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In memoriam of my Big Green Egg

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    In memoriam of my Big Green Egg

    After 20 years, my Big Green Egg is no more. I always kept it in the garage and wheeled it out to cook. I was taking it in, and it caught on where the asphalt driveway had settled next to the front walk, started tipping over and I couldn't stop it. No alcohol involved, to make it even worse. It was dark. The BGE nest is not friendly! It served me well, I will miss it and am grieving, but don't think I will get another. I have a PBC and a Weber gasser. A PK 360 might be a good replacement to fill in the new gap.

    I would have probably busted a green egg within 2 hours of assembly.


    • Mr. Bones
      Mr. Bones commented
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      Reckon I mighta coulda beat yer record, Jerod!

    • Potkettleblack
      Potkettleblack commented
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      I would have busted it during assembly... on my third one even.

    Well, it had a good long life.


      Sorry man that's a bummer.

      I love my WSCG Grilling Center it's better than my BGE. I'd stay away from the Weber Kamado without the table though. Some members here are not happy with how wobbly they are.


      • glitchy
        glitchy commented
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        I thought they redid the legs already?

      • Old Glory
        Old Glory commented
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        glitchy this was posted in 2020. I don't think they had the fix at that time

      • glitchy
        glitchy commented
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        LOL, those revivals that get multiple responses definitely get me sometimes. I haven’t heard much on the Kamado, so was really hoping the leg updates are making users happy.

      Ahhhhh!!!!! 😩
      Very sad news. But as said above, a good long life.


        Sorry to hear about your loss. I hate the nests. I still have 2 BGE's in nests (LBGE & SBGE) my other 2 BGE's are in a table or cart.
        The old Kikuya Hibatchi Pot I have sits much lower in its 4 wheeled cart and is a better design much lower center of gravity.
        Heck if your nest was 20 yrs old also it had smaller casters on it than the newer ones.
        Again sorry to hear this.


        • Mark V
          Mark V commented
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          I had actually replaced the original casters with larger ones!

        My Beloved Cowboy hat is duly doffed, in remembrance of yer recently departed BGE, Brother!

        That doth, yea, verily, suck Giant, Green, Chancroidious Siberian MooseCorks

        On a brighter note, I jus consider myself dang dang lucky to still have yerself!

        Might wanna try ya some alcohol, next time...

        Jus Sayin...
        Last edited by Mr. Bones; December 13, 2020, 11:51 AM. Reason: comma


        • Troutman
          Troutman commented
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          I smoked a MooseCork once, but was afraid to try it May not have been Siberian though.

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        I am always careful when I wheel my Primo XL out of the garage, the gap between the garage floor and the driveway can be an issue. I will be more careful now.


          Ow! Sorry to hear your news. I had my Primo in a small nest for a few years and was never comfortable about wheeling it around. Moved it into a broad based cart and now feel much more confident moving it.


            Aww man sorry. Good run though!


              I've never owned an Egg, and I'm fairly certain my lever of coordination would disqualify me from ever having one.


                My condolences. 20 years is a while. It served you well.


                  Sorry for your loss. RIP...BGE


                    I am sorry for your loss! Fortunately for me I have always been been able to keep mine under some kind of porch overhang and now my grilling hut. I was always scared to death when I moved it. I think you have some kind of record with 20 years of moving it in and out of the garage safely every time you cooked.
                    Last edited by LA Pork Butt; December 13, 2020, 07:32 PM.



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