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Customizing my Weber S470 for Snmoking

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    Customizing my Weber S470 for Snmoking

    Here is my then new Weber deluxe Gasser

    I made it a 2 zone by removing the left cooking grate, found a water pan that almost worked. I had to flatten the ends on the pan so the lid would cover and seal. I tried the original grate on top of the water pan but the lid wouldn't close all the way. So, I went down to HD and found a pair of SS grates for a Genisis and they work perfectly. I have one extra grate that I don't use but, you never know when it will be needed.

    This bgrill has been a real pain in getting it to hold a constant temp 225-250*F. I was having to adjust every 25-40 min. To hot or to cold. I was using the left main burner and the far right smoker burner. This was the best but still not really good. So I tried some aluminum foil and it worked great.

    I didn't get a picture but the aluminum foil across the top blocks most of the vent from the box. I read MH's article on Gassers and know that have to be vented because of the gas. But, thinking about it the vent system is set up so if you have all 4 main burners on hi, the searing burner on hi, and the smoker burner on high that the unit is still vented enough. Well, only using one main burner on medium or lower and the smoker burner on medium or lower I left about 6" of vent on the top in the rear and temps are now very easy to control.

    I was thinking of getting the insulation and going all out with the grill but that would mess up the appearance, and restrict the use for mostltly smoking. So I have decided to make my own smoke house that will be Pellet powered and leave my good looking Gasser (to me) alone except for the small temporary mods that I need until I get my Smoke House built.

    nice GR$$$$$LL


      Thanks Jerod, I saved for almost two years to get that grill. I has been great so far but for smoking I could have done a better but I wouldn't have the flexibility do the other things that I do on it. I did buy it from the internet and saved a bunch over purchasing it locally.


        Very nice grill. I'm looking forward to watching this. I'd like to do some smoking on my Summit now that you have inspired me.

        Great pics man.
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          I'm tellin' ya man.....you got a cadillac for sure, I wouldn't sweat the smoking limitations too much with the temp control that thing can give you.

          Get a Pit Barrel to match that machine and you'll be in heaven.


            Well, I got a late start this morning but, the Butts are on and it is smoking!!

            First had to get up the gasser for 2 zone work

            The water pan is an old roasting pan that was almost the correct size. I just had to flatten the lips on the ends so it would clear the lid.

            The SS grate was a Genesis replacement from HD. I couldn't use the original as when it was raised it interfered with closing the lid and getting a good seal

            Getting the Maverick ready to go. The wires go through the rotisserie shaft hole in the end.

            As I showed you earlier the Butts were butchered way to much when they took out the bone so I reshaped them and tied them as they won't move for the next 8-12 hrs.


              The box leaks like a sieve so I am sealing it for this cooking with just aluminum foil. MH covers some neat things and insulations that are available to seal up a gasser. I will be ordering some and making a custom removable cover for my gasser when using it as a smoker. I am a lazy git and am really considering getting a Pellet smoker to complement this unit. Digitally controlled, Wow, that is my kind of cooking.

              I will post in about 6-8 hrs when I hit the stall.


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                Hey is that my red Maverick?

              So, the rains have come but that only increases the challenge. I felt it coming so I went down to the pool deck and got the umbrella off the table down there and some trust tie wraps and just got it tied down when the gully washer hit I had my ball cap to keep the sun off my Maverick but the wind and rain is making it wet. So my DH goes off muttering something.

              And returns with a piece of plastic wear to replace the ball cap and keep the Maverick dry. She is my Buddy and a lot of other things also.

              the Temp is down to 221 so it is umbrella time to bump the temp a bit.(wouldn't have that problem with a PS, like a Rec Tec). Still writing and temp is up to 223*F and still holding so I will watch temp


                Glad to hear your temp is holding decently. I keep my Cyber-Q in a zip-loc bag, tilted so the wires run out the opening and it sits upright to keep direct water out. I do really like the fact that my Kamado grill does not seem to be affected by rain. I guess that thick ceramic helps hold the heat. Haven't had it going through a gullywasher yet, so maybe there would be issues with water getting down into the vent cap.


                  You can always make a baffle out of aluminum foil for a temp fix. Temp currently at 225*F and kinda holding. Meat temp is 109*F started at 12:30 and meat temp was 34*F.


                    I could get one of these - but $38 seems a bit much considering how often I've needed it (never yet).


                      Oh but it would look grand and could even be a conversation piece. I guess you're not into gizmo's. 38$ will buy a bunch of foil.;-D


                        I had a Kumado pot a way long time ago when I lived in Hawaii. This was back in the 70's. It was a great unit but I knew nothing of smoking back then and the quality bthen wasn't so good. A hundred miles of cracks in it and you didn't dare move it and when we had to move it just crumbled. The new ones really look neat and should perform well.


                          I ordered some special foil lined synthetic rubber that is suppose to be good to 1300*F to cover the top of the grill with the exception of the vent I leave open. That should be interesting. Maybe have a report in a couple of weeks.


                            Originally posted by Marauderer View Post
                            Oh but it would look grand and could even be a conversation piece. I guess you're not into gizmo's. 38$ will buy a bunch of foil.;-D

                            Oh... yeah, I'm so into gizmos it's ridiculous. If it has Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, I need to have it. It's a sickness. When we bought our hot tub, the sales guy showed us one with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and my wife just rolled her eyes and said "well, you might as well just write it up".

                            I've pretty much got myself talked into getting one of those caps just in the time since I posted this 20 minutes ago.



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