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New Pit Barrel Cooker

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    New Pit Barrel Cooker

    Click image for larger version

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    I received my PBC yesterday and opened it up today to cook some tri-tip...

    1. The box was in great shape, but the bottom barrel had a big dent. This obviously didn't happen during shipping, but probably when it was made? It must have been a pretty strong hit to damage this barrel. It's pretty solid.

    2. I also noticed that the bottom round air vent was hanging loose and where it was screwed in, it appeared to have been pushed in. Maybe from the time the barrel part got smashed?

    3. Also, I had to try and tighten the screw so it would stay at 1/4 since I'm pretty much at sea level here in South San Francisco. Well, the screw itself appeared to be made of that soft Chinese type metal like IKEA. Sure enough, I felt the soft metal, "mushing" and stopped tightening. ( in contacting PBC, they mentioned you're supposed to tighten the nut inside the barrel and not the screw on the outside ).

    Besides those things, it all appears to be pretty solid.

    So far, I can move past any cosmetic issues if it works solid. It's gonna get dinged up anyway right?

    I'll post an update tonight after I cook with it.


    I spoke with Noah from PBC and he said if I was unsatisfied with anything regarding my PBC he would replace it. All he was concerned about was my satisfaction.

    I'm keeping the PBC. It appears that it's just some cosmetic issues and I can live with that, it's going to get miles on it anyway.

    How awesome is that! If only other companies stood by their products.
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    I've read of a few folks contacting them and they take care of their customers well. If you feel the need to contact them I'm sure you'd be no exception to their stellar customer service. No experiences with it myself though. FWIW.


      I'd contact Noah and let him know.


        Yup, call them, you deserve what you paid for and they certainly want to know about anything that makes customers unhappy.


          I sent them an email.


            No worries, those folks are great. They will take care of you


              I think Noah's cell number is right on the barrel.


                I like the cell phone idea, but there's no way I can bring myself to call him this late. I'd feel bad.

                I'm in no hurry and can wait for an email reply.


                  Its not that late there, and I said the same thing once and when they replied it was a message asking me to call. Someone else mans the phone when they aren't available i'm pretty certain.


                    Click image for larger version

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                    I was looking at it again and noticed a large gap on the side of the round air opening on the bottom. I'm thinking this is normal?

                    The round thing that moves is flat, while the barrel is round so it is causing a gap on the side.

                    I took a picture of the front view to show 1/4 opening.

                    I also, took a picture of the side, and you can see it also causes about a 1/4 opening on that side to. It looks a lot bigger in person than the picture.

                    Does your PBC also have the same thing going on there? I'm guessing that if it's not supposed to be like that, then I can just keep playing with it, until it's right and then I can just leave it alone after that?

                    Not a big deal right?


                      Yes the vent flap is flat. You'll notice that it never covers the vent completely. Yours is definitely damaged


                        Yes, the 2" flap is flat while the barrel is curved. I agree with others that say to get a hold of the folks PBC Co. If you didn't receive a product ti perfect condition then they should replace it. I live just down the peninsula from you and love the PBC. I live in the hill above Redwood Shores and keep my opening on the PBC at 1/2 inch at the widest point (This is close to the 1/4. Opening that PBC Co. Reccommends) and this work well for me.



                          Originally posted by Ernest View Post
                          Yes the vent flap is flat. You'll notice that it never covers the vent completely. Yours is definitely damaged

                          Sorry, but you think the flap is damaged?

                          I can probably live with the bent and dented drum they sent out, but if the flap is damaged is it something I can fix?


                          • Ernest
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                            No, flap is designed to be flat and never close the vent completely.

                          Noah and Amber of PBC will take care of you. They're widely known for great customer service. I can't really tell from the pics if the flap is bent, but really the PBC is a fairly simple and forgiving design. It probably won't matter much.

                          Have you got a digital thermometer? I think you should fire it up and see how it cooks. That dent is cosmetic. The flap is a simple piece of metal and should be easy to flatten out if needed.


                            I followed the online directions from the PBC website, which were pretty easy to follow and well done. The website had them do tri-tip at about 45 minutes for medium rare, which is my fave. The kids wanted it close to well so I opted to keep it in for 55 minutes.

                            I did one tri tip with the Big Bad Beef Rub and another with Montreal Seasoning.

                            I checked the temperature inside the cooker at the 55 minute mark ( noob move ) and it was level at 444 f.

                            Click image for larger version

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                            I may have hung the thermometer to close to the rebar? Is that why it was so hot? I took the picture after removing the meat.

                            Click image for larger version

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                            I then checked the meat and it was 169 f so I took it off super quick and let them rest.

                            Click image for larger version

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                            I sliced up the BBBR tri-tip and it was super delicious! It was a tad spicy for the kids, but I can modify it. I also rubbed it with that Himalayan pink salt the night before.

                            Click image for larger version

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                            The meat was moist with a decent bark, even after resting.

                            It was my first attempt at smoking like this so, I think it went well. I've used the oven before for my BBQ'ing... lol, so this is so much tastier.

                            Besides the stress that the flap thing was not right, this was soooo easy. I can't believe everyone doesn't have one of these.
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