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She said....Buy Whatever You Want!

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    She said....Buy Whatever You Want!

    Alright Folks.....
    I’m sure there may be another post like this but I didn’t see it, forgive me if it’s repetitive
    So Anyway,
    The Boss (My Wife”) said I DON’T CARE....BUY WHATEVER YOU WANT!
    So help me out please. What should I look into?
    I am pretty experienced with cooking i would say. I have a Weber Kettle 26” that I cook on regularly. I smoke brisket on it as well using the snake method. I also have a 24” Camp Chef Smoke Vault. I use that for smoking pork butts and bacon, Turkey etc.
    I never stop learning but I Will say I can put out some pretty good consistent results with what I have. So tell me what You think my next purchase should be $1000 to $1500 price range I guess to start. CONVINCE ME!

    What do you think is missing from a cooking perspective? Do you need more space? Want to cook burgers quicker? Do you have the time for a stick burner?


    • RainKing
      RainKing commented
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      I am 52, I have time for a stick burner. I do plenty of long cooks already. I guess i am looking for whatever might improve flavor, taste. Not that there is anything wrong with what I have been doing, I just wonder if there is a “Now that you are experienced, This will up your game” type of thing. Make sense?

    • EdF
      EdF commented
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      KBQ - https://amazingribs.com/node/381

      There's a few threads that will hook you the rest of the way, like "KBQ has landed".


    Budget be darned!


    • ComfortablyNumb
      ComfortablyNumb commented
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      He'd save a few bucks buying direct from KBQ

    • 58limited
      58limited commented
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      I recommend the KBQ too.

    • HawkerXP
      HawkerXP commented
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      This is one I would like to try as well.

    I would suggest looking into a KBQ if you have access to a good supply of wood.

    But what I really suggest is buying one of everything....tell her you need to try them all!
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    • Andrrr
      Andrrr commented
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      Can’t have MCS if you buy everything right away. Right?.....

    Hard to say without knowing what you're interested in. Gas, wood, pellet, charcoal? All of the above? You're going to get overwhelmed with suggestions here given how broad your question is. I'd suggest sifting through the reviews on this site to help narrow down what you want, then come back here for further guidance.

    That said, I've got a Weber Kettle and a good gas grill. I do want to upgrade the Weber but first on my list is a pellet smoker. I'm leaning towards a Weber Smokefire but the Yoder YS-640s and MAK 2-star are also under consideration. After that, if I had all the space, time and money I'd be looking at any or all of the following:

    Hasty Bake (Gourmet model most likely but the new pricier model is pretty sweet if you've got the cash)
    M Grills M1
    Karubecue (linked above)
    Some type of wood-burning pizza oven

    If money is truly no object:
    A Kalamazoo if you really want to go crazy

    If gas is your thing a Fire Echelon Diamond. I love the look of the AMG also but it's not as highly rated for the price.

    I could go on and on but I'll stop there.


      I would say an offset. That will be fun as well as challenging.


        It sounds like you might have reached contentment, and now you are in a search for a case of MCS!


          Use the $1500 and take your wife to Las Vegas for 2-3 days. Then, for a few weeks, she will be so happy with you that she will tell you to spend $2500 on a couple of new cookers!


            I would buy a set of the new Callaway Mavrik irons, P thru 3 iron with R85 shafts. Then finish off with a nice set of wedges!


            • RainKing
              RainKing commented
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              My Friend, I gave up golf a few years back. I just couldn’t embarrass myself any longer LOL
              But I will consider your idea!

            Hmmm...what about a flat top for griddling? Blackstone or?
            Last edited by Texas Larry; September 21, 2020, 10:11 AM.


            • ComfortablyNumb
              ComfortablyNumb commented
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              Actually a good suggestion. I use my griddle more than anything else.

            RainKing Since you have a great sized charcoal grill in that Weber 26", and you have a good propane smoker in the Smoke Vault, my suggestion to up your game would be this:

            Accessories for your kettle, to improve your experience there:

            1. Slow 'N Sear XL ($149).
            This will improve the smoking and searing experience on your kettle tremendously. I love the SNS in my 22" Weber Performer.

            2. Cajun Bandit 26" kettle rotisserie ($199).
            Just something cool about spinning stuff while cooking. I love the chicken I've turned out on my 22" rotisserie.

            3. Maybe a temp controller for the kettle?
            I am thinking a Fireboard plus fan here, just to automate things and have a new toy.

            And a new TYPE of cooker - you can smoke on propane with wood chunks, or charcoal with wood chunks already. And you can direct grill with charcoal on the kettle as well. I don't think you will be happy with a pellet smoker (not enough smoke) and having an offset myself, while there is something cool about using purely wood, I don't think its so much different in flavor profile from what you have now, plus it only makes sense if you have a good wood source. So my vote is with Texas Larry and to get a flat top grill or griddle - it opens you up to an entirely new form of outdoor cooking.

            4. Camp Chef FTG900 ($715).
            This is the biggest outdoor griddle you can buy, and I've used it this summer to do a lot of amazing cooks. Stir fries, hibachi chicken/steak/shrimp/etc, breakfast foods for a socially distanced crowd, best smash burgers ever, with lots of sides like bacon, grilled onions and mushrooms, etc. Cleanup is quick, and it heats up fast.
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              "The Boss (My Wife”) said I DON’T CARE....BUY WHATEVER YOU WANT!

              I dunno RainKing , this reminds me of the "Never mind, I'm fine" response. Danger Will Robinson, Danger.


              • Steve R.
                Steve R. commented
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                Ha! Yeah, that should send up red flags all over the place. Either there's a massive shopping spree in her future, or she doesn't plan to stick around long enough to see what he brings home.

              I agree with jfmorris . Optimize your results out of your existing smokers first because a stick burner like the KBQ will require considerably more effort to produce good food, whereas the toys (particularly the Fireboard + fan and SnS) he suggested will make it substantially easier to produce the same fantastic food. I like the easy approach myself.

              The griddle option also makes sense as you can learn a new cooker and produce different types of food.

              If you really want to consider a new charcoal smoker, I would look at the Good One Open Range (see link to the right). The Hasty Bake is mentioned a lot here, but I also see a lot of complaints about it leaking like a sieve, which is not ideal for a 1k smoker/grill.


                Thank you All for the advice. I have been intrigued by the Weber SmokeFire. Anyone have one?
                I heard there were initially some problems. Has Weber fixed them?
                I also fear a pellet grill won’t produce any better than what I already have.


                • CaptainMike
                  CaptainMike commented
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                  I think glitchy did a good review of the Smoke Fire

                • GolfGeezer
                  GolfGeezer commented
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                  glitchy has a long thread for his Smoke Fire which he now raves about (positively I mean!). https://pitmaster.amazingribs.com/fo...okefire-redeux

                • jfmorris
                  jfmorris commented
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                  As others said, we have a couple of active members with them. Once you resign yourself to needing a drip pan to prevent grease fires, they seem to do well at both grilling and smoking. glitchy says it produces the best smoke of any pellet cooker he has tried, and he has had a lot. Personally, if you are used to food cooked with charcoal and wood chunks, or propane and wood chunks, I am not convinced that a pellet cooker will satisfy you. It would be fun to try though!

                Lone Star Grillz 20x36 or 20x40



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