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Anyone using PBC in poor weather?

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    Anyone using PBC in poor weather?

    Since its fall and winter is coming where I am....Anyone with experience in using the mighty PBC in the cold, rain, snow, wind etc... What kind of pit temps were you getting? Cook times? Fuel usage?

    I would also like to know too.


      Nothing empirical, but I've observed what I think are lower temps when cooking in the wind. Like last weekend. Seems like I had to crack the lid a little more than usual to maintain higher temps on 8 chicken halves. Could have also been that I had 8 chicken halves in there, though...I haven't had cold enough air temps to weigh in on that issue.


        I cooked on mine all year round when I lived in Baltimore. No problems. The wind, rain and colder ambient air temperature will have an effect on your cook times, but it's not a deal breaker. I cooked ribs a lot and it would extend my cook time by 20 to 40 minutes depending on the weather conditions.

        Buy a $30 welding blanket from Harbor Freight and wrap the barrel (just don't cover any of the holes).

        Another solution? Sometimes you can find those take down canopies they use at fairs and festivals for 70 to 90 bucks. My neighbor lent me hers because I'd always share a half a slab of ribs or some chicken from my PBC. Great for rain. You could also do what a lot of WSM users do: build a small 3 or four sided shanty for your PBC.


          I cook here in Phoenix year round even in the summer when it gets over 110......


            Just got my PBC this summer. Will cook on it through the South Dakota winter and let you know! Doing ribs today as a matter of fact. 59 degrees with 30 mph winds.
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              I live in Denver and got my PBC last January. I did more cooks last winter than I ever did with my old smoker in all the years combined that I've been smoking. The cooks were pretty "normal" in regards to times and temps. The fact that it does well in all conditions is one of the reasons I bought it.

              Keep in mind the thing is made of steel and not really meant to be kept out in the rain/moisture, I have done cooks in the rain though. I have a little rust on the lid now, mostly from it being stored outside. Need to get me one of their new covers. Right now I just have it wrapped with plastic and bungies.


                Depends on what you mean by "poor"... Today winds gusting to 40+ mph, ( not to mention the rain and snow... But nuthin like what they got in Tennessee!) so not today for me!



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