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There, Ah Fixed It..

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    There, Ah Fixed It..

    I finally got to buy parts and fix my nearly 13 year old Char Broil Performer. This is kind of a compromise solution; instead of me buying a new gasser last year, I got the PBJr. and permission to buy parts and keep Ol' Bessie here going for another few years. So now I've got a gas grill again, the igniters ignite, the burners burn, the rust is all cosmetic, and I've got my side burner back. MCS itch is scratched until, oh, Thursday or so.

    Click image for larger version

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    Please ignore the binder clips holding the carryover tube down, they're a temporary Redneck Engineerin' Solution, just used to make sure everything works until I can get to the hardware store and get the right nuts. Assuming theres still threads left on those posts. And if there ain't, well if ya can't fix it with binder clips, JB Weld, bailing wire, and beer cans? It probably don't need fixed.

    (The little MCS Devil is telling me I need Grill Grates. Hmm.)

    I really enjoy fixing up old grills and bringing them back to life.


    • Attjack
      Attjack commented
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      So do I and I'm almost tempted to start a side business doing it.

    • mnavarre
      mnavarre commented
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      Not just grills, I'd rather fix something than trash it as long as it makes sense to do so. Heck, I'd generally rather build something than buy it, but that generally gets me in over my head and available tools. I usually learn something, though. So I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

    There's nothing like a little southern engineering, no matter where you live. Baling wire held Texas together until duct tape and JB Weld came along.
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      Nice! I'm going to feel similar joy when I finally fix the brakes and wheel bearing on my car, looooong overdue.


      • HawkerXP
        HawkerXP commented
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        Brakes!?! LoL!

      • Oak Smoke
        Oak Smoke commented
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        If the brakes don't stop it something will.

      Good job. Always satisfying to fix something up and get a few more miles(cooks) out of it.


        Well I was going to offer the use of my 'tools' but it sounds like you got her done without them....


        • NapMaster
          NapMaster commented
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          Love that picture of you in that chair. You need some sort of staff. You would look like some type a king. Maybe a big jambalaya paddle.

        I put Grillgrates on a newly refurbed Weber Genesis almost 2 years ago, and it was like having a new grill. The nice thing also is that a full set of Grillgrates keeps the inside cleaner too, as a lot less debris and crap falls down in there. Pretty much just grease and drippings. I still break it down periodically and scrap all that out with a plastic putty knife.

        So yes, scratch your MCS itch and get Grillgrates as part of your refurb, rather than buying a replacement for the original Charbroil grates.


          Nice job. Just finished cleaning my gas rig and I replaced one burner set. 2005 or 2006 model Summit Gold. Works pretty well. Wish I had known about grillgrates when I changed them out a year or so back. I was ignernt then. Thanks to AR, I'm enlightened.


            jfmorris , The original grates are still in pretty good shape, one of the benefits of living somewhere where "weather" generally means "75 and sunny". I also haven't really been using it as a primary cooker for a while, mostly because it's not that much more time to fire up some charcoal and do things on one of the Webers but also because it hasn't actually worked well in a couple of years. But a full set of GrillGrates is On The List.

            Of course the little Anti-MCS Devil just managed to drop her phone into a bowl of water and kill it, so the $150 warranty replacement cost just pushed that down the stack a bit. All in due time.



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