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Thought I posted but... Saw this at H.D.

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    Thought I posted but... Saw this at H.D.

    Seems like a good price, but with Memorial Day coming up could the $ go down? Don't recall what I paid last year.

    The link defaults to my local store when I click it, and it's $19.88 for 2/20lbers, which is the standard price. Are you seeing a discount?


    • au4stree
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    • ofelles
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    No Huskee that's what I'm seeing too. Seems like a good price which doesn't seem to be a sale $. I can't recall if it came down on Memorial Day. Down to 2 bags, so need to move soon. Being cheap, if I can get a few bucks off I can wait. My local store has close to 200 in stock. Not concerned with inventory. 😊


      It's not a bad price, still cheaper than some premium brands. Last year there were no 'summer holiday' sales. In 2019 and prior, all 3 main US summer holidays (MD, 4th, LD) saw it drop 50% in the days right before the holidays. $10 for 40lb is a GREAT deal! I hope it happens again this year.


        The sale will probably happen next week, around Tuesday or Wednesday before Memorial Day. They haven’t been on sale for $10. for a couple of years. Last year it was $12.99. or $13.99 for the 2 pack. Don’t remember which. I’d forget about any $10. pricing these days.


          Yea, I'll hold off and hope for a price drop.


            Given lumber prices, might not be a bad idea to score a couple pallets of charcoal! Worst case scenario is you just use it up. Slowly. While your wife reminds you that you are a dumb ass every time she sees the pile of bags in the garage. But then again, might hit that covid supply chain disruption weirdness lottery and find yourself with a large supply of the next hot commodity in short supply!

            Can't win the jackpot if you never put a dollar in the slot machine


            • Panhead John
              Panhead John commented
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              I’ve been called a dumbass many times, not just for charcoal accumulation.

            • bbqLuv
              bbqLuv commented
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              Sounds like a sound. The idea may apply to wood pellets for pellet grills.
              Keep the dew off your fuel.
              Happy grilling to you.

            • Attjack
              Attjack commented
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              Haha. I bought a pallet years ago and I still have bags left. After I bought the pallet I bought a kamado so I use a lot more lump than briquettes hence the surplus.

            Got an email today from H.D. Memorial Day Savings. Went to Kingsford Charcoal 20#x2. Same price $19.98 in my original post. So, I'll assume there won't be a price drop. Lowes has the same price.


              Yeah, just paid that a couple days ago.


                Back my first year or so on AR, I was still doing most of my smoking with the offset, using mostly charcoal and wood chunks, before discovering the SNS for my Performer, which saved considerable fuel. The summer of 2018, I bought enough 2 packs of KBB for $9.98 at Home Depot (Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day sales), followed by sales on Royal Oak, and then a clearance on Weber branded charcoal, that I had 60-70 bags of charcoal filling up one side of a back yard shed at one point. In all of 2019 and 2020 I bought maybe 6 bags of charcoal, mostly to experiment with B&B lump, char-logs and briquettes, before I finished my stash of Weber briquettes.

                I'm glad to say I am down to the last 3 bags of KBB purchased in 2018. I used the last bag of Weber recently on the Performer. Royal Oak was gone a year ago. At this point, going forward, B&B will be my go-to brand. At $12.98 a bag, its a pretty good deal, and just $6 more than the 2 pack of KBB. In my opinion its worth the extra few bucks.


                • Mosca
                  Mosca commented
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                  That’s good information. KBB is fine, but I really liked the Weber, and also Stubbs, which has been gone a couple years now.

                • Steve R.
                  Steve R. commented
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                  When you factor in the longer burn time (I haven't actually done the math, but I think I get about half again as much life out of it, compared to KBB), the B&B Oak briquettes are well worth the few extra bucks. Now I just have to try to catch it again at Academy, where they sell it for $8.99 for the 17 lb bag on the rare occasions that it is in stock.

                • prepperjack
                  prepperjack commented
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                  Steve R. I get my B&B from Ace Hardware. Not all of them have it, but it might be worth a look if you have any Ace Hardware stores around you.
                  Last edited by prepperjack; May 25, 2021, 01:46 PM.

                Memorial Day Sale at Home Depot. 2 KBB 20ld bags STILL $19.88

                Kingsford 20 lbs. Original Charcoal Briquettes (2-Pack)-4460032107 - The Home Depot


                • Steve B
                  Steve B commented
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                  Well I'm glad they put them on sale...........

                • RichieB
                  RichieB commented
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                  Today I picked up 3 packs (6) bags at Lowe's at that price. Clearly not going lower.

                My local Sam's Club has it for $16.98. Still full price at local Home Depot.


                  Best I've seen is Costco. I don't know if they were 18lb or 20lb bags but a 2pk of Kingsford professional is $15


                  • jlazar
                    jlazar commented
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                    The ones at our Costco were 18lb. I picked up a couple.

                  I'm at the Depot right now and saw an employee by the charcoal. I remarked, "No sale this year?" And he said, "Oh there will be, they're gearing up for this weekend. You're just a few days early." So I'm still holding out hope...
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