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first timer - the leftovers were better than day one

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    first timer - the leftovers were better than day one

    New to the board, and new to smoking meats.
    This past Sunday I used my recently arrived PBC and followed the method used for "Last Meal Ribs," which turned out pretty darn good. When I reheated them in foil on the gas grill the next day, though, they turned out to be better than they were the first time. My Texan wife, who isn't a huge pork person, was thoroughly impressed the next day. What caused them to be so much better the next day? I want them to turn out that delicious the first time. I'm planning on making eight racks when a bunch of her relatives pass through, and only have a few weekends to experiment.
    Day One:
    Dry brined three St Louis style racks for 45 minutes but didn’t remove the membrane, cooked for three and a half hours on the PBC, then put some sauce (runny and heavy on the vinegar) on them and then let them cook for another half hour on the PBC.
    Day Two:
    Heated last remaining rack in foil for 45 minutes or so on the gas grill, having added a little more of the same vinegar sauce before they were wrapped in foil.
    Is it just that they really needed more time to cook? Or was it because they hadn’t had much time to brine either? (I had a bit of a time crunch originally getting them done so my wife could eat almost immediately after she got home from work, and so our 16-month old could have a few before he went to bed. When they’re both hungry they’re not especially pleasant to be around.) Forum times here suggested that four hours (at sea level) would be more than sufficient for St Louis style, though the LMR recipe suggested 5-6 hours, and I was worried to overcook them since it was the first meat I had ever smoked.

    Great job. I have found the leftovers to be darn good also. I think the PBC impregnates so much flavor, residual flavor is a given.


      Beautiful. Things always take less time on the PBC, as it runs hotter than you would run most other rigs. It gets away with this because the relatively low air-flow keeps things very humid in there. At least that's how I understand it.
      As to things being better the next day, I've noticed, and this isn't specific to my experience with the PBC, that smoke flavor (assuming that's what you're responding to) is always more pronounced the next day. There may be an explanation for this somewhere on the site, but, so far, I haven't seen it.


        Low air flow and the fact it has no vents on top. That way all the heat, moisture, gases, can't just go flying out the top.

        As for as the flavor the next day. I think it is more fresh to the senses. You have not been smelling it for hours cooking it.


          That's what I meant. The lack of top vents means low air-flow. And good point about the smelling it all day.


          • Jerod Broussard
            Jerod Broussard commented
            Editing a comment
            Duh, low air flow, mucho air not going out the top. Gotach!!!

          When I'm smoking St Louis ribs on the PBC, I usually calculate about 1.5 hrs for the first rack, then add an hour for each additional rack. Obviously, the true time to finish can vary every cook, but that's a good ball park for making plans. Sounds like you were close.
          I keep meaning to do a post about "the pull". It's a subtle thing that happens to rib racks hanging in the PBC. I've found they are ready to check (twist, bounce, whatever) when you notice they're starting to pull where the hook goes through. I've found that to be fairly accurate and it helps keep my anxiousness under control. The only disappointing ribs I've ever had from my PBC were ones I pulled to soon. That aroma that Jerod mentioned, it'll drive a fella crazy. Lead him to eat half raw meat.
          Whether or not that was the case, rest easy cause they get better tasting and less work every cook.


            Thanks for relaying some experience with smoke flavor, guys. I’ll keep “the pull” method a try next time, Voodoo, and give your cooking time calculation some consideration.
            I never thought about simply really enjoying the flavor of smoke… I always thought it was just liking meat.



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