the firebox. I was contemplating having this option added onto my smoker but have no experience cooking on one. What are you guys thoughts on whether or not it's worth it or a waste of money? Click image for larger version

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    I think it's going to depend on whether a) you have anything else to grill on (if you do, this is less valuable) and b) how often you want to pull this out to grill vs just getting e.g. a Smokey Joe, etc. If you can leave the big rig out, that's less important but I wouldn't want to pull the whole thing out just to grill a steak.

    All that said, though - how much is it? If it's reasonable, it would be a nice option to have. If it's $500... nah.
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      I have never seen that before and think it would be an awesome feature. I would actually size it so that you can slide a standard cookie sheet underneath for catching ash and as a protective layer between the charcoal and the lid on the fire box. If I didn't have a Santa Maria grill, I would be using that a lot to sear my tri-tips before/after smoking them.
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        I have other charcoal grills. I just thought it would be convenient to have it all on one unit. The way I saw Chud use it was shoveling a hot bed of coals from the pit and scooping them directly on it.


        • tbob4
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          You mentioned earlier you are getting a heck of a deal on the unit, why not splurge for the upgraded feature? I sure would. I can spend your money much more easily than mine, though. hahahahahaha

        Looks like a great setup for searing after smoking or grilling while you smoke. Shovel some coals out of the firebox and off you go. An ash pan would be a nice add though.


          I was thinking to lay one of these down. They'll last for several cooks and are cheap and disposable. Click image for larger version

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            I saw something similar on another custom smoker and I thought it a great idea. I’d add it on just for making breakfast after an overnight cook, but having a sear station for finishing also would seal the deal. Hope it is not a too expensive add-on so I could ask them about adding an ash catcher custom fit for the size.


              Look at pic two again. If that doesn’t make you find a way to "need" it, then you don’t want it. 😀 That thing is a beauty and a beast!


                I really like the idea of that grill on top of the firebox. If you can still remove all the grates and use the top of the firebox as a place to warm a pot of beans or sauce, I see no downside. It's basically a hibachi grill on top of the firebox, with no air flow control, so its going to be limited to direct high heat cooking, but having two levels above the coal grate helps with ability to control temperature.

                I don't see a big downside, and surely cost won't be super significant - its just some angle iron welded to form a frame to hold the different levels of grates. Making the custom sized grates for it will be more work than making the frame and welding to the top of the firebox.

                Something I will throw out there, if its even an option. I've got an offset smoker with expanded metal cooking grates, which was built circa 1984. The entire smoker, except for the legs and front table, were built from stainless, meaning the cooking grates are stainless expanded metal. If you have the option for stainless on the expanded metal cooking grate, I highly recommend it. I can't tell you how many smokers and welder-built grills I've seen around town over the years with rusty expanded metal cooking grates, which I wouldn't want to put food on.

                If you take care of it, and its thick metal, I think carbon steel or whatever they use for most smoker bodies is the best. I just don't like expanded steel for the grates, and think expanded stainless is better.
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                  I thought about stainless grates as well. I'm trying to keep my initial costs down and was thinking somewhere down the road I could fabricate my own stainless racks or even pay someone to make them. Material cost alone has to be pretty high for that much stainless steel.


                  • tbob4
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                    It’s time to buy the add-on and to give up the trail membership title. Join us fully now without hesitation. I’m really looking forward to seeing your new rig and the grill.

                  Well he wanted $650 extra for the square firebox with grill which is a good price if you ask me but I opted out. Will definitely post pics once it's snugly tucked in on my back patio.



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