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Double-barrel port butt

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    Double-barrel port butt

    For the third year in a row my husband and I are hosting my group at work for our summer outing. Dubbed the "Luau" it's always been a burgers-and-dogs affair. It started out small, with about 30 people.

    Well, business has been good and the group has grown to just over 100. This year I decided to go real bbq with pulled pork and Huli Huli chicken (boneless and skinless thighs). And, just when I was thinking I was in way over my head, I found a used PBC to go with my own for a double-barrel cook!

    First off, I would have never even attempted this without the wisdom, guidance, and support of all the folks on AR and especially in the Pit. AR recipes will be prominently featured by using Memphis Dust and Lexington Dip for the pork, the Huli Huli recipe for the chicken, and the Sweet and Sour slaw so the vegans can have the coleslaw (they get veggie burgers and a grill of their own).

    On Monday, after an overnight marinade, I cooked up almost 30 pounds of chicken thighs. It took three rounds per PBC, covering the grill completely each time. I was able to keep the barrels at about 250 and each round took about 90 minutes to get to an IT of 170. I then vacuum-bagged the chicken and into the fridge it went. It will be re-heated with more Huli Huli in a chaffing pan and served up by my Pit crew.

    Today is pulled pork day. I'll be doing six boneless hunks of shoulder for a total of around 50 lbs pre-trim. The rub is for the cook, the sauce is for the "sauce bar" where there will be a variety of choices including straight Sirracha (sp?). I'll most likely crutch toward the end with a cider finish, chill, then reheat in the foil and pull tomorrow.

    It's a lot of food, especially since sides, apps, and deserts are pot-luck. It's also bring-your-own-beverage, and you should see the craft beer that shows up! There will likely be leftovers, but these folks can really eat... Weather will be perfect at upper 70s and partly cloudy.

    No chicken pics, but I'll try to get some of the pork and final products. Wish me luck and any additional words of wisdom are greatly appreciated!

    NICE ! Keep us posted. Looking forward to some pics.


      Dusted and waiting... Click image for larger version

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        That looks great, Carol. Glad to hear you acquire the means to go double barrel. With some advice from Jerod your probably could have done it all in one Pit Barrel. From what I hear he routinely crams 276 pounds of meat into 1 PBC cook.


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          I'm no good at pork butt tetris, but my other half could probably master it. I just caught my next door neighbor peeking over the fence...

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          I cooked 3 once, but I felt it was a little overloaded... so just limit it to 2 now.

          If I have more than 3 to cook, I just fire up another smoker... heh heh

        oh, be still my heart. look at all that nom potential just laying there waiting to be utilized! i think i just shed a tear.


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ID:	92340 Five hours in...barrels running around 240, butts between 170 - 185. Three butts per barrel.


            carolts looks like you've got everything under control. I'm sure your coworkers will be quite pleased.


              Gosh, that looks like a lot of fun, carolts ! The weather looks great too. Looks like your iGrill has everything monitored appropriately. Have a wonderful party.



                ​Eight hours in and they're one. They were stuck to the grill, so I had to lift the whole thing out of the barrel (I love my pit mitts!). They were falling-apart done but don't look burnt. I loaded them up into two big foil pans, added a can of Down East hard cider to each, and covered. Once cook enough they went into the fridge. Today they'll go into the over for reheat, then pulled and served. Hopefully not dried out!

                Then we went for pizza ;-)

                Click image for larger version

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                Nice job carolts! That looks like a lot of fun. I don't do big cooks too often but when I do I know I enjoy it.


                  Just awesome! Is your company hiring? I will gladly start the day before the cookout and unfortunately will have to put in my resignation the day after you feed me, and repeat the following year. Great job!...I mean the cook not my three day employment.


                    Sweeeeeeeet looks GREAT!


                      Got a a PBC yesterday and tried corned beef on it today(fastest thing I could get thawed). It's on the stove cooling now. I'm not sure how long it will be there. I'll try to save some for the hubby but he don't get home until 2:30 am. Yes, it is Fabulous!
                      I have a party here on July 11 for my daughter. Anyone ever hear of a Diaper party? Well we're having one and because there weren't too many guests to invite I decided it needed MORE POWER. I turned it into a Summer Celebration BBQ, invited couples and put my neighbors and friends on the list. We are having a friend do a pig for us but I decided to do a lamb ham and goat ham on the PBC. I'm thinking a couple of ducks and rabbits could be squeezed in here, too. I already want a 2nd one but after reading this post I think I'll pick some brains here and see how much I can do with the one I have. In the mean time, I'll keep my eyes peeled for another one, too.
                      Carolts, that looks Maaavolus! Thank you for the inspiration.


                        Well, I'm finally recovering from yesterday. No pics yet from the actual event, but folks were definitely lovin' every bite. Some loaded up the kaiser rolls with chicken, pork, slaw, and lexington dip. We had four different baked beans (one smoked!) and over a dozen cornbreads, including three cooked in cast iron skillets. I was gifted some home-brew and a trophy for holding the party every year. One guy brought his guitar and led a sing-along with about a dozen folks. Some walked to the beach, others played the bean bag toss or horseshoes. We had a ton of food and everyone ate well. Folks took home leftovers and recipes, and there will be a bunch of hits to AR starting next week. My guests handled the clean-up and left us over a case of beer. Everyone agreed that pulled pork and Huli Huli chicken beats the hell out of burgers and dogs.

                        Huskee you're right about this being fun. At first I was totally freaking out, but as things went the way you all have described I really did start to have a good time. With all the experience on this site I often feel like such a noob. It's not until I have guests who have never tried to make real bbq that I realize I do have a handle on this, particularly after soaking up all the vicarious cooks here. Thank you all for being so encouraging. I'll do my best to pass it along.

                        skatur I've done both lamb and goat on the PBC and they come out great...moist and tender. If you hang them all I'm sure Jerrod can come up with a way to get all that in one barrel.

                        And yes, we are hiring! But typically for more than three days at a time.

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                        • Huskee
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                          Congrats! I'd love a grill trophy, cool stuff.


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