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PBC Turkey Hanger - It Rocks

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    PBC Turkey Hanger - It Rocks

    Sorry no pictures, I wasn't going to post but then decided I had to while having leftover smoked turkey for lunch.

    Got the PBC turkey hanger and on a whim decided to try it out Sunday. I bought a 15 pound frozen P.O.S. turkey from Shoppers Food Warehouse, let it defrost and did a very simple preparation:

    - Sprayed lightly with olive oil
    - Rubbed liberally with PBC all purpose rub mixed with extra thyme and sage

    Put it in the PBC with the hanger, it took a total of 4.5 hours to reach 155 internal temp. The last 30 minutes I cracked the lid a tiny bit.

    Can I say this was THE BEST TURKEY EVER! Skin was crisp, the white and the dark meat perfectly done, perfectly juicy and everything had that "pulled chicken" consistency, shreding easily but remaining moist.

    Concerns with cooking the breast side down or the breasts of the turkey being too close to the fire are unfounded.

    If you want to do a turkey in the PBC I thought this worked perfectly, much better than hanging the turkey with the hooks. The fat dripped down and kept everything nice and juicy and it was easy to use.

    I am totally onboard with the new turkey hanger and recommend it fully.

    I also got my turkey hanger last week, and did a chicken with it on Friday night. Yes, it does rock. Works very well, easy to hang, good even cook.


      Great to hear. I got the hanger as well but have not cooked a practice turkey yet. No need this Thanksgiving since I'll be at the in-laws and they want a regular oven roasted bird BUT I will be doing one for Christmas for sure. Good to hear such glowing remarks about it (I too was worried about the breast down, but not after this).


        Do you know what the pit temp was? Are you low and slow at all, or more a higher chicken temp.


          Thanks for the posting!! I have one of the hangers but haven't been able to use it yet! I too am interested if you have any idea on what the pit temp was. Typically I run mine at 350 for fowl to get that crispy skin. I just did 1/2 a 15 pounder in 1.5 hours but it cooks faster when cut in half or spatchcocked.


            I don't monitor my temps closely with the PBC, but when I cook chicken. I usually don't push the lid down tightly. I don't know exactly how much of a difference it makes, but it definitely cooks hotter. The coals certainly go faster. The skin was fairly solid. Not cracking, but not rubbery at all.


            • jecucolo
              jecucolo commented
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              I ordered mine on Saturday. I am excited to add some bling to the PBC!

            • smarkley
              smarkley commented
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              Question mayapoppa - do you think you could hang 2 chickens on one of those hooks? -- just curious.

            • mayapoppa
              mayapoppa commented
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              I think you could stack 2 small chickens, maybe. Might interfere with good heat circulation though.

            In terms of temp, I don't fool with it too much, I light it using the chimney menthod and let it get up to about 350 before putting the lid on, it settled into about 290 for this cook. I cracked the lid at the end a quarter of an inch for a half hour to crisp the skin.


              Thanks for the review, KingOfSilverSpring . Good to hear that it all turned out well. Cracking the lid for the last half hour must have made that PBC temp shoot up like a rocket. What temp was the bird (breast or thigh) when you took it off?



                Thanks for the review KingOfSilverSpring . That gives me more confidence when using mine. I probably won't get to practice before Thanksgiving and was a little anxious about presenting the festive bird to the family without a dry run.


                  The deepest part of the breast was 155, fzxdoc and what was really cool was the rest of the bird, thighs, legs, etc were all at that same temperature. The hardest part of cooking a turkey is always to get uniform doneness and not dry individual parts out. This method really nailed it. I will also say I took the plunge and pulled it off at 155 versus 165 and let it rest a half hour. That was key, taking it off at 165 is just too over cooked.

                  Let me also say that I did not pull up the skin of the bird and rub underneath it. In the past when I have done this the skin peeled back and the exposed meat got dry. Not peeling back the skin, just spraying it with olive oil and rubbing it worked really well. I think the skin staying in place gave the bird a nice seal, kept the juices inside well.

                  I will be cooking another turkey this weekend!


                  • fzxdoc
                    fzxdoc commented
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                    Good luck with turkey #2, KingOfSilverSpring . I agree with you about taking the bird off at 155-160 and letting it come up to temp. Juciness to the max.

                    The first turkey I did on the PBC, I didn't pull the skin back down well enough and it looked like it's undershirt had rolled up when I took it out of the smoker. It was hilarious. Ever since then I'm careful to smooth the skin back down and haven't had a problem. I like putting rub under the skin for more flavor boost. I find it hard to think that those big spice molecules will get through the skin to the meat.

                    That said, it sounds as though you've got a recipe for success with your turkey cooking plans. Have a great time smoking Mr. Turkey Deux this weekend!


                  ya... thanks KingOfSilverSpring ... sounds like you nailed it!

                  I have two of the turkey hooks now... gonna wait till turkey day to try them... I just know they are gonna be a great tool.


                    I have smoked turkeys both on the grate and on the hangers. I will say the meat seemed moister on the grate, but the hanger is more user friendly for sure; and there's no way you'd be bale to get 2 - 12-15 pounders on a grate where you can if hanging.

                    I'll be using the hangers on Thanksgiving Day, but may pull the birds when they hit 160-162 and cover to retain more moisture.

                    The PBC ash pan is also a jam-up and should be included with all new PBCs (with a modest price increase). I seriously dreaded cleaning out the PBC without the ash pan, but now it is easy-peasy. Highly, highly, highly recommended purchase for any PBC owner.


                      KingOfSilverSpring WOW! I guess PBC has another hit on their hooks. I just added the Turkey hanger to my review. Please share your experience on this brand new item in the comments section at the bottom of the review page. http://amazingribs.com/bbq_equipment...-barrel-cooker


                        Interesting guys, can't wait to see more reviews on the hanger. I just got my order of PBC APR and the new ash catcher, but passed on the hanger this time around. I'm going to spatchcock my bird, an 18 pounder, in part for a faster cook time, but in part because I worried about the breast hanging too low and close to the coals. Good to hear that that shouldn't be a worry.

                        Happy Thanksgiving everyone - may your birds come out moist and delicious


                          Has anyone tried using the PBC Turkey Hanger on a Weber Rocky Mountain Cooker? I emailed the company asking… "I see that the PBC has two bars that the WSMC does not which the Hanger hangs from; can the Turkey Hanger just thread through the top grate on the WSMC?" They replied "I do not know if it would work with any other cookers/grills as we have not tried it." — So perhaps someone here has?



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