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outdoor kitchen flat-top: stainless?

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    outdoor kitchen flat-top: stainless?

    Looking for flat-top to build into outdoor kitchen. Found some options here: https://www.bbqguys.com/bbq-grills-s...t-top-griddles

    Interestingly the surfaces seem to be mostly stainless steel, which isn't my flat-top image from Blackstone and Camp Chef.

    Know stainless is easier to clean in theory...but can you also season it/can it get the same nonstick properties as the ones which are marketed as "cold rolled steel"?

    For indoor cooking I have grown to prefer iron pans over stainless, to be able to sear without sticking..

    das85 I don't think it is so much that stainless is easier to clean - well seasoned cast iron and cold rolled steel can be easy to clean after cooking - so much as that it won't rust up if exposed to the elements. For those high end built in grills, I think that is why they use stainless. Cold rolled steel like Camp Chef and Blackstone use will rust up if you don't maintain the seasoning and keep it oiled after each use.

    I plan to build my Camp Chef FTG900 into a countertop in a built in - basically going to just build an outdoor kitchen area this summer with a drop down the size of the FTG900 without side tables, and remove the legs, sitting the FTG900 top in the dropped area. I'll have a hole to the side to run the propane hose through, and store the tank underneath. I am thinking right now I will do polished or sealed concrete countertops, which is pretty easy for DIY stuff.

    I'll be putting my SNS Kamado at the other end, with counter space in between. Might be doing an L shaped arrangement depending on what looks good for the area.

    Anyway, I've seen a few places that will do custom vinyl covers, and will probably do something like that to cover the entire counter when not in use, or else buy a custom stainless cover to go over the FTG900.
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      My EVO has a steel cooking surface but you could easily mistake it for cast iron. Except I've never seen a hint of rust on it.


        I got the Le Griddle from bbqguys.com, except I got the 41" model with 3 burners and they were able to get it from the manufacturer. I feel a lot better having that outside without a cover in my built-in kitchen than I would with something that could rust, no matter how well seasoned it would be. The Le Griddle has cast iron fused to the bottom of the stainless to help with heat distribution.

        As far as seasoning, it's not built up like a rolled steel or cast iron. Every few cooks I clean the griddle of all oil and everything. To reseason, I just rub a very thin layer of oil on it with a paper towel, let it smoke off, and then it is good to go. It's not perfectly non-stick, but it is pretty darn good, and I can scrape off or clean off the stuff that sticks.

        Click image for larger version

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        • smokin fool
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          Nice set up you have there with a great view.

        • JakeT
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          Sweet setup! I definitely screwed up not plumbing for a sink.

        The thing most commonly missed with stainless steel cooking is to make it “non-stick” (or less stick) you’ve got to heat up the steel first, then add fat (oil, butter, whatever you’re cooking with), and only after the fat is heated do you add food.

        Often times I see folks using a stainless steel pan the same way they’d use a coated non-stick pan, and they complain about how EVERYTHING sticks to the pan.

        Use it the right way and stainless is an excellent cooking surface. I can make an omelette in a stainless pan and not a single bit sticks.


          Thanks all for the replies.. This is all very helpful. Santamarina I do my best to follow your technique indoors, but sometimes don't quite get it right - I find seasoned iron less prone to user error!



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