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New PBC "How To" YouTube Videos

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    New PBC "How To" YouTube Videos

    Looks like the PBC folks have been busy... 20+ new videos on YouTube...

    The Pit Barrel Cooker combines the best qualities of smokers, slow cookers and BBQs to create a unique "vertical cooking experience" that produces perfectly ...

    Nicely produced but missing the "How to" factor.


      Ad company got em... The videos are what actually sold me, this over-produced chit chatting about meat doesn't do anything really to sell the product other than dispelling some opinions about not working for steaks and burgers.
      I liked the way he did them, and I watch several other folks like Killer Hogs, Ballistic BBQ etc. and they seem more genuine. I sold 3 of these things by sending people to the videos, I wouldn't recommend these.


        I see the BBQ Pit Boys finally got on the PBC wagon... at least this is the first video of theirs that I noticed a PBC...

        But... they let those ribs hang for the whole cook... I'm surprised they didn't have any break off...

        The BBQ Pit Boys prepare a batch of Honey Chipotle Mopping and Dipping Sauce at the Pit. They use it on their St. Louis style Spare Ribs smoked “low and slow...


          Nice catch Hondo. Stickied and featured!


            I would say the reason they held together the entire cook is that they did not remove the membrane.
            I got to make me some of that sauce😊
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              His original videos are amazing. I can't get enough of the one where he and his buddy make wings.


                I love the PBC and you can double the capacity of the PBC with the Hovergrill. It is a perfect fit!


                • _John_
                  _John_ commented
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                  Will the hovergrill still allow you to put the lid on?

                I always hang ribs the entire time, the only ones i've had drop were ones I cooked way too long.


                  ​Well just to be honest I cooked some babyback ribs on the PBC a couple of weeks ago with the membrane left on. I haven't done that in forever. I did it because A: I was in a hurry and it was a last minute cook and B: because of watching the BBQ Pit Boys video. The only thing I did not do was foil them. I will be honest guys, they were some very good ribs and leaving the membrane on did not impair the taste or the eating process. They may look over done but they are not. That's the sauce I used. I left them on a little too long after I basted them so they got a little dark. I will only glaze them after I pull them from now on. And finally, those are a couple of my grandkids enjoying the "Q". I did the potatoes and the baked beans on the Weber. It must have been ok because I have been invited back to do it again......

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Rib Cook With Membrane I.jpg
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Name:	Grandkids enjoying ribs.jpg
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                    I remove the membrane because I figure that it's just another way to get the smoke, unimpeded, onto the meat on the concave side. I've never really tested it though. I guess if the smoke particles deposit on the membrane, that's OK too.

                    I do cut my rib lengths in half, though, (space providing) to minimize the possibility of gravity doing its thing and to keep the ribs closest to the fire from drying out.

                    I also like the older videos because there's more of a home-made, just-a-guy-having-fun-with-the-PBC quality about them. The newer ones are certainly more professionally done. I guess it was bound to happen.



                    • Citizenoftheworld
                      Citizenoftheworld commented
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                      I think the company has lost that Mom n Pop feel, not just in the videos but the onslaught of over-priced, branded accessories. I gave a negative, but honest, review of the bottle opener, and they deleted the review. That's dubious and unethical. Great product, but the company is losing it's values..

                    • fzxdoc
                      fzxdoc commented
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                      Wow, that's sad to hear, Citizenoftheworld . I hope they don't lose all of that Mom/Pop vibe. That's part of what attracted me to the PBC in the first place.


                    • goosebr160
                      goosebr160 commented
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                      I must disagree Citizenoftheworld, I got my PBC 2 weeks ago and it had a small cosmetic defect. I sent an email and less than 5 minutes later they CALLED me to make things right. I don't think I've ever experienced that type of customer service from an online merchant. Just the fact that they called me, rather than emailing me back, shows how personable and committed they are to their customers.

                    I have not had a problem with removing the membrane at all. I also tend to hook lower down as the top portion flops over anyway. I have noted that the portion closest to the coals is just very slightly done more than the rest of the ribs, but only when they are around 3" or even less from the coals.
                    I did have one rack of ribs fall apart, but it was my fault as I way overcooked them as it was my first cook in the PBC and I did not monitor them as closely as I should have. With my former COS I tried not to open the smoker very much, but with the PBC it does not seem to mater very much as long as you are fairly quick.


                      I always remove the membrane. I had a rack or two fall due to over cooking the first year I had my PBC. I sometimes cut my racks in two before hanging to keep them above the coal basket, but I really like just hanging them whole. I will place the hook three ribs down, depending on length.


                        Not to go too deep into the rib woods...
                        I seldom cook less than 4 racks, so cutting them in half is not usually an option.
                        1. Hook them a little low and let the top flop over.
                        2. Double hook them.
                        3. Rehook them upside down 1/2 way through the cook to avoid the sacrificial crispy ribs.



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