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MHP WNK Grill - Hybrid vs Side Infrared

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    MHP WNK Grill - Hybrid vs Side Infrared

    I am sold on Modern Home Products WNK4 grill, one of the Platinum-rated grills, and am about to place an order. I need some advice. My choice is between their hybrid version, which has a separately controlled infrared grill that takes up about 1/3 of the grilling space beneath the hood, or the standard grill with their optional side infrared grill outside the hood. I would choose their "Sear Magic" grids with either option. I should say that grilling space is not much of an issue for me, as I would seldom cook for more than two people. I think the cost would be about the same. Two zone cooking can be done either way, though it seems to be important to cover up the infrared on the hybrid with an aluminum pan to prevent dripping on an unlit infrared. Any thoughts on this choice? A third alternative would just be the standard grill without any infrared - it would still allow two zone cooking and would be cheaper. I've attached pics of the two-control standard H burner, which would be the burner with the side infrared, the hybrid burner system, and the side infrared. Thanks for any help. Click image for larger version

Name:	burner-h-lit-and-unlit-450.jpg
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Size:	46.6 KB
ID:	1072408Click image for larger version

Name:	burner-infrared-hybrid.jpg
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Size:	55.6 KB
ID:	1072409Click image for larger version

Name:	zone-side-cooker-large.jpg
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ID:	1072407

    The side IR is nice. Talk about 2-zone separation!


      After my experience with a Hestan Aspire that had a similar setup of two regular burners and 1 IR burner in the main cook chamber, I would definitely go with the external, side IR burner. No worries about how to do 2 zone cooking or getting drippings on the IR burner. I wish Hestan had this option as that may have led me to keep it instead of dumping it for a Napoleon with has a side IR burner.


        Thanks for responding, Max. Since my original posting another question occurred to me about 2 zone cooking, and there's no one who can answer it better than you. In your review of the WNK with the H burner, you said the temperature range is 300 to 550. If I get the hybrid with the two oval burners and one infrared, would I be able to achieve a lower temperature 2 zone by lighting only one of the ovals and leaving the infrared and the other oval off? If so, that might help do "low and slow" cooks. Or would low and slow, like 225, be possible with the H burner also?


        • Max Good
          Max Good commented
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          You should be able to go low and slow with either. The H-Burner is actually two burners fused together in the middle. There is a separate gas feed and control knob for each side so you could shut one side off for your indirect side and dial up your target temp with the other side of the H.

        Max Good see above 👆


          I would opt for the side IR burner so that you can get a better 2-zone setup and still have the option to sear.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	iSKKCpbIClbkc-ZCnV1JL-xOGhJNa8vlmunH1kZX0m79zgZNROV-LG38VLTpVkgICefiG6xSpJJbyqUe9dphSVH7xCa-nnqpNEuVqA2cQ_0R_bJliZiroPV34kDYjY5-Ju5fHu5YaIIORAoiRLJfb1Yt5eGDfjPYgZ1Cy6mwU96oPjUiGbdICP4sbA95X5YPsm26Y3XKPdyBupguNUx-34qF-zhtKOEu9ZuNSVGhE0iBiqdA-SGnP0YrRjOZL6d
Views:	175
Size:	187.9 KB
ID:	1072488


            Thanks to everyone who responded and helped me decide. I'm ordering the standard unit with the side infrared instead of the hybrid. Unfortunately, my dealer said the factory is running 20 weeks behind, but I'll wait since I'm really sold on the WMK.


              I think I’d go with the non-hybrid also. More versatility. Yeah, 16-20 weeks behind is the norm for everything right now
              Last edited by Polarbear777; August 7, 2021, 06:36 PM. Reason: Meant to say non-hybrid. Sorry.


              • Rich93
                Rich93 commented
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                But I decided on the side infrared instead of the hybrid. Ah well, I would probably be happy with either. On the wait, it looks like I'll start barbecuing in January - in the Chicago snow. Thanks for responding.


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