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PrimoXL with Flameboss 500

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    PrimoXL with Flameboss 500

    Have now used the FB500 twice on a Brisket and 2 racks of Ribs and I’m impressed. I’ve had the Primo for about 7 months and was trying to figure out how I was going to do a fairly large Brisket without staying up all night babysitting the potential temp swings. After using the FB500 twice, I now will feel comfortable putting on a Brisket at 9-10pm and not watching it until about 5am. That’s probably about the time to wrap.

    Anyway, has anyone else tried the Flameboss. I know I’m now sold on it. So easy to make temp changes right off the iPhone or iPad. And, I don’t work for Flameboss but definitely like the product.

    I do not have the Flameboss 500, however I have its much older brother the "200". Good controller, great service, have seemed to work out there server issues on major holidays.
    - With that said my FB 200 has been flawless on each of my LBGE's, MBGE cooks and my Kikuya Hibatchi Pot.
    - On my Primo XL I have 21 logged cooks and on 3 occaisions have had runaway fires. Funniest one was while flat on my back with a kidney stone, pumped up with dilauded in the ER of a local hospital. Wife shot home unplugged and removed it and the adapter from lower damper and took a SWAG on what damper setting should be then cameback to the ER.
    - FB support looked at the cook data on all 3 of those cooks and determined my fan was the culprit. Well out of warranty Flameboss shipped me a new fan no questions asked. TOP SHELF support in my opinion.
    - I still use the old 200 on my BGE's and my Primo now typically has the Smobot at the helm.
    - You made a great choice in a Controller.


    • ronjacob
      ronjacob commented
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      That’s pretty scary to hear about runaway fires. Is that an actual flaming fire inside the Primo? Or, is that a large temp swing that ruined the cook entirely? Either sounds somewhat unsettling. Hoping I made the right choice with the FB500.

    • tiewunon
      tiewunon commented
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      ronjacob sorry for my lack of clarity. The set point was 250° and kept going up blew right thru alarms(no conflag in Primo). Two of the three times I verified the fan was constantly on. The night of the ER my wife just unplugged it.
      Each time brisket was saved no loss or damage to guest of honor or the XL. Like mentioned Flame Boss support went above and beyond seeing I was wsy out of warranty.
      Last edited by tiewunon; February 8, 2021, 04:53 PM.

    That clarifies things. Still an unacceptable situation. I’m following it right now at 225 degrees set on some baby back ribs. Third cook still going well. Thanks for the response.


      ronjacob I just plugged in my 200 to help put you at ease. After the updating (have not cooked since Dec surgery) I pulled the following numbers for you.
      - Total cook's on the 200: 138
      - Total cooks on BGE's: 82
      - Total cooks on Primo XL: 40
      - Total cooks on Kikuya Hibatchi Pot: 16
      The above include both new and old fan..
      Here are the old fan stats by cooker.
      - LBGE's: 31
      - MBGE's: 13
      -Primo XL: 21
      - Kikuya Hibatchi Pot: 12
      ***The above cooks were flawless with the exception of three wonky cooks (brisket) on the Primo. All but 3 of those cooks were low and slow 225°-250° too include the 3 brisket cooks where I had issues. The other 3 cooks were at 350°. ***
      - All 3 wonky cooks were pretty much flat lined at 250° +/- 2° for about 6.5hr. All 3 cooks experienced a -15°+ temp drop and alarmed (yes I had low alarm set at 15°). Graphs indicated fan was not at idle. Temp was still dropping then fan cycled to 100% and stayed there blowing right past set point alarming again and kept climbing up to the 420° range. On the second cook I dawned elbow length leather gloves and burped then opened lid to see if open lid detect would work (Nada). First 2 times I just disconnected the FB set my dampers and cooked on. The third time was the ER excursion and my wife did the same unplugged and set vents.
      - Since new fan have had zero issues. Number of cooks on new fan per cooker is as follows:
      - LBGE's: 27
      - MBGE: 11
      - Primo XL: 19
      - Kikuya Hibatchi Pot: 4
      - As I mentioned in my other response I pretty much use the XL now with the Smobot. Not because I do not trust the 200 on the XL, but due to where I have that cooker sitting. The Smobot is a power mizer so I run it off a small RAD battery pack for cooks.
      - I have used the 200 on the XL with the new fan zero issues.
      - Besides the new fan they sent free they also sent a new pit probe (which I have yet to use). I already had extra probes on hand in case.
      - Rest easy you are in good hands with Flameboss.
      The babybacks you are cooking sure sound good. I hope they came out fantastic.
      Be Safe...


        Thanks for the great detailed response. Sorry it took so long to respond. I have cold smoked trout at 175 degrees that the FB struggled with a little bit in terms of temp ranges. Spiked a little both ways but nothing real concerning. Figured it was more due to the pretty low temp setting.

        I’m pretty darned pleased with the FB500 overall. Makes longer cooks so easy.


          I'm still using my old DigiQ DX2. Having a controller sure is nice.
          Last edited by Attjack; February 19, 2021, 11:22 AM.


          • ronjacob
            ronjacob commented
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            Boy, isn’t that the truth.


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