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Santa Maria ish PBC wings

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    Santa Maria ish PBC wings

    Dry brined some wings with a mix of AP Mojo Rub (from bbq guru} and Slap Ya Mama cajun seasoning and baking powder

    Lit 1 full chimney {about 55 briquettes} of KBB and 1 chunk of apple wood. No other charcoal.

    Smoked wings at 320 for 20 mins, flipped and another 20 minutes.

    Then I hung the charcoal basket from the rebar and set the grate on top.

    Click image for larger version

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    Got temps up to 430.

    Put the wings back on for 5 mins a side to crisp the skin.

    Click image for larger version

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    Coated with a mix of Capital City Spicy Mambo sauce and Diamondback Sriracha.

    Lifitng the basket up definitely got the the temp up.

    Before I attempt that again will have to consider how to do it more safely.
    I just grabbed the basket handle with the thick leather gloves. And that was fine but I had to move quick.

    Click image for larger version

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    Looks fantastic. Hanging that basket from the grate is an Evel Kneivel move I won't attempt.


      Smart move elevating the basket. I bet that crisped up the skin alright.


        Nice cook, BFlynn . You sure are putting that PBC through its paces. To raise the basket in the PBC I set it on two 5 inch diameter lengths of stove pipe side by side, cut long enough so that the basket can sit directly under the grate. It's easy to set up and not quite so scary as using a hooking maneuver.

        FWIW​ I swear by these gloves. Use them all the time when cleaning my WSCGC 24" grate on my Summit gasser. I have to flip the grate to scrub the underside and at 600-700 degrees, it's really hot. Never a problem. It's great for grabbing a basket of lit coals in the PBC too.

        These gloves are rated to 900°F direct contact and 1200°F otherwise.

        From the website: Protects in any temperature

        Avoid worker injury by providing these heat resistant, wool lined, Kevlar® backed gloves for working around high temperatures.
        • Aluminized backing, over blended Kevlar® and para aramid blend fabric palm, reflects 90% of radiant heat away from back of hand for optimum protection
        • Rugged 14" glove, with 11 oz. wool lining, provides radiant heat and abrasion resistance
        • Protects in any temperature up to 1200°F radiant heat and 900°F short contact heat
        • Clean easily with warm mild soap and water

        Click image for larger version  Name:	229073.jpg Views:	1 Size:	122.0 KB ID:	555434


        I also use this kevlar sleeve to protect my braceleted arms. I usually use them with my Grill Beast or Pit Mitt gloves but they're good with the big kevlar gloves as well.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	229068.jpg Views:	1 Size:	21.5 KB ID:	555435

        They come in 10" to 18" lengths. https://www.northernsafety.com/Search?q=kevlar+sleeve

        Last edited by fzxdoc; July 3, 2020, 06:35 AM.


          That stove pipe idea is great!
          May have to add that to the mod list. I'm almost done tinkering with this thing, I swear!

          Those gloves look like they belong in a mad scientists lab. I'm definitely getting some.

          But also, measuring the temp when I hung the basket, it was about 420 degrees. And I can get those temps on my gasser. So, at least, the safest solution is to use that for high heat portions of cooks.


          • Uncle Bob
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            Wouldn't the name fzxdoc definitionally be a "mad scientist"?

          • fzxdoc
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            That's actually what I do, BFlynn . I used the stovepipes a few times back when I only had a PBC and a gasser so I could get a good charcoal flavor while grilling. For reverse sear I always use the PBC in normal setup mode and then sear the meat off on the Grill Grates or Grill Grate Griddle on the gasser.

            Uncle Bob , some days I'm in more of a mad scientist mode than on other days, most likely.


          I tried this method last weekend to make a paella and it turned out great, a bit to much lump though. The recipe called for 4lbs but that got way to hot causing me to “over crisp” my skin. Next time I’ll half the lump and have a better finished dish. Another option I’ve used and prefer actually, is to place a cinder block in the bottom of the PBC and place the coal basket on top. This brings the basket 8-9” closer to the grate when it’s placed in its normal position inside the drum.

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          • BFlynn
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            That is a MUCH smarter solution

          Look at it this way. You won't have to shave your arm hairs for a few weeks.



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