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Brisket flat on the PBC

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    Brisket flat on the PBC

    So I got the brisket itch last weekend and was able to pick up an 8lb flat from "Whole Paycheck" oops I mean Whole Foods for only $6.49 a lb. Not bad considering they usually are a little more pricier than that. Too boot it was from a grass fed cow from CO. So following Dr. Blonde's video on salt, I kept it Texas traditional and did only olive oil salt and pepper overnight in the fridge. Saturday morning at 0730 I lit the PBC with a chimney (40 briquettes) using the standard KF blue and white. Once the cooker was ready I put the flat on with the watchful eye of my ET732 and opted to just set it on the rack fat side down instead of hooking it. The PBC temp settled down between 235-245 for the initial three hours. I hit the stall at 167 for about 5 hours. Opted to not to wrap it (time was not an issue). Around 5pm the flat temp was right around 196 and the PBC had been at 230 for the last 10 hrs, so I peaked for the first time and decided to flip it just to give the other side a chance with the direct heat. Pulled it an hour later right at 203, wrapped it and threw it in The yeti for an hour. I think the picks speak for them selves. But it was fu*#ing awesome! Thanks for all the great advice on the forum folks! Nick

    Succulent times 100!!!!!!!!!!!!


      That is some excellent looking Brisket. Well done Nick


        Nice job, that glistening moisture is where it's at!


          It really does look top notch - well done Nick.


            So was the total cook time about 10 hours? Seems like your PBC held some nice "low and slow" temps.
            Looks superb.


              Nice work. this reminds me I have a smaller flat sitting in my freezer I need to cook up


                Good job... That looks perfect. Meathead's garlic mashed potatoes would be a nice side for that. How many beers did a 10 hour cook take?


                  Great job! I am really hungry now!


                    Looks pretty darn amazing to me.


                      Duuuude, this is unreal. Very nice job. The PBC is awesome but this takes some talent. Great colors as well!!


                        Wowza, that's one pretty brisket, Nick. Congrats on powering through the stall and getting that great result!



                          Thanks everyone! Yeah my PBC seems to hold temps pretty good. I am at sea level so I have the air damper open just a quarter like the directions say. Yeah the total cook was right around 10 hours, the outside air temp was around 65 I think. I probably killed a twelver during the cook... Thanks again friends


                            Right on - I am about to try my first HOF (11 pounder) on the PBC this weekend and was on the fence about crutching.

                            After seeing your pics I am gonna shoot for a total unwrapped cook!


                            • HC in SC
                              HC in SC commented
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                              No, thank you - I appreciate the insight and my knowledge of beef grades is somewhat limited anyway - especially brisket which is a rare commodity down here. This was the first time in months that I found one under $7 / pound.

                              I'm like Pit Boss in that regard - if its a choice between top sirloin, NY Strips, Ribeyes or even Chuckeyes and brisket all at the same price, you can be I'll be leaving the brisket in the meat case.

                              Before coming to AR and getting educated (somewhat), I always thought the absolute best was CAB - now I know that is more of a marketing gimmick more than a serious standard grade.

                              Thanks again Huskee - I think I'm gonna go with the Tatonka Dust on this one. Dry brining tonight and hope to cook Saturday since I'm off work for a change. I'll definitely post pics if a success since it is my first HOF over 6 lbs and the first brisket on the PBC.

                              I used the Tatonka Dust (came free w/ Vortex purchase) on some sirloins last week and was pleasantly surprised (reverse seared w/ garlic ghee over the Vortex). Going to use 50/50 pecan and hickory - I know that isn't true TX brisket, but mesquite is just too pungent for me - or I just am using too much when I used in the past.

                            • Huskee
                              Huskee commented
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                              True Texas brisket is oak, not mesquite. Pecan and hickory are kissing cousins as far as smoke flavor. I think you're in for a good cook!

                            • JPP
                              JPP commented
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                              The price of flats here in eastern mass are INSANE... $8-9 per pound! And I'm not talking whole foods, either!

                            Nothin says it like a medal!

                            Click image for larger version

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