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smoking sausage on PBC

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    smoking sausage on PBC

    Has anyone tried to smoking sausage on a PBC? I would imagine trying to keep the temp low enough and consistent for the duration of the smoke would be the issue, but wondered if anyone had attempted it.

    I smoke sausage all the time on my PBC. I especially like smoking sausage along with a chicken because it seems as though the sausage's dripping-induced smoke enhances the flavor of the chicken. I modified a sausage rack to fit in the PBC, in fact I have 3 of them modified. I smoke 18 sausages at a time on the 3 racks.

    I don't cold smoke sausages, though, or smoke them at very low temp for hours and hours. These babies are done in about half an hour.

    For my hot 'n fast sausages: The ave PBC temp is 325. I take the sausages to 185 internal because the skin is more crispy at that temp and the meat is still juicy. They can be taken off at the safe temp of 160 internal, though. I usually pop the sausages under the broiler for 2 minutes per side to evenly brown them.

    Unmodified sausage basket: Click image for larger version

Name:	Sausage Basket 3.jpg
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    Sausage basket modified by cutting the handle off just below the wood part so it can hang in the PBC and loaded with sausages before the cook: Click image for larger version

Name:	Sausage Basket modified 1.jpg
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    After sausages are cooked but before they are put under the broiler to even out the "tan lines": Click image for larger version

Name:	Sausage Basket modified 2.jpg
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    I usually smoke hot Italian sausages and add the leftovers, sliced, to my Italian marinara meat sauce.

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    • Baker Dan
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      Those look delicious

    • fzxdoc
      fzxdoc commented
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      Thanks, Baker Dan . They are delicious. Hot 'n fast is the way to go with these sausages because the skin is nice and crispy, the sausage is juicy, and it's a safe cooking method. Who needs food-related illness to sideline them from smokefests? Not moi.


    • bbqLuv
      bbqLuv commented
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      They look good enough to pair with PBR.

    We advise everyone not to cold smoke and ask no one recommends cold smoking techniques or products in The Pit. Thanks.


      David: wouldn't it make a difference if you properly cured the meat then cold smoked?


      • HawkerXP
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        Welcome to the PiT!

      • RonB
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        Welcome to The Pit.


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