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Pit Boss 2-Series Temp Test

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    Pit Boss 2-Series Temp Test

    I had an opportunity to run a temp test on the Pit Boss 2-Series (PBV2G1) vertical cabinet smoker and thought I would share the results here. The PBV2G1 is relatively small cooker with a cook chamber measuring 17wx14dx10h. Its advertised temp range is 100 - 350. It has 2 burners. 1 small burner which heats the wood chips and provides heat for low temperature cooks, and a main burner that ignites with the temp controller is set to 50%. It has a water pan at the bottom of the main cook chamber, a removable wood chip drawer and a small grease tray at the bottom. There are 2 circular dampers on the back of the unit at the top of the cabinet. The lowest they close is about 2/3 of the way fully closed.

    This information may be useful to anyone with a similar inexpensive propane fueled cabinet smoker. I picked this one up on Facebook Marketplace for $80. I wanted it to play around with cold smoking, making jerky, finishing long cooks after the wrap and possibly to use as a warming/holding unit.

    I have a complete detailed timeline write up for anyone who is interested (just pm me) but I thought I would just share a summary and some observations with the pit at large.
    • Weather - Temps started at 62℉ with a slight breeze and gusts up to 11 MPH
    • Cooker started in the shade and eventually wound up in warm sun as the temps rose to about 70℉
    • With the temp controller at it's lowest setting (0%) the lowest temp I could achieve were 144.7℉ (top) 146.4℉ (middle) 144.2℉ (bottom) with the 2 dampers fully open. Outside temp was 67℉ by this point.
      • Closing the dampers almost always raised the temps.
    • With the temp controller set at 25% of max (the pit still uses the small burner) temps were 151.7℉ (top) 155.4℉ (middle) 150.8℉. Dampers both still set to 100% open. Outside temp 70℉.
    • With the temp controller set at 50% of max the second burner kicked on. Temps were 242.0℉ (top) 246.0℉ (middle) 235.7℉ (bottom)
      • Closing the dampers had the anticipated effect. Temps went up with the middle shelf being the hottest by 10℉ - 13℉ . 248.9℉ (top) 259.4℉ (middle) 246.97℉ (bottom)
    • With the temp controller set at 75% of max and dampers 100% open, temps were 267.2℉ (top) 269.5℉ (middle) 252.1℉
      • Closing the dampers brought the temps up as expected 265.6℉ (top) 277.7℉ (middle) 261.6℉ (bottom)
    • With the temp controller set at 100% of max and dampers still closed there was surprisingly little change in temps 267.0℉ (top) 277.8℉ (middle) 256.1℉ (bottom)
      • Opening the dampers 100%, temps were 271.1℉ (top) 278.0℉ (middle) 262.1℉ (bottom)
      • Pulled the wood chip drawer to see if that made a difference, but it was negligible. Temps were 264.2℉ (top) 280.3℉ (middle) 268.5℉ (bottom)
    1. The temp range is not as advertised. (not surprised)
    2. This cooker should work for fish, making jerky and for finishing long cooks after the wrap.
    3. It has the potential to be used as a warming unit in cooler weather.
    4. The temp difference is pretty small top to bottom, especially at lower temps.
    5. I was surprised that the middle shelf was usually the hot spot. I thought it would have been the top shelf.
    6. It held temps pretty well and it responded quickly to changes. Weather condition will affect that, but it should be manageable.
    7. I should be able to use it for cold smoking, but will need a smoke tube or other smoke generator as even at its lowest setting it is too warm.
    8. For $80, I'm happy.
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